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Receiving the Honors

The Kingdom ended up shouldering the costs of the weapon creation.

Vibration Sword is a magic tool, and as of now, the only person who is able to create it is me, so it seems like Gus has given up.

However, because the idea of being able to replace the blade is possible and satisfactory, Gus wants to adapt it. Since during demon subjugation, blades will often be broken, and being able to replace it immediately is an attracting idea. With enough practice, the blade can easily withstand harsh conditions.

However, since grandma would most likely kill me if it was adapted without her permission, I decided to consult her first.

I wonder if I should ask Harold-san, Mark’s father, these various things? Although it would require some development funds, it would also decrease the funds needed for new weapons, and I do not want any regrets when the time has come for us to confront Schtrom.

As to what extent should it be developed, should I ask Uncle Dis about it?

At first I wanted Gus to pass a message to Uncle Dis, but since he often comes by the house, there wasn’t really a need to.

After concluding our business in the workshop, we went to Olivia’s shop to eat lunch. When I asked the three girls what they were doing, all they said was, “We were chatting while inside Olivia-san’s room,” and didn’t provide any details.

I wonder if that’s what it is, a girls-only gathering. If that’s the case, then it’s normal for them not to provide any details.

And when I told Sicily that I’d taken care of her father’s order, she apologized profusely for forgetting about it. I guess she was really interested about it, Mark and Olivia’s relationship.

By the way, Sicily ordered what Cecil-san recommended, the sandwich, while Maria ordered what Irene-san recommended, the pasta.

However, since I’m in the period of rapid growth, a sandwich and pasta was not enough for me. I ate a whole lot of meat.

After finishing our meals and errands, everyone decided to walk around the city.

“By the way, Mark, what is being sold in the second and third floors of your shop?”

“Ah, on the second floor, we sell general living supplies, and as for the third floor, it’s accessories, Sir. The accessories on the third floor are both common and magic tools.”


I see, if one has magic tool accessories that increases one’s defense, they can protect themselves better. To tell the truth, the uniform provided does not protect anything else other than the body parts it covers. After wearing it in combat, I found out its disadvantages. My face almost got burnt.

And the effects are gone after changing clothes. But when it comes to accessories, even if I change clothes, it will still be fine. In addition, Magic Barrier can be enhanced on the accessories to provide better protection.

I’ll also ask about the creation of accessories.

“Is there something wrong, Shin-kun?”

“There’s nothing wrong. By the way Sicily, is there any kind of accessory you like?”

“A-a-a-a-a-accessories!? But when you… ask that kind of thing… all of a sudden! For the time being, a necklace is nice to have… bracelets are also good… and, ah, I also like earrings…”

“Y-you want to have all of those?”

“That’s not it! It’s nothing like that! I was just thinking what is good…”

“Hmm. Actually, I was just thinking that it might perhaps be better to have magic tool accessories for protection. If I were to give everyone accessories, I was wondering what would be good.”

“…Ah, is that so…”

Sicily suddenly looked quite crestfallen.

“Shin… you, you can’t just say something like that…”

“You raise someone’s hope and then destroy it… Are you a demon?”

“Sicily looks pitiful…”

“Eh? Huh?”

Ah! I guess she misunderstood my question! She thought I was asking because I was going to get her an accessory!

“Umm, Sicily?”

“…What is it?”

She still looks downhearted.

“You know what… Would you go with me to Mark’s shop once more?”

“It’s okay with me…”

“Ah, everyone, please just wait here.”

The tour around town has been suspended! I mean, it’s not like that!

And so, we enter Bean’s Workshop, and headed for the upper floors.

“Huh? Shin-kun, is this place the place you were talking about before…”

“Nn, the accessory department.”

“I-I’m very sorry! I didn’t have such intention!”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. You looked so happy talking about it earlier, and then I made you depressed. And, also…”

“And what?”

“…I was thinking I wanted to buy Sicily an accessory…”


That’s right. Although I said it was to apologize for earlier, in truth, my real intention is to give Sicily an accessory as a present.

“Since I’ll be the one enhancing it, it’s fine if it’s just a normal accessory. Which one do you think is good?”

“Umm, that, well…”

“Excuse me, which one of these items can be enhanced with the most number of characters?”

“Welcome to the shop. Over here, please. The accessories in this area can be enhanced with eight to twelve characters.”

“Sicily, which one of these do you like?”

“O-one of items here!?”

As I thought, they sell accessories you can enhance. If that’s the case, the more characters, the better. They seem to cost about 2 to 5 Silver coins. However, if there are more characters, it might cost several Gold coins. As expected, the more characters I can enhance it with, the more zeroes are added to the cost!

“Umm! It’s my mistake after all! About this ring… this is…”

“It’s fine. I had originally brought money to pay the workshop for the sword, but because of Gus’ proposal, I was able to save it.”


“And also, I think Sicily already knows about that guy. I want to strengthen our defenses. Even more than ever.”

“…I understand. Well then…”

I was finally able to convince her. However, what I said earlier was true. Also, Cart was able to escape because of Schtrom’s help, so it’s not weird for me escort Sicily and protect her. If Sicily is targeted, I won’t be able to keep my peace of mind.

Sicily was trying to choose a ring with a serious face. After looking for a while, she turned towards me. Oh? Has she decided?

“Umm… Shin-kun, can Shin-kun be the one to choose it after all?”

“Eh? Isn’t it fine for you to choose whichever you like?”

“Ummm… I can’t decide by myself…”

I wonder if it’s because she’s thinking about too many things?

“Hmm, okay…”

For now, let’s not look at the price or the number of characters that can be granted, let’s choose something that looks good on Sicily. And so…

“How about this one?”

What I ended up choosing was a silver ring mounting a blue stone. I thought it matched Sicily’s navy blue hair.

The number of characters it could be enhanced with was eight, and the price was three Silver coins.

“How about it? I think it matches Sicily.”


Sicily looked at the ring with bright, shining eyes.

“Then, I’ll take this one, thank you very much.”

“As you wish. Would you like to wear this right away?”

“Yes please! Thank you very much!”

I’m relieved. Sicily has become cheerful. After receiving the ring from the store clerk, Sicily placed the ring on the middle finger of her right hand.

“Shin-kun… Thank you very much for this!”

Sicily thanked me with a big smile. As I thought, she’s really cute. Sicily is definitely dangerous to the eye*, so it’s better if no one else sees her like this. And so, I once again vowed to myself.

[T/N: Too much eye-candy.]

“I’m glad that you’re happy with this. I’ll grant defensive magic to it later that will be able to protect Sicily.”

“Shin-kun… will be protecting me…”

Huh? It’s a little bit different though. Well, whatever.

After buying the ring, we left the store and rejoined everyone.

While Sicily was looking at the ring with a really cheerful expression, the two girls surrounded her joyfully. As I thought, I couldn’t get into that group.

“Nevertheless, you bought a ring so readily. As expected of you, Shin.”

Gus is grinning broadly again.

“I’ll have you know that I’ll be passing you guys accessories enhanced with defensive magic as well.”

“…How should I say this, after looking at that scene… it feels strange when you suddenly say that…”

“…Well, because a ring might not be suitable for guys, so either a bracelet or a necklace is fine as well…”

“…Please do that…”

After that, without any particular purpose, we walked around the streets. We went window shopping and bought some food. As I thought, even though we don’t have any objectives, it’s fun to walk around with friends of the same age.

After spending a peaceful and fun day together, Mark and Olivia first separated from us, and then we went to Sicily’s house.

* * *

The moment we arrived at Sicily house, I immediately took care of granting the protection magic.

Since I can only enhance it with eight characters… I guess I’ll go with ‘Magic Barrier,’ and ‘Physical Barrier.’

I briefly imagined a ‘Hard Wall,’ a simplified version of ‘Absolute Magic Defense.’ Although it cannot disable everything, it has no problem blocking it. After my battle with Schtrom, I felt that Absolute Magic Defense was a little too excessive. Even though I was not able to completely protect myself, the Magic Barrier was enough to block his attacks. If that’s the case, Magic Barrier should be sufficient enough. When the area of the barrier expanded, one could protect their entire body. It could also protect the people around you, and in terms of versatility, this one was better.

As for the ‘Physical Barrier,’ it also used a similar image. However, there was a difference between the image between the physical and magic barriers.

After I finished enhancing the ring with magic, I passed it on to Sicily… She stuck out her right hand, and placed it on the middle finger where she had worn it earlier.

After receiving the ring, Sicily started staring at the ring happily once more.

“Whoa! This is amazing!”

Sicily was quite surprised that the barrier not only covered her body, it also expanded…

“Hehh, that is really amazing. As expected of Melinda-sama’s grandson.”

“Oh my? About that ring… Sicily looks really happy wearing it.”

Cecil-san and Irene-san were also looking at the expanded barrier.

“If you’d like Cecil-san and Irene-san, I could also enhance one for each of you.”

“Eh? Is that really okay?”

“Oh my, I’m happy you offered.”

I wonder if this enhancing magic is okay? Since other Magicians are also able to use it.

“Although the level is different…”

It seemed like Gus murmured something.

And so, after the people in the Claude House thanked me, I said farewells to them and returned home using ‘Gate.’

The moment I got home, grandma immediately asked what we did at the workshop, and I told her everything that had happened today.

The moment grandma heard that I enhanced some accessories, she…

“Shin finally… Shin finally learned how to conduct himself with some prudence…”

And she began to cry. It’s nothing to cry about!

“I wonder if that can really be considered as being prudent…”

“The way the principles are weighed in this family is a little different…”

“It’s some awesome family degozaru.”

Putting that aside, I suddenly realized a crucial fact.


Grandpa’s presence is too thin!

* * *

The next day, we were busy with the preparation of the upcoming ceremony that would be happening the day after.

Today, Gus’s team, Sicily, and Maria came over to my house.

They wanted to see me wearing the clothes I’d be wearing for the bestowal ceremony.

“Hehh, since you’re tall, have a well-trained and firm build, and have a good-looking face, you look good in anything.”

“Shin-kun… looks very cool…”

“Like this, I’m quite envious. Because I have a very delicate build.”

“Your Highness… As for that…”

“What you said sounds nothing more than sarcasm to me degozaru.”

“Shin also looks more adult-like wearing formal clothes…”

“The small little baby back then… is finally all grown up.”

While I was being a dress-up doll for the maids, my friends and family were sitting on the sofa and chatting happily.

Even though I’m feeling really exhausted over here!

“Marika-san… Isn’t this one good already?”

“What are you talking about, Shin-sama. As someone part of the House of Walford, and is going to be hailed as the new Hero, it is unacceptable for you to not look your best!”

When Marika-san said these words, the other maids nodded their heads intensely in agreement. No, I think it would be more embarrassing to be wearing formal clothes…

In the end, after changing clothes to this and that, I ended up wearing a pale blue shirt and bottom, and a scarf wrapped around my neck as a finishing touch. As for the coat, it was decorated stunningly with silver thread embroidery. The size was swiftly adjusted