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Preparation in case of an Emergency

The post-ceremony party was troublesome.

Because of Uncle Dis’ declaration, the solicitation from the nobilities was rather excessive; they tried to get me to make me take their daughters or younger sisters as my wife! However, no sale was concluded during their sales promotion. That said, because the subjugation of a devil is a serious event in this country, many people came to greet and praise me.

Because grandpa and grandma were also there on one side, the crowd turned out to be quite large.

As for Sicily accompanied by everyone from the House of Claude, and Maria accompanied by everyone from the House of Meshina refrained from getting close and watched from afar, since they were already on friendly terms with me, or so it seemed.

Because of the commotion, I was unable to confirm it myself, so I’ll ask them about it later.

Gus’ team also did not approach me. When I was surrounded by girls who wanted to hear my story, Gus grinned from ear to ear while looking at me. That much, I saw.

As Gus had stated previously, being surrounded with many unfamiliar women wouldn’t make me happy. Rather, it was cumbersome… I mean, their eyes appeared as though they were looking at their prey, it was so scary…

Although they did not blatantly approach, every single time I said something, they went “Kyaa, kyaa.” To be honest, it made me feel really tired. Please hurry and end already, I passed the time wishing for it to finally be over.

By the time I got home, after the party had finally ended, I was dead tired.

Even after considering Michel-san’s training sessions, I’d never felt this tired before.

“As I thought, it was the right decision to stand with you. If you were left alone, wouldn’t it feel like one of those surrounding you might just take you home?”

“I don’t think there’s a chance of that happening…”

“I wonder about that. Isn’t Shin still inexperienced when it comes to running away from noble women above the marriageable age? Even Merlin, a long time ago, he…”

“Can you not bring up that story?”

Even grandpa did what? Grandpa diverted the topic even though I was very interested in what had happened.

“Shin, aren’t you tired today? You still have to attend the academy tomorrow, so it’s better if you rest early.”

I thought it wouldn’t be a good idea to ignore grandpa’s words, and besides, it’s definitely true that I’m tired because of what happened today.

“Nn, after taking a bath, I’ll go straight to sleep.”

“That would be a good idea.”

“Grandma, about that story, please tell me some other time.”

“That’s not good at all!?”

The fact that Grandpa is panicking over this makes me even more interested. Please allow me to listen to it next time.

The next day, I went to pick up Sicily and Maria as usual, and we returned to my house. But I opened the door…

“Oh! Shin-sama has come out!”

“KYAAAA! Shin-sama~!”

“So that’s the new Hero-sama!”

“I see, he has nice overall features.”

“Shin-sama~! Please look over here~!”

And so, I gently closed the door.

“…What the heck is this?”

“When Shin received the honors yesterday, the associated deeds were publicized. Up until now, there hasn’t been an official announcement, and so all the details remained mere rumors at best. But since His Majesty announced it himself, they have stormed into the house.”

“Everyone knows where Magi-sama’s house is. Isn’t it because they wanted to catch a glance?”

“But because of this, we cannot go to the academy… grandma!”

“What is it?”

“Is it okay if I use ‘Gate’ to go to the classroom?”

“Haaa… It can’t be helped. But only until the commotion settles down.”


“Shin… why did you not ask me for permission…?”

Because it’s scarier when grandma gets angry.

“Alright! I can go to the academy comfortably starting today.”

“It’s just for today, you know? Maria.”

“Hey, it’s time to go.”

Gate connected to the classroom, and I walked through the Gate.

“Whoa! That surprised me!”

“What’s wrong, Shin, why’d you to come here using Gate?”

“Wh-wh-what’s with that magic?”

“I can’t believe it. What is that thing? Walford-kun!”

Inside the classroom, Yuri, Gus’ team, Tony, and Rin were already there.

“Nothing really, but because there’s an amazing amount of people in front of the house, I couldn’t get out.”

“Ah, and so you used Gate to get here.”

“Gate? What is that, Walford-kun? Please tell me more about it.”

As usual, Rin is good at asking about magic straightforwardly.

“Ah, this thing called ‘Gate’ is created by magic. Gate allows one to connect one location to another. And then, you can pass through the Gate…”

After I passed through, I erased the Gate in the house and then created one in the classroom.

“This way, I can come out from the other side of the Gate.”

The three people who saw it for the first time, Rin, Yuri, and Tony, stared with their eyes wide-open.

“…Amazing! Walford-kun can actually use transference magic!?”

“It’s not transference to be precise. But it is nevertheless a movement magic.”

“What do you mean?”

“Transference magic probably teleports an object from one place to another, right? In order to do that, you have to decompose parts of the body, and then reconstruct them. Because I’m afraid of the idea of not being able to reconstruct my body properly, I’ve never tried it.”

“Is this thing different from that?”

“This magic only shortens the distance between one place to another. Although there’s an entrance and exit, it doesn’t mean decomposing and reconstruction occurred.”

“…It’s no good… I cannot understand it…”

Rin muttered regretfully. Well, I guess it’s only natural, because if she was able to understand this, then transference magic… This will bring her closer to achieving transference magic.

“Well, that can’t really be helped. Because even grandpa isn’t able to understand it.”

“Even Magi-sama…”

“But, perhaps there will come a day when you’ll be able to use it. Since you joined the Research Society with much effort.”

“Yeah! I’ll work hard!”

As I thought, I should level up the people in the research society. Rin is also showing a lot of motivation.

“Shin… I almost forgot to cross-examine you in order to find out what you’re planning.”

“That’s why I said, I’m not planning anything weird.”

I was thinking about raising everyone’s levels for their own safety, that’s not weird is it?

It would be good if everyone could participate in a training camp.

“I’m very anxious… What exactly are you plotting?”

That’s why I said, I’m not plotting anything weird!

“Good morning~! Huh? What’s up with everyone?”

Finally, Alice arrived at the classroom, and looked at everyone curiously.

* * *

Military Affairs and the Security Office had been carrying out a large-scale search in order to find Schtrom. They set-up checkpoints in towns and cities throughout the Kingdom, but if possible, they wanted to search across the borders as well.

During the search, a confidential report regarding the Empire had reached Dominic, the Chief Director of Military Affairs.

“The Empire is making a move?”

In the report, it was written that the Empire had been scrounging up food from towns and villages.

“Since they are collecting food, that means…”

“There is also information that there’s movement in the military. Because of this, there’s a possibility that…”

“…Preparation for war, huh?”

Rather than gathering them little by little, they seized everything. Because there’s also movement from the military, it can only be assumed that they are preparing for war.

“However… why now of all times? There’s really no particular reason to invade aggressively?”

“That is something I don’t understand myself. Perhaps the Empire established a good opportunity to invade… but until now, that reason is still unknown.”

“Good grief… Problems are really occurring one after another.”

“It is as you say.”

There was still the remaining problem with Schtrom, who had the ability to increase the number of devils. And now there were signs of the Empire getting ready for war. With these things happening one after another, anyone would want to complain.

“There’s a possibility… that the Empire considers the uproar that happened in the Kingdom as an opportunity to attack.”

“That can’t be the reason. Although incidents did indeed happen in succession, the Kingdom is not quite so disorderly.”

Each incident was solved sufficiently. Although Schtrom’s whereabouts was still unknown, there was no damage caused during that incident. In order to locate him, a search party had been gathered, but it wasn’t chaotic.

However, there were reliable sources stating the Empire was making a move.

Even though the reason was still unknown, there was no point in worrying about it endlessly, and he reported it to the King.

“What? Is this accurate?”

“There is no doubt that the Empire is making a move. However, since we have yet to receive a declaration of war, we have no conclusive evidence, but…”

“Nevertheless… after reading the report, for you to come to this conclusion… Dominic!”

“Yes, Sir!”

“Although there’s still a problem with the threat Schtrom possess with his ability to increase the number of devils, our Kingdom must also prepare for war. Push forward with the preparation.”

“By your will!”

Thus, the Kingdom’s Military Affairs started their preparation for war.

And, in a town somewhere in the Empire, in a room inside one of the town’s buildings.

“Hehh~ So the Kingdom had also started their preparation for war.”

“Yes. Since the Empire made their movements publicly, they seem to have noticed it immediately.”

“Hehe, it looks like it went well with Zest-kun. Now then, what do you think will happen? Millia-san.”

“…Even I can’t possibly begin to understand, Schtrom-sama.”

The reason why the Kingdom has been having a hard time finding Schtrom is because of this woman, Millia.

“Everyone, please dance properly, okay? Fufufu, hahaha!”

While Schtrom burst into laughter, Millia just stared.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Bluesphere Empire, a conversation was happening amidst the war preparations.

“Zest, where in the Kingdom were you able to purchase this information from?”

“I have some collaborators in the Kingdom, and they told me that because of the increase in demons around the Kingdom, the place is currently in chaos. And when I went to inspect it myself…”

“You noticed that the number of demons appearing in the Kingdom has increased, while the number of demons in the Empire has decreased…”

“That’s exactly how it is.”

“Hmm, to have the number of demons decrease, is it finally the right time to take over the Kingdom?”

“I am praying that is what ends up happening.”

“Hmph, I don’t need to be told by a commoner like you.”

“…That’s right.”

“Well, be relieved, the information you provided is significant to the nobles of the Empire. You should feel honored.”


The noble man walked away laughing, while Zest just glared at the man.

* * *

After the classes had ended for today, I apologized for not having conducted it yesterday because of the bestowal ceremony, and we resumed our activities today.

“Now that I think about it, the atmosphere this morning was a little strange, did something happen?”

Alice, who wasn’t there this morning, asked.

“Ah, it seems like Shin is plotting something, and I was trying to cross-examine him to determine what it is.”

“Is it something… really bad?”

“That’s why I said I’m not plotting anything strange.”

“Then what are you plotting?”

Everyone’s eyes focused on me.

“Haaa… It’s like this, haven’t unusual incidents occurred one after another? Because of this, I came up with a solution to teach you guys basic survival. Nevertheless, this means there’s a possibility that unusual occurrences will keep happening. In order to prepare for it, I thought I should get all the members in this Research Society to level up.”

Since I didn’t want to have any strange misunderstanding, I immediately explained my thoughts to them.

“I see, so it was about everyone leveling up.”

“That’s right, it wasn’t like it was a strange idea?”

“It is as you said, there’s something strange about it…. But Shin, what are you planning in order to get everyone to level up?”

“Practicing to the point where everyone is able to use healing, defense, and attack magic to a certain degree, something like that? And also, having everyone wear accessories with enhancements for defense.”

For now, I told everyone the rough plan.

“…I understand. For now, I’m certain you’re not planning anything strange.”

“Didn’t I tell you?