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Getting locked-on

The self-introduction ended when Julius finished his, and after listening to the schedule for tomorrow and onwards, we were done for the day.

Tomorrow morning, we will get a tour inside the academy. After eating lunch, we will immediately have practical training at the indoor practice field.

There was no such thing as ‘Training Clothes.’ We were told it was because our uniform already has high-level defense due to the Enchantment Magic. Even if the uniform were to be damaged beyond repair, we will be provided with another one for free by the academy. By the way, the cafeteria in the academy and tuition fees are also free. This is also the same for the other three major Advanced Academies. Because it is beneficial to the Kingdom for the purpose of raising human resources, an appropriate yearly budget has been allocated. However, there is no obligation to serve the Kingdom after graduation.

Amazing, huh, this kingdom.

And, I had already finished modifying my uniform.

Fufufu, it turned out to be quite close to what I had imagined.

Originally, the uniform was already enchanted with ‘Magic Protection,’ Impact Mitigation,’ and ‘Anti-Fouling’ using the language of this world. Items enchanted with three effects are categorized as high-class among general magic tools. Usually, a magic tool only has one or two effects.

For those enchantment’s effects, ‘Magic Protection has an effect where it will ‘soften’ the impact caused by magic.

‘Impact Mitigation’ will ‘soften’ physical shock.

And, ‘Anti-Fouling’ will remove any stain sticking on the uniform. Since we’ll be wearing them as is during practical training.

When I confirmed those effects, I thought ‘Anti-Fouling’ was good as it was, while for ‘Magic Protection’ and ‘Impact Mitigation’, I thought it cannot be just that. For the effects just ‘soften’…

Thus, I ‘rewrote over’ the enchantment effects.

First, I stripped off the enchanted magic effects for the time being. What I meant by this is, the recorded characters, I carefully handled them one character at a time, used a specialized work wand wrapped in mana, and stripped off the characters one by one. I also made this specialized work wand myself. It wasn’t as though this process cannot be done with my fingers, but since it requires a delicate work and concentration, I didn’t do it that way. Doing that while trying to match the characters is absolutely impossible. Or rather, up until now, it seems no one has ever done ‘stripping off’ enchantment effects before.

If I were to say why this kind of thing is possible, it’s because I didn’t like an effect I previously enchanted, and I wondered if it was possible to undo it. So, I had experimented with various things.

When I imagined mana wrapping around the magic tool and characters floating up, first, the inscribed characters came floating up.

When I saw this, I thought that perhaps maybe… So I made a wand enchanted with ‘Magic Effect Nullification,’ and when I tried to trace one of the floating characters, the character disappeared. And when I tried to enchant the item one more time, I was able to enchant it again.

The face grandma made when I showed this to her was amusing.

The number of characters that could be granted on the blazer, shirt and slack was a total of 20 characters.

What is this made out of? It’s made from a considerably special fabric. Is the thread different? Since it was said that one could harvest various special materials from demonized animals, so perhaps maybe it’s the thread from a demonized spider… Uwa~ I should stop thinking about it.

Previously, when I made the Protection Suit, because it was made with a normal clothes and had 8 characters, I could only enchant three effects; ‘Stab-Proof’, ‘Anti-Magic’, ‘Anti-Shock.’ Even so, it was good enough for practical use. However, maybe because the effects were abbreviated when being inscribed, the effects were not able to fully manifest perfectly.

[T/N: 《防刃》 → Stab-Proof (2), 《対魔法》 → Anti-Magic (3), 《対衝撃》 → Anti-Shock (3) = 8 characters]

So the enchantments, this time, are: ‘Absolute Magic Defense,’ to replace ‘Anti-Magic.’

‘Anti-Shock’ and ‘Stab-Proof’ is replaced by ‘Complete Physical Impact Absorption.’

Together with this, the originally enchanted ‘Anti-Fouling.’

Plus the newly added ‘Auto-Heal.’

With this, the total is 20 characters.

[T/N: 《絶対魔法防御》 → Absolute Magic Defense (6), 《物理衝撃完全吸収》 → Complete Physical Impact Absorption (8), 《防汚》 → Anti-Fouling (2), 《自動治癒》 → Auto-Heal (4) = 20 characters]

Enchanting ‘Absolute Magic Defense’ was particularly hard.

My image couldn’t catch up with the inscribed characters.

Because the words ‘Absolute Magic Defense’ means to defend against all magic, the effect should be able to defend against all. But for ‘Fire’ and ‘Water,’ the defense methods are different. I couldn’t imagine how to ‘defend’ all, and so I failed to inscribe the words many times.

I was quite troubled on what to do.

When grandma looked at me being troubled, she was watched me with a very worried look.

And then, from a certain change of idea, I finally succeeded in inscribing them.

That image was ‘Magic Dispersion.’

I enchanted the image where it extends a mana barrier to wrap around the uniform, and when an invoked magic touches that barrier, that magic’s mana will be dispersed.

Up until that point, I was imagining a ‘Hard Wall,’ but it didn’t go that well. And so, instead of ‘Stopping,’ I thought of what will happen if the mana, which is the building block of magic itself, is dispersed. So when I tried experimenting on that theory, it was properly invoked.

The moment I succeeded, I shouted with a loud voice.

And grandma came flying over.

‘Complete Physical Impact Absorption’ also has the same principle. Rather than imagining ‘Hardness,’ when I imagined the ‘Dissipation of Kinetic Energy,’ the enchantment was inscribed successfully. The moment a moving object hits this uniform, its movement will be stopped as if completely ignoring the laws of physics; that kind of movement honestly gave off an unpleasant feeling. But as an armor, it is the best, though.

‘Anti-Fouling’ has the image where it memorizes the original condition of the clothes, and removes all other foreign objects sticking on the clothes.

For ‘Auto-Heal,’ the image is where it recognizes wounds and fractures, and activates when it detects those injuries. It then gathers cells from other parts of the body and temporarily changes them into stem cells. Those stem cells then restore the parts in need of mending and returns them back to their original condition.

That is why, when ‘Auto-Heal’ activates, the body becomes slightly thinner.

By the way, the effect would only manifest for causes that can be treated surgically.

Although it looks like the defensive equipment is invincible at a glance, but there are two major flaws.

First, only the areas covered by the ‘uniform’ are protected. The face, hands, and feet are defenseless.

Second, the enchantments won’t activate from the start if one doesn’t supply it with mana.

The first flaw can be compensated up to a certain extent by automatic healing enchanted on the uniform.

For the second flaw, in the first place, the enchantments will activate when one were to use magic.

I think it won’t be a problem since there aren’t a lot of situations where one receives attacks. Most of it will only be during battles.

Since the enchantments require a reasonable amount of mana to activate, there’s no need to keep activating them all the time. It is also important to be cautious because one can receive damage from surprise attacks.

And so, all those enchantment magic has been implemented in this uniform.

With a sour face, grandma warned me to absolutely never reveal this to anyone.

* * *

The time when everyone was leaving the classroom, since homeroom has ended and we were dismissed for today.

“Shin, do you have a minute?”

I was stopped by Maria.

“Hmm? What is it?

“There’s something I want to discuss with you, is that okay?”

“Yeah, it’s okay but…”

Is it that again? They want me to let them meet grandpa and grandma?

“I want to discuss something regarding Sicily.”

All right, I’ll hear it.

“Did something troublesome happen?”

“Yes, it’s a really troublesome thing.”

Maria had a really troubled expression.

Whereas Sicily had a really apologetic expression on her face.

Since both of them had such expressions, does this mean it’s really troublesome?

“Actually… there’s a guy who’s stalking Sicily.”


Whaaaat~! Where and which guy is it!?

“It was after meeting Shin for the first time, I think. He was making advances towards Sicily ever since, and even though Sicily refused him many times, he still came back to the point of using his family’s influence as a threat.”

He’s the worst, that guy. When things don’t go the way he wanted, he uses the family influences, so any time now…

“Since Sicily didn’t do like he wanted, it seems he got really mad… So he might do something reckless sooner or later.”

… As I thought, huh.

“Also… that stalker guy I mentioned… is here in this academy.”

“What did you say!?”

If he’s here in the academy, this isn’t the time to be relaxed since anything can happen at any time!

Sicily had a really painful and apologetic expression on her face.

“Sorry Shin-kun… telling you something like this…”

“What are you talking about? Rather, I’m really glad that you let me know!”

“…That’s why, I’m so sorry…”

What does that mean? Putting that aside, this situation requires immediate attention.

While I was thinking about what to do, a voice called out to us.

“Oi! Sicily, you bitch! What’s the meaning of this? You’re already my fiancée, and yet you’re talking to another man!”

What did he say?! Who the hell is he!

Sicily’s face distorted into a painful expression when she heard that voice. Who was it that made Sicily have this kind of expression! When I looked at the person who made that voice…

It’s him again. It’s Cart.

“It’s him. He’s been stalking Sicily all the time, and has been saying she’s his fiancée to people around him as he pleases.”

Maria said to me.

Sicily who looked at the guy, panicked and hid behind my back. Maybe because he didn’t like what he saw, he walked towards us with his face red from anger.

“Sicily! You bitch, come over here!”

Cart stretched out his hand and tried to grab Sicily’s arm.

But there’s no way I would let such a thing happen.

I grabbed the arm reaching out for Sicily, and twisted it behind his back. Somehow, it feels like deja vu.

“GUWA~! Le~, let go, you insolent person!”

“Ha~ You’re still talking like that?”

Because he was being loud, I released him. When I did, he still yelled while glaring at me. He’s still annoying even after being released.

“That Sicily is my fiancée! The likes of you are not allowed to talk to her!”

“You said those kinds of things, but is it true?”

“Well… that…”

Aa, since Cart’s voice was so loud, she became timid, huh.

“Sicily, it’s okay. No matter what happens, I’ll protect you. That’s why you just try to say whatever is on your mind.”


I said that in order to reassure Sicily. Then, Sicily had a look that seemed to be determined about something, turned towards Cart and spoke.

“I… I decline your proposal of marriage! Also, it’s troublesome when you selfishly label me as your fiancée!”

Sicily’s voice echoed throughout the hallway, which turned quiet in order to watch the developing events. Alright! Well said, Sicily.

“Yo-you bitch! Are you telling me you’re defying ME!”

“I’m de-defying you! I have no intention of doing anything you told me to!”

She’s probably scared; her legs are trembling. Even so, she said the things she wanted to say. You’re great, Sicily.

“Yo-you bitch… A woman dares to defy me? All you women should only please the man beside her. Furthermore, even though I let you be by my side, don’t screw with me!”

“Which one of us is screwing around?”

Those earlier words are not allowed. Women are not tools of men. I was angry from the bottom of my heart at this guy who said those words nonchalantly.

“Y-you bastard… You’re stubbornly defying me, ahh!”

“Ah~ I’ll defy you all I want. Do~n’t get conceited thinking you can always have everything your way.”

“Ugh, y-, y-y-y-y-y you bastard.”

Oh, his red face got redder. Did he burst his blood vessels?

“That’s enough, to be full of yourself… Fine, I’ll show you what happens to anyone who dares to defy me.”

“What’s that? A threat? Fine, come attack me anytime. Since I’ll beat you down thoroughly.”

“Is it okay for you to say something like that? Sicily. If I remember correctly, your father is an administrator at the Finance Bureau, right?”

“That’s right… But… No way!”

“That’s right. My