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Magic practice is finally starting

Schtrom’s objective was the Empire.

It seemed he conducted his experiment in the Kingdom because of that. I heard from Gus that before the commotion of the devil occurred, the increase of demons had already been a problem.

This is also probably one of the results of Schtrom’s experiments.

Because Schtrom had already left the Kingdom, they thought that the number of demons will decrease, but it kept increasing instead.

Previously, the increase of demons went unnoticed for an entire year. But this time, the increase had been visible to the eye. It might be because the demons in the Empire had increased tremendously. However, it was something the Kingdom had already expected.

And the Empire… no, it should be called the ‘Old Empire.’ Not a word has been heard there.

Although there has been no movement, didn’t it mean that nothing bad is going to happen? There were a lot of people who thought optimistically.

However, Schtrom is an existence who could care less about the human population. No one can imagine when he would suddenly take action.

Because of that, he might go around killing humans like insects.

Although it was just a ‘Possibility,’ nevertheless, the possibility was quite high.

Therefore, it seemed like other countries had agreed to cooperate and monitor the Old Empire.

Us, on the other hand, we decided to raise our fighting power as much as possible. And because of this, the magic practice for the Research Society is must proceed as planned.

“Alright. Right now, before anything else, I want to confirm how much magic power everyone can control. According to your own limit, collect as much magic power as you can.”

And then, everyone began to gather magic power. Although magic power is invisible to the eye, one can sense it when it begins to gather at one place, because one can feel the magic in the air. When a large amount of magic power has gathered, even those who could not use magic could feel the pressure.

Although the amount of magic power they gathered was small when we first started, thanks to the magic control practice they have been doing since before the war had started, everyone’s magic power had increased by a large amount.

The quantity of magic power one could have in this world was ‘as much magic power as one could control.’ The human bodies have no such thing has a place to store magic. For that reason, in order to use a large spell, it is necessary to be able to control the magic power in the surroundings.

The amount of magic power one can control is equal to how much magic power they have.

“Nn, this is good. Now then, just as you are, create a Magic Barrier.”

With my command, everyone created a Magic Barrier. Nn, the Magic Barriers they have created are thicker than before. I wonder if this much is enough?

“Alright, everyone can release your barrier. This is good, with this much magic power, you’ll have enough to use most magic.”

“Then, will you finally teach us how to use Gate?”

“Well, that will be included. If you rely on Gate alone, your attack and defense magic will only be half-hearted.”

“That’s fine as well. I’ll learn all of them.”

When it comes to magic, Rin is aggressive as always.

“What should we do? At first, I was thinking of teaching everyone individually on what they want to learn… However, with the current situation, attack magic, defense magic, or body enhancement magic, I thought maybe it would be better if everyone learns all of them?”

“That’s right… Previously, we never thought that we would be in this kind of situation.”

“Isn’t it fine? I was also feeling insecure if all I’m going to be learning is defense magic.”

“Me as well. As I thought, I would like to practice healing magic a little more. Of course, I would also like to learn some attack magic.”

“As for me, I’d like to learn body strengthening magic and defense magic degozaru. Because no matter what I do, I’m no good with attack magic…”

“Well then, rather than teaching individually, everyone will learn everything. At the same time, Julius, you’ll also learn attack magic. Don’t say you’re no good at it.”

“Ugh… I-I’ll do my best degozaru…”

Julius is really part of the body strengthening group. Even though he’s a student of a Magic Academy.

What should we do that? Although we want to practice magic, we cannot use the practice field… Ah! I just thought of a good idea.

“Well, for starters, let’s begin with practicing attack magic?”

“Although I don’t mind… What are we going to do about the practice field? If I’m not mistaken, we didn’t make any reservations to use it?”

“I know a good place where we can practice. It’s the place where I used to practice, and because it won’t matter what kind of magic you release, you can practice as much as you want.”

“Heehh, so it’s the place where Shin used to practice. Indeed, if Shin says that we can use whatever magic we want, then…”

“That’s right. If it’s the place that can withstand Shin-dono’s magic, then…”

“Then no matter what magic we use, it’ll be okay!”

…Huh? Isn’t the way they evaluated the place a little strange?

“…For now, let’s go. When we get there, I’ll explain what we’ll be doing.”

After saying that, I connected Gate to the very nostalgic wilderness.

“So this place is the place where Shin-kun used to practice…”

“Hey, doesn’t this place… look like it’s been trashed?”

“Indeed. It looks like it’s been trashed.”

“…There looks to be a crater and places with traces of being melted…”

“It gives the feeling of this place being in a different world degozaru.”

When everyone arrived, they started looking here and there. If it’s this place, everyone can practice attack magic without worrying about other people. It’s a nice idea even if I do say so myself.

“Now then, before we start practicing attack magic, when everyone starts using magic, what kind of image do you have?”

“What you ask, normally, before I use magic, a teacher would be there to give some guidance, and then I will reflect on it, and imagine that…”

“Come to think of it, Magi-sama said the image Walford-kun creates is special.”

“He certainly did say that. He said Shin imagines the ‘Process’ rather than the ‘Result.'”

“That’s right. But what will you guys do if you just imagine the ‘Result?’ That’s why I want everyone to be able to imagine the ‘Process’ as well. That way, that range of your magic will increase.”

“However, even if you tell me to imagine the process, I don’t have any idea how to do it…”

“That’s why, before we start practicing, I’ll teach you guys how to do it.”

After I said that, I took out a desk, a candle, and a beaker from the extra-dimensional storage space. I’ll start with Fire, I guess.

“First, I will ignite this candle.”

I used fire magic to light the candle.

“Well, it will naturally catch fire and start to burn.”

Everyone nodded.

“Then, how do you put this fire off?”

“Eh? If you just blow on it, wouldn’t the fire go off?”

“Well, that will indeed cause the fire to be put out. However, if I put this beaker on top of it…”

“…Ah! It disappeared!”

“Why do you think it disappeared?”

“Why you ask… I don’t know that kind of thing!”

“With fire, if you have fuel, you understand that it will continue to burn?”

“Well, without any fuel, it won’t burn.”

“The fuel you speak of, for example, even this candle has a little of it. However, that’s not all it has.”

“Umm… No good, I don’t understand. What do you mean?”

“For example… When you burn something in a furnace, other than having coal or charcoal, you need to have something else in order to increase the fire, right?”

“Ah! Air is needed, Sir!”

“That’s right, in order for a fire to burn, other than fuel, it also needs air.”

“Heehh. However, if I blow on it, it’ll disappear?”

“That only applies to small fires such as the one on the candle. Do the large fires such as the one from a bonfire disappear if you blow on it?”

“Certainly, it won’t disappear.”

“For now, take a look at this. But if you’re interested, I’ll teach you guys later. In order for this fire to burn a gas in the air called ‘Oxygen’ is necessary. When Oxygen burns, it creates a nonflammable gas called, “Carbon Dioxide.’ So when you’re burning the wax candle inside the beaker, it’s only using up the oxygen that’s inside. It then generates carbon dioxide. Gradually, the oxygen decreases, and carbon dioxide increases…”

I once again lit up the candle, and then covered it with the beaker.

“…Oh, I see. Because what’s left inside the beaker is the nonflammable carbon dioxide, then…”

“…It disappeared.”

“This is the basic structure of simple combustion. Returning to the topic of magic, first, putting out the fire. Does everyone think they can do it?”

I asked them after putting out the fire with a finger. Everyone was nodding.

“Just now, when I imagine the oxygen in the area has decreased…”

“…The fire… started to turn a lot paler…”

“And when you shoot this fire…”

I shot the fire towards the ground.


The ground melted.

“And so, it will become this kind of magic. Also, the magic I used during the entrance examination is similar to this. All I did was add a little speed to the flame and shot it.”

After I said that, I shot a flame bullet.


When it landed on the ground, it decimated a large area of the ground and raised sand dust.

“I was intending to teach you guys something like this. What do you guys think?”

Everyone was looking at the spot where the flame bullet landed with serious expressions.

“Amazing. As I thought, it was a good idea to ask Walford-kun to create a Research Society.”

“Amazing… It’s so amazing that I’m afraid of learning it…”

“Shin-kun, does this same principle apply to healing magic? If I’m not mistaken, this uniform was granted amazing enhancement, so does that mean if we cannot use such magic as you’ve shown earlier, there’s no way we can grant such enhancement?”

“There’s a way. However, that is something that’ll come up later. For today, we’ll be practicing fire magic.”

With that, I stood in front of everyone to show them the stance before sending them off to practice. In order for everyone to level up, I’ll do my best to teach them.

Then, Alice suddenly said something.

“Hey Shin-kun, rather than conducting the lecture here, it would probably have been better if you did it in the laboratory with the blackboard before heading here for practice.”


That is also true…

* * *

A day in Cat’s life

Because this chapter was really short, she wanted to do a double release. However, a lot of things happened today and she was unable to work on the next chapter.

What happened today?

Cat was really busy in the morning and was constantly bugged by her parents. Of course, since they were leaving the country, and Cat wanted to just shoo away as soon as possible, so she did their bidding.

In the afternoon, before it was time for Cat to send her parents off to the airport, she spent about half an hour filling up the gas tank. However, she was then informed that there was no space for her in the car. (I was the driver for crap sake!) Because of that, Cat had to drive her butt to the nearest restaurant and ate lunch solitarily. [Poor Cat sniff, sniff]

After buying groceries for dinner, and thinking she’ll finally have time to rest and translate, her most beloved brother and awesome cousins enlightened her that they will be holding a party at the house. When they said it, it was already a done deal and she had no say in the matter.

So once more, Cat drove her butt to the grocery store and buy more food for dinner. She then spent the next two or more hours cooking dinner for more than twenty people. It is currently 11 pm Eastern time and the party is still at its peak. Cat will probably not get any sleep tonight since her cousins always sleep over after parties…

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