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Various Unveiling

Sicily and grandma came back. Sicily seemed to have calmed down. I’m glad.

“Sicily, have you calmed down?”

“Nn… I’m really sorry Shin-kun… I’m sorry to have involved you with my circumstances and gave you trouble…”

“That’s why I said don’t worry about it. I got involved because I wanted to. Understand? Now, lend me your uniform.”

The uniform Sicily took off was now in her hands. Now, it was time for me to enhance it with magic. For that purpose, Sicily handed me the uniform.


“What is it, grandma?”

“When you use enchantment magic on the uniform, do it in front of everyone.”


“What you’re about to do, do you even know how preposterous it is? Let everyone see it.”

Preposterous? Is it really?

“Look at the reaction of the people around you; see for yourself how absurd what you’re doing is, and gain some awareness of it.”

What a cruel thing to say. I am not doing anything outrageous, I think.

So, I immediately began the enchantment process by using “Nullification” on the enchanted uniform.


To start, I took out the cane used exclusively for nullification magic. The cane was narrow and short, specially made for precision work.

Then, I covered the uniform with magic power and imagined the characters used as enchantment emerging from the uniform.

“Wha, What? That is?

“Magic Protection? Shock Mitigation? Anti-Fouling?”

“No way… Are those the characters used as enchantment…?

“This is the first time I’ve seen this kind of spectacle degozaru.”

When I started, everyone also started making noises.

Then, I activated magic using the cane, tapped the floating enchanted characters with the tip of the cane. When suddenly…

“The characters… they’ve disappeared…”

“No way… the Magic Enchantment have been nulled!?”

That’s right, the effect will disappear after the characters have been erased. At this point, everyone was already stupefied with their jaw hanging open. However, the performance has just started.

“Haa~… Even though I’m seeing it myself, this spectacle is ridiculous…”

“Hohho, it’s not something anyone can think of easily. He has really matured.”

“It’s because of you! It’s because of you that Shin is… Shin is!”

Grandpa and grandma are flirting with each other.

They should really just get back together.

The enhancement granted on the blazer, shirt, and skirt has all been removed. Now, it’s time to grant them my own enhancement magic.

First, I imagined the effects of ‘Absolute Magic Defense.’ Any magic with malicious intent will be dispersed by the magic barrier. Then, I transfer that image into the uniform. I went ahead and did it for three of the clothing because it was tedious if I imagine one image at a time.

“Did you perform the enhancement for three items at the same time?”

“Because it’s tedious if I do them one at a time.”

“That is amazing…”

Huh? Is it really!?

Next, I envisioned the effects of ‘Complete Physical Impact Absorption.’ I maintained the image of kinetic energy being dispersed once it touches the uniform, and also sequentially transferred the image to the three pieces of clothing.

Followed by imparting ‘Anti-Fouling’ and ‘Auto Heal.’

During this time, nobody said a thing.

“I’m such in a state of shock where I don’t know what to say…”

Such a thing shouldn’t happen… at least, I think.

And so, the uniform which had been imparted with magic enchantment was now complete.

“By the way, Shin. Although you seem to have used characters you’re familiar with, but what sort of effects do they have?”

“The effects of the four enchantment are ‘Absolute Magic Defense,’ ‘Complete Physical Impact Absorption,’ ‘Anti-Fouling,’ and ‘Auto Heal’.

I just announced the names of the four enchantment but didn’t bother explaining what they do.

“… For some reason, think I just heard some disturbing words.”

“Is that so? You should just think of the enchantment as an upgraded version of what the uniform originally had. However, ‘Auto Heal’ is an addition.”

“…So? What does the other respective enchantment do?”

“Absolute Magic Defense disperses all magic completely. Complete Physical Impact Absorption nullifies the kinetic phenomenon behind the physical impacts. Auto Heal can heal any injury, however, it cannot cure illnesses. And Auto-Fouling is the same as before.”

With a somewhat weary face, Uncle Dis asked me once again.

“…Can you explain the effects in detail? To what extent of magic can the Absolute Magic Defense defend against?”

“Absolute Magic Defense causes magic itself to disperse. So, all kinds of magic.”

“All kinds of magic…”

“That enhancement magic is a controversy to the existence of Magicians…”

“And, what about Complete Physical Impact Absorption?”

“It is similar. Physical attacks… or rather, it defends against attacks with any form of kinetic energy, such as physical objects.”

“Even physical attacks…”

“Really, anything goes degozaru…”

“… I wonder, how much healing power does Auto-Heal have?”

“It’ll heal to some extent, such as cure minor wounds or replace any damaged cells. However, it doesn’t work on illnesses.”

“Up to a certain amount of damage…”

“Wait a moment… how does that work out?”

Somehow or another, everyone was muttering, but this is far from perfect, okay?

“Well even if I said this, because this is a magic tool, right, it won’t work unless it’s imbued with magical power. And on top of that, it needs quite a bit of it. Therefore, you should take caution because it’s not something you should always be using. It also won’t necessarily trigger to protect you during a surprise attack. Nevertheless, I think it should prevent the situation of receiving an attack in the middle of chanting because aren’t there plenty of magic made to gather on you when trying to use magic?”

This is something I want them to understand. A uniform is a magic tool and it needs magic power to activate, and, therefore, cannot be used continuously. It’s similar to the saying ‘although lamps and candles produce light, firewood is still necessary for a fireplace.’

One can think of magic power as a form of an energy source coming from a battery, and without it, the magic tool cannot be activated. With this theory, I tried to come up with something that can store up magic power, however, I couldn’t think of anything. I wonder if there’s something out there?

“I see, now I understand what Melinda-shi was talking about. Certainly, it this was to be released to the public, without a doubt, it would be an item of a national treasure level. And to be able to able to easily grant this kind of enchantment, I guess I should say, it as expected…”

“It is an amazing item, no doubt. However, Father, this is…”

“Ah, I understand. Shin-kun, do you mind?”

“What is it, Uncle Dis?”

“Shin-kun, the magic enhancement you’ve imparted it amazing. No, it’s actually too amazing. However, it would cause a serious issue if it was to be sold in the market. That’s why, you must absolutely not reveal it to others.”

“It’s not like I had that kind of plan to begin with, however, what would happen if the word gets out?”

“It’s about that. When that happens, if the word about this enchantment gets out to the military…”

“If the word gets out to them…?”

“There is a high possibility that our military will voice their desire to declare war to nearby countries.”

“Declare war!?”

“They won’t have to fear any magic attacks, and also, bow, spear, and sword attacks will be rendered ineffective. They also don’t have to wear heavy armor, nevertheless, as long as they are not heavily injured, they will receive immediate healing. If a massive amount of soldiers wearing armor with such enchantment were to gather… Don’t you think it will be possible for them to overwhelmingly trample over armed forces of other countries?”

“Tha-that is…”

“Human beings are susceptible to temptation. When they think they have an overwhelming advantage against other countries… it’s highly possible that they will declare war. A person who gives into that temptation… will surely appear.”

“Tha-that is…!”

I… was thinking that it would have the power to defend everyone… However, didn’t have thoughts apart from that… I didn’t think thoroughly about its capabilities of being a tool of war…

War is an act most modern Japanese people repulsed. Thus, I didn’t think about it.

…Somehow… I wasn’t aware of the differences between the reality of this world and my thoughts…

“I see… That should be how it is… I really didn’t think of such possibilities.”

“Ah… Shin has… Shin has reflected for the first time!”

Grandma looked like she was impressed with something. How rude; in the past, I have reflected on some things! So that I won’t make the same mistakes again…

“Nn, nn, it’s good as long as you understand. About this…”

“To be honest, I also wanted to do the same for Gus’ uniform… However, it’ll be bad if it becomes widespread.”

“Eh? Shin-kun? Wait a minute…..”

“I’m sorry, Gus. I cannot grant these enchantments on your uniform.”

“Wait a minute, Shin-kun! Certainly it’s bad if it gets revealed, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s very useful. Don’t you think it’ll be alright as long as he doesn’t misuse it?!”

“What you said is true. It is not originally made as a tool for war.”

“That’s right, that’s right; it’s nothing more than a tool meant to use for self-defense. And also, I think it is necessary for a royalty to have a decent amount of defense. Yup.”



Uncle Dis was desperate… However, since I originally had the intention of granting the enchantment on Gus’ uniform, it saved me the trouble of asking for permission…

“I never wanted to see Father with such appearance…”

Gus had a complicated expression on his face. Ah, I see; inside the Royal Palace, the only appearance he ever saw was one of dignity. However, whenever he escapes to my house, this kind of expression is often seen.

“Gus, it would be good if you start getting accustomed to it. Since this kind of appearance is often seen in my house.”

“… Is that… Is that so…?”

In the end, it was decided that the same enchantment would be applied to Gus’ uniform. When it was suggested for the others to have their uniforms enchanted as well, Maria and the other two refused.

“I don’t want to bear the responsibility of keeping the features of the uniform a secret…”

It seemed like she genuinely hated the idea. As for the two guards, after having stressed that it was absolutely necessary for them to have it, it was decided to be applied to their uniforms as well.

And thus, I enchanted three additional uniforms. When I finished Sicily’s uniform and tried to pass it onto her, she said it was not permissible for her to receive one before Gus, and so, I gave one to Gus first. How troublesome!

“Thank you, Shin-kun. Although it’s a little scary… I can see that Shin-kun is seriously trying to protect me. This makes me really happy.”

Sicily gave me her thanks while smiling.

…As I thought, she’s really cute… I want to personally protect this child somehow… However, I won’t always arrive on time to do so…

“Shin, with this, are we all done?”

“Nn. But as I said before, this tool is not perfect. However, as long as it’s not in a state of an emergency, there are other things that should be done…”

“Hoho, if that’s the case, I have an idea in mind.”

“Eh!? What is it, Grandpa!?”

“But before that, I wish to confirm something with the young lady. Young lady, how far is your house from this place, and also, could you tell me how you commute to school?”

“My house is about ten minutes away from here. As for commuting to school, I plan on walking there with Maria.”

“In reality, there aren’t any problems with walking to school since the security of the Royal City is good… however, the commute to school would still be the most dangerous time for the young lady. The possibly of being attacked during that time is high.”

“No way…”