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A fundamental problem was discovered

I heard from the Research Society on what everyone wanted to improve in.

I asked Sicily and Thor to practice increasing magic power and their control, for now, since we couldn’t go to the practice field for attack magic practice.

When I asked them to do such practice everyone was surprised and started asking questions.

Why? They asked. It’s because in order to cast powerful magic, it is necessary to have large amount of magic power and be able to control it. Although I thought this was a matter of course, everyone thought differently.

They thought that in order to cast powerful magic, besides the chant that needs to be devised, one also need a clear imagination.

So they actually had that kind of mindset. First of all, it’s better if I immediately dispel their misconceptions.

For the time being, in order to grasp the control everyone had on their magic power, I asked them to cast Magic Barrier, but…

…The barrier is too thin.

“This is no good. If it’s like this, you wouldn’t be able to stop most magic, would you?”

“However, Magic Barrier is something that doesn’t really provide that much defense, does it?”

“…Are you seriously asking this?”

“What do you mean?”

“Just the other day, didn’t you see Schtrom use this very same magic to block my attack?”

“Ah, if I’m not mistaken, the attack you used was the same as the one you showed us during the first magic class. I never thought he would be able to block it…”

“You know that very same attack was blocked by a Magic Barrier, right?”

“Wha! What did you say!?”

“No way…”

“I thought it was blocked by some other advanced defensive magic…”

“Now you know it’s actually capable of halting really strong magics. Back then, I understood that it would be blocked. That’s why, after I shot it, I immediately backed away from Schtrom.”

“On the other hand, I wasn’t there to see it…”

Alice, one of those who weren’t present back then, raised her voice. Because it couldn’t be helped, I gave up using this explanation.

“With enough control and magic power, even without learning special defensive magic, Magic Barrier is enough to protect from any attack. Sicily, can you cast defense magic using the magic tool I enhanced?”

“Yes, I understand.”

After responding, Sicily directed her magic power on the magic tool ring.

“Whoa… what an amazing Magic Barrier…”

“Although I didn’t know barrier could be that amazing… certainly, with enough control and magic power, it’s a superb spell.”

“Sicily, are you using all of your magic power to cast it?”

“No… I’m using the same amount of magic power as when I cast a barrier on my own.”

“This is the image I had of Magic Barrier when I used enchantment magic. Along with the image, I also enhanced the ring with the information of how much magic power needed to cast the barrier.”

Everyone looked at the Magic Barrier with dumb surprise. With this, I wonder if everyone understand how important magic power and control are?

“As I’ve said, a proper image is indeed important. However, even with the proper image, without enough magic power control over it, it won’t be any good. Do you guys understand?”

While listening to what I was saying, everyone remained silent.

“That why, we must first increase our magic power and the way to control it. These are the very basics of Gate, or rather, any magic.”

Everyone’s expression all turned serious. Or rather, why didn’t anyone know about this?

“Shin, why do you know about such things?”

“Why you ask… Because I learnt it from grandpa? Ever since I was young, I was taught that in order to cast magic, it is important to have enough magic power. If one doesn’t have enough magic power, no matter how good of an image they have, they won’t be able to cast magic. However, I was also taught that ‘before anything else, learn how to increase the control you have over your magic power.’ Actually, I’m more surprised that everyone else didn’t know.”

“I see… So that’s the secret of the Magi-dono’s greatness…”

“On the other hand… I want to ask how you guys are able to use magic if you don’t know how to control it?”

“I can control my magic power to some extent. However, when it comes to using advanced magic, I thought that no matter what, even if I have a proper image of it, I have to use chants. Other than that… the practice to control magic power is quite mundane…”

Everyone silently looked down.

“Does everyone else also think that?”

“…When it comes to certain magics, my consciousness immediately thinks of the most practical thing…”

“Me as well… even though magic power is the most basic of the basics when it comes to enhancement magic…”

“Shin-kun, do you always practice your magic power control?”

“Yeah, because I’ve been doing it every day since I was young, it has pretty much become a habit.”

Then, I gathered my magic power and showed them how I control it.


“This is…!!”


“It’s something like this, because if I forget the basics, I won’t improve. Rather than resorting to superficial strength, isn’t there something more important?”

I disbanded the research society for the day, I told everyone to practice their magic control.

“That’s how it is, so everyday, be sure to practice your magic control. Don’t slack off, okay?”

“I understand. I’ll work hard.”

“…Rin, make sure not to let it go out of control, okay?”

“I won’t!”

“For the time being, the goal is to have everyone learn how to use magic without chants.”

” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” “EEEEHHHHHH~!?” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”

“It’s not ‘eh.’ This is the ‘Ultimate Magic Research Society, right? What will you do if you can’t even accomplish this much?”

“I understand. I’ll work hard.”

“…Rin, make sure not to let it go out of control, okay?”

“I already said I won’t!”

No matter how I look at it, Rin has the appearance of a reckless magic-idiot…

From that day onwards, everyone started practicing their magic power control. Finally, one day, I asked them to once again cast Magic Barrier.

“…This is… No, maybe I’m just imagining things?”

“It’s not your imagination. Compared to before, the Magic Barrier has become thicker.”

It looks like everyone had come to realize it.

“When you get home, continue to practice controlling your magic power. When everyone improves a little more, we’ll start with magic training.”

In the end, after reviewing the most fundamental of the fundamentals, the research society concluded for the day.

However, motivated expressions were plastered across everyone’s faces.

It was good that I was able to grasp everyone’s current progress. If I didn’t, no matter how much magic I teach them, it would be useless.

At the prospect of everyone leveling up, we left the academy building triumphantly.

“Hey! He has finally come out!”


“Please look over here~!”

“Walford-kun! A word! Please say a word!”

Everyone went back inside the academy.

“I-I forgot about iiittttt…”

“Just saying, you never passed through the gates in front of your house. I wonder how you’ve been coming and going between the academy?”

“I walked out through the back door. And then I walked to the academy while being tense.”

“What a great display of tenacity…”

“On the contrary! Because there’s such a large crowd in front of the academy, we won’t be able to get out!”

“It can’t be helped, I’ll use that again…”

It’s a hopeless situation. This is a hopeless situation, right?

I opened Gate, connected it to the house, and everyone walked through.

“Oh my, welcome home, Shin. Did you use Gate again?”

“Welcome home, Shin. Did something happen? You brought so many friends with you.”

“I’m home, grandpa, grandma. Nothing really happened, but there’s a large crowd in front of the academy gate… and because everyone couldn’t get out, I brought them with me.”

“Really, there’s too much commotion!”

“Hohho, it will probably settle down soon.”

Will that really happen?

“More importantly, there’s a lot of children I’ve never seen before. Can you make the introductions?”

“Ah, the people who haven’t been to our house are…”

“I’m Alice! I’m Alice Corner!”

“I’m Rin Hughes. I’m honored to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you, I’m Tony Freed.”

“I’m Yuri Carlton~”

“I—! I’m Mark Bean, Sir!”

“I-I-I’m Olivia Stone!”

Before I was able to introduce them, they introduced themselves.

“There are some names I’ve heard before. Particularly the one named Mark.”

“Whoa! Yes, Sir!”

“It seemed like this child has troubled your workshop… I’m really sorry about that.”

“No! No way! Please raise your head! On the other hand, my dad was overjoyed because he was able to acquire a large contract!”

“Even so, there’s no doubt that my grandson has bothered you. So let me apologize.”

“That’s right, I’m sorry about that, Mark-kun.”

“Really, please stop it!!”

Mark yelled while grandpa and grandma lowered their heads in apology.

“Grandpa, grandma, please stop doing such a strange things. Can’t you see Mark is troubled?”

“Whose fault do you think it is! Whose!!”

Grandma really got incredibly angry.

“T-that aside, there’s something I want to talk to grandpa and grandma about, is it okay?”

“Haaa… What is it?”

“Did something happen?”

“I just found out about this recently but, is it not well-known that the basics of magic in general is the practice of magic control?”

When I asked that question, grandpa’s face looked a little rueful.

“It’s really regrettable. Although everyone is able to use magic to a certain extent, they soon resort to relying on superficial magic. I’ve always believed magic to be half practicing magic control, and being able to imagine it with or without chants. Maybe it’s for that reason the level of Magician have been dropping each year.”

A sigh spilled out of Grandpa’s mouth, as though to say there’s been a decline. Everyone had fallen silent.

“However, half of it is your fault.”

“My fault!?”

Grandma was superbly surprised because of grandpa’s remark.

“Grandma, what does this mean?”

“Neither this nor that. Way back then, Merlin would always use magic without any reservations, and everyone would try to use magic like him. However, because it was chantless, it can’t be imitated. Nevertheless, I still wanted to be able to use Merlin’s magic. When I saw the magic Merlin used without any chant, I immediately had an image of it, and I succeeded by chance. Since then, various magics have been imitated with the use of chants, and it became the common trend to do so.”

“Indeed… It was something we didn’t think was possible back then.”

“That, that’s not really my fault is it!?”

“But you’re the main culprit. Really, without minding your own health, you used magic without restraint… Didn’t I warn you back then? Be a little more prudent. Take a look, because you were like that, Shin turned out like this.”

“Wait a minute! Sparks are flying!?”

“So Shin-kun’s lack of prudence is something he actually inherited from his Grandpa.”

“Even Sicily!?”

For some reason, I suddenly ended up being the target.

“A-anyway, the most important thing about magic is magic control. Of course, proper image is also important. Nevertheless, magic didn’t originally have any need for chants, do you understand?”

“EEEHHHHhhh!?” [Said by everyone.]

“Take Shin for example, has anyone ever seen him cast magic with a chant?”

“Now that you mentioned is, I’ve never seen him do so, even once…”

“Well, in this child’s case, the images he creates are special.”

“What do you mean? Magi-sama.”

“The way this child uses magic is not imagining the ‘Result,’ but the ‘Process.’ Does anyone know why fire burns?”

“When I am asked why… I am not able to give a clear answer.”

“I also don’t have a clear understanding. Nevertheless, this child clearly knows the answer to it. What is fire? Why does it burn? After I observed it a couple of times, the result is… Have you ever seen Shin’s fire magic?”

“It was a pale blue flame.”

“Right, that’s the one. That flame has a really high temperature, and when it lands on the ground, the resulting impact resembles lava.”

Everyone looked towards me with interest… It looked like they wanted to compliment me, but because it felt like I cheated, I was uncomfortable.

“The image Shin has is special, that’s why even if I try to cast it withou