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Progressing Without Knowing

The next morning, I immediately went to Sicily’s house to pick her up.

I cast ‘Gate’ in the vacant room prepared for me in Sicily’s house, and when it opened, Sicily and Maria were already waiting on the other side.

“Good morning. You’re already waiting.”

“Good morning Shin-kun. Because you’re here to pick me up, I cannot afford to make you wait.”

“Go~od mor~ning*, because I was somehow rather anxious, I got up early.”

[T/N: She said this while yawning.]

It looks like they’re ready to set off immediately. But before that, I have to greet Sicily’s parents.

I left the room and headed for the dining room to greet the others.

“Good morning, Cecil-san, Irene-san.”

“Oh, good morning, Shin-kun.”

“Ah, good morning, Shin-kun.”

The two people returned the greetings. It looks like Cecil-san’s about to go to work; unlike the formal wear he was wearing during yesterday’s entrance ceremony, he was wearing a suit today. A cravat was coiled around his neck, giving him a stylish appearance, and a cool ambiance.

“Nn? Shin-kun, is there something the matter?”

Ah, I was staring at him too much. I wonder if that was a little rude?

“Ah, I’m sorry. I was thinking you looked very stylish and cool. Are you heading off to work now?”

“Hahaha, thank you. I’ll be heading off to work soon. Also, these clothes were chosen by my wife; I do not have the ability to dress like this. I don’t really concern myself with clothing.”

“Oh my, fufufu, thank you for your praise, Shin-kun. Shall I also choose clothing for Shin-kun?”

“N-no, it’s alright.”

“Ah, you don’t need to be reserved.”

I started talking to Irene-san who was, “fufufu,” laughing.

“Shin-kun! It’s about time we leave! Father, too! You also need to head off to work!”

Sicily came and urged us to quickly get going.

“Ah? Really, Sicily, fufufu.”

“Wh-what is it, mother?”

“Nothing? There’s no problem?”


This is the first time I had ever seen this kind of Sicily. As I thought, the expressions she shows to her family are different. They are more vibrant.

“Shin-kun! Let’s go already!”


Sicily took hold of my arm and dragged me out of the dining room.

“Oh, my, ufufu.”

“Sicily has grown up to become an adult…”

While listening to their voices, we walked towards the back room.

Although I don’t really have to open “Gate” at this place, it’s a good spot when taking our surroundings into consideration. It’s tactless to use magic in a place where people consume their meals.

When I was about to open the gate, Maria sudden spoke,

“Hey, how long are you guys going to link arms for?”

Now that she mentioned it, I recalled my arm getting grabbed.

“Ah! I’m s-s-s-sorry!”

“Eh? I don’t really mind.”

Or rather, I thought was lucky.

“Ara? Did I say something unnecessary?”

Maria sported a broad grin.

“Ge-geez! Maria!”

“Hehehe, you really are so cute!”

Two girls being playful with each other. It’s a good scene; it really is a good scene!

“Hey, we’re going now.”

” “Yes~” ”

Through the gate, we arrived at my house.

“Oh, Sicily-san, Maria-san, good morning.”

“Morning to both of you.”

“Good morning. Merlin-sama, Melinda-sama.”

“Good morning.”

Here, too, was an exchange of greetings. It looks like we cannot leave for school easily.

“Then, grandpa, grandma, we’re off.”

“Ah, do you best.”

“Listen, okay? Remember not to do anything rash!”

The long awaited classes are finally starting, but I’m restricted from doing anything; honestly, I don’t really want to agree to it…

“I get it already, grandma.”

Or rather, when these two people came to see us off, the both of them looked like my genuine grandpa and grandma.

Really, why don’t they just get back together.

Then, for the next 15 minutes, we walked to school on foot. Along the way, I did not forget to use Search Magic. If there was a rapid increase of magic power, I would immediately know about it.

In the end, we arrived at the academy without any incident. Although there was something that was bothering me a little, the two girls who looked nervous exhaled a sigh of relief when we arrived at the academy.

However, because the opponent is from the same academy, it’s too early to let our guards down. However, it is still safer inside the academy, since there are professors and other students around. Considering he has already been warned by Gus twice, there’s a chance he might not mess with us inside the school premises.

* * *

When we arrived at the classroom, most of the students were already there.

“Morning Shin. As expected of you; despite being just admitted, you’re already friendly with girls.”

“Morning Gus and you’re too noisy! Also, you already know the reason why.”

“Although I already knew, I couldn’t help but tease you.”

“Why you…”

“Good morning Shin-san.”

“Good morning Shin-dono.”

The two who greeted me were his escorts. And as usual, Julius was speaking like a Samurai.

“Ah, good morning.”

After I greeted everyone else, Alice came barging in.

“I’m here! Did I make it on time!? I’m safe, right?!”

“Although you made it… what do you think will happen to you if you barely make it in time for the first day of class?”

“Well, you see, because I was looking forward to today’s lesson, I couldn’t fall asleep last night, and so I accidentally overslept.”

“Are you a kid!?”

In this world, you’re considered as an adult when you reach the age of 15.

“Good morning everyone. Homeroom is starting, so everyone please take your seat.”

After the exchange of dialogue was done, Alfred-sensei arrived. She really was barely on time.

“Everyone’s already here, so once again, good morning everyone.”

” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” “Good morning.” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”

“Now then, I will announce the schedule for today. As I mentioned yesterday, we will have a tour around the academy this morning. Right after lunch, we’ll have magic practice. I will then guide you to gather around the First Practice Field; you don’t have to bring anything in particular. Though I said that, everyone here already knows how to cast extra-dimensional storage space. As expected of S-class. That concludes today’s agenda. Does anyone have any questions?”

There was no bag on anyone’s desk. This proved that everyone present knew how to cast extra-dimensional storage space. However, on the way to school this morning, there were some students who were carrying bags, so I guess that meant that not all students could cast it. Whether one can use extra-dimensional storage space or not is one of the indicators for a student to advance to S-class. Or so it seems.

The tour around the academy consists of the two school buildings. One of the buildings is where all the classrooms are. There are four classes per grade; the freshmen class is on the third floor, the sophomore class is on the second floor, and the senior class is on the first floor.

The second building consists of the faculty office, student council room, laboratories, and club research laboratories.

Regarding the research clubs, well, they seem similar to extra-curricular activities or so to speak. The study of emission-type magic, “Offensive Magic Research Society;” the research of producing various magic tools by taking advantage of Enchantment magic, “Life Improvement Research Society;”the study of body strengthening magic, “Body Language Research Society,” and so on.

…What’s up with the last one!? It’s the wrong way to live one’s life as a Magician! When Julius heard it, his eyes started sparkling. As I thought!

“If I did not have the mission of being His Highness’ escort, then by all means, I would participate in that research group degozaru…”

“What, if you’re concerned about me, then there’s no need; it’s alright if you join it.”

“No, that kind of reasoning won’t do degozaru.”

“This place is the Advanced Magic Academy, you know? The Royal Family has no authority whatsoever in here. Thus, there is no authority that binds you to me.”


“Well, since it’s only inside the academy, it’s alright for you to have your freedom here.”

“Your Highness… I am much obliged…”

Gus was very thoughtful towards Julius. I honestly thought the scene was amazing.

While I was thinking so, I saw Gus grinning.

Ah! This guy, could it be because he thought this escort was bothersome, so he’s trying to keep himself away? Julius, you have been deceived!

“Gus… You…”

“Hm? What is it Shin, did you also find a research society you wanted to join?”

“No, I didn’t have such thoughts…”

“I see, that’s how it would be. I didn’t think any of the research society would be satisfactory for you to join. Better yet, how about starting your own research society?”


What is he suddenly rattling about? It looks like he’s trying to deceive me.

“Hooo~ the research society which Walford-kun would create; that thought sounds very interesting.”

Before I was able to press Gus for an answer, Alfred-sensei seconded Gus’ opinion.

“That’s right, sensei. I’m very interested in what kind of research society Shin creates and the activities involving it.”

“It’s certainly interesting.”

Even the ever-so-quiet Rin, who usually doesn’t participate in discussions, spoke.

“I [atashi] am also interested. If he ever does make one, I want to join!”

“I [watashi] would maybe also join it.”

“I [boku] also want to join, but most likely, all of S-Class would join it.”

“Sensei, how does one create a research society?”

“To start a research society, you have to submit an application form consisting of the names of five or more members and an advising teacher.”

“If that’s the case, then we must also come up with a proper name for a research group.”

Everyone suddenly starting talking amongst themselves. What is this? Before I knew it, it seemed like it had been decided that I will be starting a research society.

“H-hey everyone, wait a minute…”

“If Shin-kun starts his own research society, then it would be unthinkable for me not to join it, right?”

“Eh? Ah, that’s right?”

Sicily also said such a thing.

“How about this! The name “Heroes Research Society?” We can get Shin-kun to tell us all about Merlin-sama and Melinda-sama!”

“What the hell is that?!”

“Well, yeah, but there’s already that: researching, documenting, and discussing everything about them, in addition to investigating how Merlin-sama and Melinda-sama reached such heights.”

“There is!?”


“Is that so, that’s too bad.”

“We can decide what kind of society we’ll make after the afternoon classes are done.”

“That’s all good as well. Then, let’s decide at that time.”

“If that’s the case, then I’ll bring an application with me, and we’ll decide then on who will be joining, okay?”

It’s been decided! Without listening to my opinion whatsoever, it’s been decided!!

“Umm, you guys… Can you guys not decide everything on your own?”

“What is it? As I thought, there’s some other research society you’d rather join?”

“As I thought, “Heroes Research Society”?”

“No… because you see, it sounds unpleasant…”

“Walford, I think it’s a good idea. I believe it’s a good idea for you to create your own research society, and as for the name, you can change it later on. Also, don’t you think it’ll be difficult to choose from various other research societies?”

“That is probably how it’ll be…”

“Furthermore, I’ll volunteer myself as your advisor. Also, the whole class will probably participate as members. With this, there won’t be a problem.”

“That’s right, Shin-kun! Let’s do it!”

“Ha~… I understand.”

From nothing, little by little, it was decided that I will be starting a research group. How did this happen?

“Fufu, it looks like it’ll be interesting, right? Shin.”

That right! It was this guy who took the conversation towards this direction!

“Gus… Why you…”

“You guys, let’s hurry up and finish the rest of the tour so we can get something to eat.”

” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” “Yes!” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”

In the end, I was unable to give Gus a piece of my mind. Gus was laughing really hard. Gus…

After looking around the school building, we headed towards the practice fields. In this academy, there’s a total of three practice fields, and the field I was assigned to during the exam was the second practice field. Everyone else seemed to have been assigned to either the first or the third practice field.

Out of the three practice fields, the first practice field has the most robust magic barrier. It seems like S-Class and senior students mainly use this field.

Finally, we headed to the cafeteria. After going here and there, we arrived just in time for lunch, and the class dissolved. Although it was free, as it was said before, the menu was still amazing.

I took a tray and started piling plates filled with food on top of it. In order: meat dish, fish dish, soup, salad, and several different kinds of bread. Some new students would eat too much, and it seems like it has been a tradition to see them writhing in pain.

Alice and Julius took part in the tradition.

* * *

And finally, it was the much awaited afternoon magic class. Although everyone looked a little tense, they nevertheless had expressions of anticipation. When Alfred-sensei arrived, everyone lined up and waited for the class to begin.

“Alright, everyone’s here? Now then, let’s begin your first magic lesson in Advanced Magic Academy.”

” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” “We look forward to it!” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”

“Even though I said that, the first lesson is predetermined; everyone has to show the magic they used during the entrance examination.”

Suddenly, it felt as though the tension in everyone’s bodies dissipated.

“Alright, then let’s start right away. Since yesterday during the self-introduction, we went by ascending order of your ranking, we’ll do descending today. So, Rittenheim, we’ll start with you.”


First up is Julius… I’m quite interested in seeing what he’ll do.

“Then, here I go degozaru!”

When he said that, magic began to envelop his body. And then…

“Oooryaaaaaohhhhh! ! ! !”

He literally flew from where he was to the target and used Body Strengthening magic.

“Dooryaaaa! ! ! !”

Concentrating magic power on his fist, he struck the target and broke it with a single strike.

…I-is it really fine to call this a Magician using magic?

However, it sure had an amazing impact. But to think he did this in order to clear the examination…

When I looked around, I saw that everyone was dumbfounded. Thor smacked his forehead and sighed while Gus was holding onto his belly, laughing.

Although Julius’ impact was too excessive, everyone carried on after a while.

As expected of S-Class, everyone destroyed the target. Sicily, who said she specializes in Healing magic, and Yuri, who specializes in Enchantment magic, also did well. Everyone is good at controlling magic.

“Well then, last person, Walford.”


Since he said to use the same magic as the one I used during examination, then it’s that?

As usual, I produced a pale blue flame.

“Cha-chantless ! ?”

“This is the first time I’ve ever seen a blue flame…”


And then I launched the flame bullet.

BAAAaaaaNG! ! !

The flame bullet which destroyed the target, crashed into the magic barrier bestowed wall and shook the entire practice field. Isn’t this the same as the entrance examination?


“So this is… the grandson of the hero…”

“Amazing, I didn’t expect it to this extent…”

Everyone was astonished. Since I was the last person, I might have used more power than usual.

“Al-alright. With this, everyone has finished. However, not only did I get an idea of your current abilities, you guys also got to see different kinds of magic. Although all of you already know this, as long as you don’t have a proper image in your mind, your magic will not activate. And because the image we have is not always clear, we use chants to compensate for it. I believe everyone already know the kind of magic they are good at. But if there’s something you want to learn, I can give you some advice. Well, although it’s the teacher’s job to give pieces of advice, since you guy finally became classmates, I think it’s alright to study together and compete with each other.”

I see. Everyone would be participating in a friendly competition. Because we finally became classmates after much effort, such relationship would be best.

“With that, our first magic class has ended. Though you might think it’s short, it’s only the first day. From here on out, the lessons will get tougher, so prepare yourselves.”

” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” “Yes!” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”

“Although the lesson has ended, there’s still the talk from this morning about starting a research society. Walford as president is all good, but who will be the members?”

” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” “Me!” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”

“I see. The entire first Year S-Class. Well, I guess that’s to be expected. Then, the name of the research society.”

The situation still continued to progress rapidly without me getting a word in.

“Eh? Julius as well?”

“That’s right degozaru. Since it’s Shin-dono’s research society, I’ll still most likely be able to thoroughly research Body Strengthening magic degozaru.”


Gus, stop clicking your tongue!

“I just thought of a good name.”

Rin raised hand.

“Ho~ What’s the name?”

“How about “Ultimate Magic Research Society”?”

‘Ultimate Magic Reseach Society’! ! ? ?

Pathetic! It’s pathetic, Rin-san!

However, the reaction was around me was quite the opposite.

“Indeed, ‘Ultimate.’ It certainly might be a perfect fit for Shin.”

“Nn. It seems like if it’s Walford-kun, he’ll be able to use an attack magic to obliterate everything, or have an absolutely unbreakable defense, or even use transference magic.”

When it comes to the subject of magic, Rin becomes very talkative.

Sorry, although I can use ‘Gate,’ I can’t use transference magic.

“It’s great! ‘Ultimate Magic Research Society!’ It sounds extraordinarily awesome!”

“It certainly does sound amazing… It seems like being part of that society will put a lot of pressure on me…”

Is Maria unexpectedly weak to pressure? However, the name is not…

“It looks like it’s decided. In that case, everyone, write your name in the application form, and Walford and I will complete the form last.”

In the end, the research society was founded without me being able to voice my opinion.

There is no ultimate-ness to it…

* * *

Around the same time, Shin and the others from the academy were racking their brains thinking of what to name the research society, the directors, and heads of each bureau had gathered in the Imperial Palace for a regular meeting.

Every head made their monthly report at this regular monthly meeting. However, among the heads, the Chief of Military Affairs was making a troubled expression.

“Now then, next is Military Affairs… What’s wrong, Dominic, is there some kind of a problem?”

“Yes, Your Majesty, as a matter of fact… While I was confirming the state of affairs for this month, I discovered by chance…”

Dominic Gastolle, Michel’s successor, and the current Chief of Military Affairs. The Military Affairs bureau consists of the Knight Order and the Magic Division, and there the Soldier Order under the Knight Order. The General of the Knight Order and the Grand Master of the Magic Division usually serve as the Chief of Military Affairs in alternation. This time, it was the General of the Knight Order’s turn to act the director.

This robust General of the Knight Order was making a troubled face. The surrounding personnel became nervous.

“Actually, we confirmed that there has been a substantial increase of demons appearing over the last year.”

“What ! ?”

The unexpected report had caused agitation to the other personnel.

“Wh-what do you mean? I haven’t heard anything about an increase of demon sightings?”

“Certainly, if reports of increasing demon presence have been made public, it won’t be strange for the Kingdom to have a mass panic. However, if such stories do come to light, it won’t be just a rumor…”

Everyone started talking amongst themselves. In this world, demon presence is something every Kingdom has to deal with. The increasing number of demon presence is the ultimate bad news. However, there hasn’t been a single rumor about it. With that said, how should they take in what the Chief of Military Affairs had reported?

“It can’t be helped that you find this unbelievable. We also didn’t notice it. It was too unexpected that we didn’t know how to react. However, it’s a fact.”

“Dominic, exactly what are you saying?”

“When I asked for this month’s monthly report, the personnel accidentally gave me the report from last year. Although the personnel was reprimanded for the mistake, after looking at the report and comparing the numbers from the same month last year to this year… I noticed the that the difference in numbers was clearly much greater.”

“What did you say?!”

“N-no way! You didn’t notice it for one year?!”

“There should be some kind of daily reports in the Military Affairs! Why didn’t you notice it sooner!?”

“The daily reports are the cause of this!”

“Wh-what? What do you mean?”

“We always review the daily reports, and that’s why we didn’t find anything suspicious. Every day, we looked at the daily reports, and… little by little… it really is just little by little, it increased.”

“Little by little… it increased?”

“Yes. A little more than the day before, the next day is the same, and the day after that it increased just a little more… A little bit more is within the boundaries of acceptable margin, however, in reality, it has increased a lot more.”

Dominic explained why the situation wasn’t noticed sooner.

“But, did the person in charge of the subjugations also not take note of the increasing numbers?”

“When the person in charge of the subjugation was questioned, he didn’t seem to have noticed it either. Since the increment was minimal, overtime, he also became accustomed to it as it went on.”

When this report was made, the tense atmosphere began to slowly wane down.

“To sum it up, you’re saying it’s not a situation we can’t handle. If that’s the case, then there’s no problem.”

“That’s certainly not the case. Although we are able to cope with it now, it is a fact that the number of demands has increased. Furthermore… despite it being just my personal opinion, I find this situation very unnatural.”

“Foolishness! How can the number of demons be unnaturally increased!”

“In the end, it’s just my personal opinion. However, if everyone looks at the data, I’m sure you’ll come to the same conclusion as I have.”

After explaining, an aide began to distribute the data. And when each head looked at the data, they started to frown.

“Your Majesty, to be honest, this situation is abnormal. It requires immediate investigation. Could you grant permission to conduct a large-scale investigation?”

“This certainly is a grave situation. We understand. Knight Order, Soldier Order, Magic Division, and also, Demon Hunters’ Association, thoroughly investigate this.”

“By your will!”

“Also, this matter is strictly confidential. Until there’s accurate intelligence, under no circumstances will this information be revealed.”

“At your command!”*

[T/N: Said by everyone in the meeting.]

Since the situation was only known to the heads of each bureau, an unspeakable anxiety spread to all of their hearts.

* * *

That night, at a certain noble’s mansion.

“Cart! Cart are you there ! ?”

Russell von Ritzburg, the master of the mansion, said with a really loud voice.

“What is it, Father ?”

“It’s not ‘what is it!’ Today I received a summon from His Majesty and the Director of Finance. I don’t have to tell you the reason, do I?”

While being questioned, Cart clicked his tongue.

“You idiot! What in the world were you thinking! You know there’s a strict regulation that prohibits you from using your authority as a noble in the three advanced academies!”

“Thank you for your reminder, Father, but it’s the regulation that’s wrong! We are the chosen people! It’s unacceptable for us to be treated at the same level as a commoner!!”

“Cart… you… what on earth are you saying…?”

Russell looked at his son as if he had turned into a whole different person. He could not understand what his son was saying. It was not like his son to saying something like that.

However, Cart didn’t stop there.

“I am a chosen person! A special human being! And yet, everyone dares to defy and go against me! Such a thing is unforgivable!!!”


Russell was convinced. His son had gone insane. But while he was thinking so, Cart was still talking to himself [monologue].

“That’s right, it’s that guy. Since he had appeared, everything changed for the worse. The woman I wanted stopped doing what I asked. And also, His Highness… he made His Highness one of his allies…”

“Carrrtttt! ! !”


Mustering all the strength he could in his body, Russell punched Cart. His hand reddened since he, who worked at civil service, was not accustomed to hitting anyone.

“That remark cannot be overlooked! Consider that as your punishment! Anyone! Take Cart to his room! Confine him in his room for a while!!”

The servants who were watching the argument between Russell and Cart, stared at Cart disapprovingly, and one of the guards who also happened to be looking, took him to his room.

Russell murmured while clasping the swelling hand he used to his Cart.

“Cart… you… what happened to you…?”

* * *

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