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Under Supervision

The day after the joint training session, another joint training session was held, but the combination was different this time.

The reason being… we were to blame.

Both academies judged that if the same people from the Knight Academy get grouped with us again, they would lose more confidence, and it would not be considered training.

That day, the students from the Knight Academy who were grouped together with us, looked at us with complex expressions.

“About this, aren’t we receiving the same treatment Shin-kun usually gets?”

“Well… That’s what I’ve been feeling since yesterday…”

“Receiving the same treatment as Shin-dono… It feels complicated…”

“Aren’t you guys being too cruel!?”

While the students from the Knight Academy who were grouped with us were wearing complicated expressions, the students from the Magic Academy also had complex expressions due to being treated the same as me.

Is it really that unpleasant to be treated like me!?

After such an exchange, the joint training between the Knight Academy and the Magic Academy was underway.

Because the members of the Research Society were more prudent in using their magic compared to yesterday, the Knight Academy students no longer felt depressed.

Although the training is indeed advancing, I wonder what is happening with Schtrom?

I have yet to hear of devils appearing or making a move.

Although the Kingdom sent scouting units to the Old Empire, because they are a large number of demons around, they have yet to determine the situation.

In the meantime, other countries have not begun their invasion.

However, it is still unclear on what is to be done with the Old Empire.

Because nobody has any details about it, the anxiety is building.

“Although it’s fine for us to spend time on joint training, but without knowing the full extent of the situation, there’s also an uneasiness of what might happen…”

Even though there’s joint training session, it’s not like it’s being conducted on a daily basis. There’s also breaks in between.

Because today was a rest day, everyone had gathered in the laboratory.

“Ahh, about that, there seems to be a little progress in information gathering.”

“Eh? Is that so?”

“However, it’s not been released to the general public.”

Information that’s not been released to the public?

“Then… Why did you bring up that sort of topic?”

“Hmm? Of course, it’s to tell you about it?”

As I thought! However, I’d like you to please not blurt out things that might be considered national secrets!

“Umm, Your Highness? Besides Shin, you also want us to hear this information…?”

Maria spoke up while being confused. Well, I guess it’s only natural. What Gus was about to say is something along the lines of being a national secret, and is not accessible to just anyone.

“That’s right. I mean to let everyone hear it. In the future, the members of this Research Society will have considerable influence. From now onwards, there might be a time when we’ll have to lend our strength to fight against demons and devils. If that’s the case, it’s important that everyone should know about devils.”

It seems like everyone is already considered as an important war potential. When everyone heard what Gus said, the expressions on their faces became stiff.

“Somehow, just hearing that makes it it finally sink in, that we will become a part of the Special Forces.”

“You’re right, it’s really starting to feel like I’m a part of the Special Forces…”

“As I thought, I should ask Walford-kun to teach me more and more magic.”

Alice was making a unusually earnest face, Maria looked like she was feeling the pressure, and then there’s Rin who’s still the same as always. There was a variety of expressions.

“And so, continuing on with the conversation.”

“New information has been gathered?”

“Yeah, a scout who snuck into the territory of the Old Empire returned just the other day, to report the movements of the devils.”

The movements of the ‘devils.’ Devils: this word that brought tension to every single person in the Kingdom who had heard it, ever since grandpa was young and before he was dubbed a hero.

According to the information Gus received, the devils attacked towns and villages that were once under the jurisdiction of the Old Empire.

Because of that, there’s an immediate threat that they will start to attack other countries.


“The state of the attacked towns and villages looked to be the definition of the word ‘tragic.’ All the nobles in those area were killed without exception. The majority of the commoners seemed to have been killed as well.”

Because the opponents were devils, we cannot fight against them carelessly. In addition, we can hardly conduct a joint attack consisting of several countries when we have yet to make a proper alliance. Therefore, we can only observe while the devils conduct their attacks.

Gus, who understood the situation clearly, felt really irritated.

“Majority… So that means that there were some people who weren’t killed?”

“That in itself is a big problem…”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Although I don’t know how they choose the places they attack, but with every attack, it seems like the number of devils increases.”

“Then, the people who weren’t killed were…”

“It means that they had turned into devils.”

Are you serious? Exactly how much had the number increased?

“I wonder what in the world Schtrom was thinking…”

“Who knows, we won’t understand unless we ask the actual person himself… With the number of devils increasing, this by itself is a tremendous threat.”

When I looked at everyone, it seems like there’s still a sense of fear towards devils and they fell silent.

This is, as I thought, everyone still needs to further improve their magic power so that they will no longer fear them!

“Hey, I have a few proposal, is it okay if you listen to them?”

“…Although I have a really bad feeling about this… What are they?”

“I’m not thinking of anything strange, but isn’t it almost time for the long vacation?”

“You’re right.”

“Why don’t we use that long vacation to conduct a training camp?”

With that suggestion, Alice was the first to respond.

“Training camp! Sounds good! As I thought, when entering a Research Society, everyone will be having a training camp together!”

It seems like even in this world, it’s a classic event to go on a training camp.

“That’s right… Since we might have to fight against devils sometime in the future, we should increase our strength.”

“Practicing magic from morning till evening… I’m looking forward to it.”

Imagining being absorbed in magic practice all day, a joyful voice came out of Rin.

Although everyone turned pale upon hearing the information of devils attacking the Old Empire, just a while ago, color gradually returned to their faces with the topic of a summer training camp.

It seems they still don’t know how Schtrom mass produces devils and how much strength they have. Because the information was gathered using magic to enhance one’s eyes, they remained at a distance and weren’t fully able to grasp the devils’ strength.

In order to protect the Kingdom from demon and devil rampant attacks, people have risked their lives to gather information.

Because there’s no information on the full strength of the devils, I don’t know how much improvement everyone should make. Thus, I can only make sure that we do not waste the information gathered by the scouting units.

“By the way, regarding the training camp, where will we do it?”

After Alice asked the question, everyone turned their heads to look at me.

“Well, since we’ll be practicing magic, it’s better to conduct it in the wilderness… Also, because it’s a training camp, we need a place that can accommodate everyone… Does anyone know such a place?”

“What’s this, you haven’t decided the place?”

“I mean, I’m just a human being who, until recently had been living in the middle of a forest. So I don’t know any good places.”

“If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be fine to conduct the training camp in someone’s territory?”

“Ah, that would be nice. Well then… Sicily, Maria, Thor, and Julius. Is that okay?”

“If that’s the case, it would be either Sicily or Julius’ territory. In my family’s territory, there isn’t a place for us to relax after the training is over.”

“You’re right. Because my family’s territory is a town of craftsmen, it’s not a place where we’d be able to relax.”

If I’m not mistaken, Sicily’s territory is a hot spring town, while Julius’ territory is a resort.

The resort of a Samurai…

“If that’s the case, it’s better if we don’t go to the territory of Julius’ family.”

“Eh? Why is that?”

“Why don’t you trying going to a resort at this point of time, you’ll understand what I’m trying to say?”

“My brain hurts thinking about it degozaru. Because a lot of people cancelled their reservation for this year degozaru.”

Ahh, the management people in Julius’ House sure is having a hard time.

“Our House doesn’t seem to be having that problem. Although there seems to be less people going this year.”

As I thought, because there’s an impending war, the tourism industry has taken a hit. I think it would be unscrupulous to go to a resort at this time. But it looks like it’ll be the same everywhere.

“Then, before we conduct the training camp, Sicily, would it be alright if you ask for permission?”

“Yes! I’d be happy to be of some help!”

“What about funds? If we pull all our money together, how much do you think we’ll have?”

“Eh? There’s no need for that. It’s fine if we use the house in the territory.”

“Well, it won’t be okay if we used it for free. It’s not just one or two people, it’s everyone here.”

“No. As I’ve said, there’s no need for that. If we use our residence, lodging expenses are not needed. Furthermore, I can’t accept money from friends.”


“In addition, Shin-kun gave me… Shin-kun gave us some really wonderful equipment for free. The lodging fee is a cheap thing compared to that. Also, this training camp is being conducted in order to save the world from crisis.”

“That’s right… Well then, this time, we’ll owe Sicily a favor. However, how about we go to some other places next time? Although my family’s territory is not suitable for relaxation, everyone will be able to enjoy our specialty seafood dishes.”

Because Maria suggested that we travel to other places at the next opportunity, we decided to accept Sicily’s goodwill this time.

I’m really glad to be able to see such unity amongst the Research Society members. Everyone is thinking of the things they are able to do. I will also do what I am able to.

“Ah, that’s right. There’s something I’d like to ask of Shin, is it okay?”

“What is it?”

“To tell you the truth, my birthday is during the summer vacation.”

“Ohhh, is that so.”

“The ceremony of the official investiture for me to become the Crown Prince will probably be held in the middle of the training camp. So I was thinking of having Shin send me there.”

“Ah, it’s fine.”

So I’m to pick up and send Gus off…

That can’t be! There must be something else I can do! I’m not just good for taxi-ing people!

Speaking of which, he did say that the official investiture to become the Crown Prince is soon. Because we’ve been quite involved with the happenings in the Kingdom, I forgot about it.

“His Highness will finally become the Crown Prince.”

“To be honest, I don’t know how that’d change anything…”

“Well, since you have always been the person who would become the next King, it’s probably just to formally acknowledge your status. Nothing would really change.”

“Only the title will change?”

“There’s no way that’s the case. From then onwards, as the future King, you will also be presented to the Kings of other countries. Additionally, I don’t care what you say, but I am confident that Shin-dono’s Research Society is a burden that you might have to carry, so please pull yourself together.”

“Thor… A burden, you say…”

“Ah, I’m really sorry. However, the truth is that foreign countries will definitely investigate it to make sure that there is no hostility. Thus, it will be necessary to prove that it is a group beneficial to the world.”

“So there’s no mistake that it’s troublesome…”

As for Gus, he is undeniably involved in this Research Society, so explaining it would be really difficult.

“You know what, even though I knew it would become troublesome, I still encouraged Shin to make this Research Society. This much trouble is nothing at all.”

Occasionally, he produces Prince-like expressions.

“In addition, since I, myself, belong to this Research Society. I’m holding all the bargaining chips. It will not take long to convince other countries.”

Also, don’t reveal your occasionally Prince-like evil face!

“Rather than thinking of that, everyone should just focus on improving their abilities. Natur