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Receiving a Notification

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The Research Society had completely turned into me teaching magic.

I followed what Alice had previously suggested and started with the explanation using the blackboard in the laboratory before we headed off to practice magic.

I wrote an easy to understand explanation on the backboard and their Water, Wind, and Earth magic improved greatly.

Because of the activities of the Research Society, all the members have leveled up. One day, after the lessons for the day had ended, we received a message from our homeroom teacher.

“This time, I will relay a message from the Kingdom. ‘Because the overall objectives of the devil, Oliver Schtrom, are currently still unknown, we cannot take proper measures. It is nevertheless important to increase our strength. It is only natural for the members of the military to do so, but to prepare for emergencies, students should also work hard to level up.’ That’s the end of the message. You students will have to be prepared in case you have to join the battle.”

Everyone was confused with what Alfred-sensei had said. Only Gus’ team was able to remain calm. This was something they already knew.

Nevertheless, for them to actually make a notification for students to prepare to fight…

“For the Kingdom to make such an unusual notice, this is an exception beyond all exceptions. Even during the past wars, they didn’t relay such notifications…”

This just proves how abnormal the situation was.

“And so, because of the current situation, there will be a temporary cooperation between the Knight students and the Magic students, and there will also be a joint training with the Knight Military Training Academy.”

“Heeehhh, joint training…”

Wouldn’t this be a good method for training? That’s what I thought, but everyone was making complicated expressions. What is it?

“Well, I understand why you guys are making such expressions, however, it will necessary for you guys to cooperate with Knights and Swordsmen in the future. It will surely be a good experience.”

After that, the classes for the day had ended.

“What’s wrong everyone? You guys are making strange faces.”

“I see, Shin doesn’t know anything about it.”

“Know what?”

“Well, you see, Shin. Because in Advanced Magic Academy, we can use Body Strengthening magic, and so we don’t train our bodies much, right?”

“Hmmm, it is as you’ve said.”

“But in contrast, Knight Military Training Academy train their bodies, so they don’t need to use magic to strengthen their bodies.”

“It’s the complete opposite of us.”

“And because of that… Ummm… The students from the Knight Academy calls the students from the Magic Academy ‘Bean Sprouts’ as an insult… whereas the students from the Magic Academy calls the students from the Knight Academy ‘Muscle Brains’ as an insult…”

“…So what you’re trying to say is that the relationship between the two academies is not good?”

“It’s exactly like that.”

…What’s up with that?

“Hey, hey… what are you guys saying, especially during this kind of emergency?”

“Although I understand that we’re in a state of an emergency, but…”

“I can’t endure it when those people start calling me ‘Bean Sprout.'”

“That’s right, it definitely gets really annoying.”

Since we’re on the topic of bean sprouts… I have yet to see one.

“I, on the other hand, am fine with it…”

“I was actually in that situation not too long ago.”

“I haven’t really been called names or anything degozaru.”

In Julius’ case, it’s probably only natural. As for Tony, since he comes from the family of Knights, he doesn’t particularly mind it.

“Wait a minute, what exactly is so bad about it?”

“That’s because—! When it comes down to war potential, isn’t it obvious that magic is more powerful!?”

“And yet, those guys have display attitudes as if they are the strongest of all.”

“Knights and Magicians both have their own weak and strong points.”

“Nevertheless, all the Heroes use magic. Magi-sama, Guru-sama, and even Walford-kun uses magic.”

“That just happened by chance.”

“Now that I think about it, doesn’t Shin also use a sword? Did one of the Knights teach you by chance?”

“That’s right, why do you ask?”

“Because you’re adept in magic, I don’t think you’ll need a Knight to protect you.”

Ah, so it’s because of this that Sieg-niichan and Chris-neechan’s relationship is bad.

…No, it’s a different matter. They just fundamentally not suitable with each other.

“Michel-san taught me a variety of things… Thanks to that, I’ve seen hell multiple times…”

While I was remembering Michel-san’s training from hell, I had a distant look in my eyes. And before I knew it, everyone was staring at me.

“What’s wrong?”

“No… The Michel-san that you spoke of, is he Michel Collin-sama?”

“If I remember it correctly, that was his name.”

“Eh? The previous General of the Knight Order?”

“That’s what he said.”

“I see, with your display of swordsmanship, I am convinced degozaru.”

“With Magi-sama to teach you how to use magic, and the Sword Saint-sama to teach you swordsmanship… What an enviable environment.”

“Sword Saint-sama?”

“Did Shin-kun not know about it? Speaking of Michel Collin-sama, he’s someone who has reached the pinnacle of Swordsmanship, and he’s been titled ‘Sword Saint’-sama.”

“…To me, he’s nothing but a hellish instructor…”

Sword Saint… that’s actually what he’s called? I guess it’s expected that his training was severe.

“But since Sword Saint-sama was the one who taught Shin-kun swordsmanship, then the Knight Academy students will probably not say anything.”

“I don’t know about that. Even though Sword Saint-sama taught him how to use the sword, he can also use magic. They’ll probably target him out of jealousy.”

What’s with that? How troublesome…

“Well, no matter what, it is necessary to participate in the joint training. Since it has a decent purpose, no matter what they say, I’ll just not let it bother me.”

“That’s impossible!”


Somehow, I feel like something downright troublesome is about to happen…

A few days later, the Knight Academy had arrived for the joint training.

Four students from the Magic Academy and four students from the Knights Academy. A total of eight people makes a party, which will go outside the Royal Capital to train.

For practical training, they will subjugate a number of the currently increasing amount of demons.

We, the magic students gathered in front of the Royal Capital’s gate where I met the students from the Knight Military Training Academy — I’ll just shorten it to Knight Academy — for the first time.

As expected of people who train with swords daily, their bodies look more robust compared to the magic students.

This time, the group was arranged according to the rankings of our entrance exam. The Knight Academy also used the same method to divide into groups. This situation, since everyone is a part of Advanced Academies, there shouldn’t be a large difference between abilities, thanks to how the groups were formed. This is probably done on purpose with the intent of bringing about the best results, turning students into elites.

Since it’s our first time meeting students from the Knight Academy, the first thing to do is to introduce ourselves.

“Knight Military Training Academy top student, Kreis Lloyd.”

“Second seat, Miranda Wallace.”

“Noin Curtis.”

“I’m Kent McGregor.”

What’s with that. The students from the Knight Academy greeted with ill humor.

Kreis is a good-looking man with blonde hair and blue eyes. His arms were really muscular. He gives off the feeling of a Royal Knight.

Miranda has short black hair, and how do I explain this… She looks firm overall. Her arm looks really sinewy.

Noin has brown hair and brown eyes, but compared to the other two, he looks rather slim, and his eyes were slightly narrowed while glaring. Since he’s slender, I wonder if he’s skilled in tactics?

As for Kent, he’s a macho man with blonde shaved hair. He was also carrying a large sword.

“I’m Advanced Magic Academy top freshmen student, Shin Walford.”

“Second seat, I’m Augusto von Earlshide.”

“Maria von Meshina.”

“Ummm… I’m Sicily von Claude. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

On our side, although Maria seemed slightly displeased, everyone else greeted normally. Gus looked as if their displeasure had no relation to him while Sicily looked like she didn’t see anyone looking displeased.

“So that’s the grandson of the Hero…”

“In the end, he’s just a Magician.”

However, the Prince is also together with us…”

“Ahhh, this will be difficult.”

The students from the Knight Academy, Kreis, and the others were talking with subdued voices. It looked like they wanted to talk to us as though we’re inferior to them, but because Gus was with us, they couldn’t do it.

What the hell is that?

“Hey, before we start the training practice, is it okay if I ask something?”

“…What is it?”

The representative, Kreis, replied.

“Have you and the other ever fought with a demon before?”

“Tsk… Just because you were able to take down a devil, you’re acting like you’re all that… No, we haven’t. But so what? Are you displeased?”

“Huh? Why would I want to boast about that? That’s not what I’m trying to say. In a few moments, we will be subjugating demons. It’s better if you guys stop saying foolish things like ‘The difference between Knights and Magicians…'”

“We are saying is, so what are you doing to do about it?!”

“You’ll die, you know?”

I tried to threaten them a little. With this, I wonder if they’ll become slightly cooperative?

“Sh-shut up! The work of subjugating demons is originally done by the Knight Academy alone! And then suddenly Magicians wants to come and obstruct our work! It’s fine as long as you guys don’t get in our way!”

Rather than being cooperative, they rebelled. Moveover, do they not understand the real meaning of this joint training?

“You guys… are you participating in this training with those kinds of thoughts?”

“Ah, no! It’s not like we’re saying Your Highness will get in the way or anything…”

“That’s not what I’m trying to point out. This training is devised so that during actual combat, we can smoothly cooperate with each other. This is not a competition between Knight Academy and Magic Academy on who can subjugate more demons.”

“Th-that is…”

“Although you understand it, you’re not convinced. If that’s the case, then it can’t be helped. Shin.”


“During this training, there’s no need for you to subjugate any demons. Because you don’t need any training. I guess you’ll only need to practice cooperating?”

“That’s right. I originally planned on not interfering as much as possible. What about it?”

“The students from the Knight Academy said they can subjugate a demon without our help. In that case, that’s what we’ll do.”

“Eh? Your Highness, what do you mean by that…?”

“Just once, try subjugating a demon without the backup of Magicians. If you do that, you’ll understand the meaning of this training.”

“If Your Highness said so…”

With Gus’ proposal, the students from the Knight Academy will first subjugate a demon by themselves.

Even though we’ve explained up to this point, they still don’t understand it?

As of now, although there is uneasiness, the joint training has started.

We decided to head deep inside the forest in order to subjugate a demon. But in order to go to the forest, we must pass through a plain where the Knight Order and Magic Division gathered.

And there, a member from the Knight Order and Magic Division will send a Knight and a Magician to serve as instructors…

“Yo, Shin.”

“I look forward to working with you today, Shin.”

Of all people, it was Sieg-niichan and Chris-neechan.

“For the two of you to serve as instructors… I’m begging you, please don’t quarrel, okay?”

” “As long as this person doesn’t pick a fight (quarrel).” ”

” “…” ”

” “AH?!” ”

“That’s why I said stop doing that kind of thing!!”

Haaa~… This training, will it really be alright?

While I was feeling insecure of the imminent future, everyone was looking towards where I was with sparkling eyes.

“U-umm! I’m one of Shin’s classmate, Maria! Siegfried-sama, umm… Will you please shake my hand?”

“Ah! You, that’s not fair! Umm, is it okay if you shake mine as well?”

Sieg-niichan sure is popular among girls.

“I’m… No, this one’s name is Kreis Lloyd. I am happy fr