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Departing for the Training Camp

Grandpa and grandma ended up participating in the training camp.

I told everyone before we started the joint training session that day.

“Awesome! Magi-sama and Guru-sama will act as our guardians for the training camp!”

“Come to think of it, we didn’t consider any guardians.”

“As for me, I was busy thinking of someone else and that idea didn’t come to mind…”

Thor shot Gus an unpleasant glance and complained. Or rather, I didn’t think to consider it either.

After being out of the wilderness for a couple of months, I have gotten accustomed to being around aristocrats and royalty.

In terms of royalty, there’s Gus and Uncle Dis. As for nobles, there’s Sicily, Maria, Thor, Julius, and there was also that instance with that arrogant noble. Because it has become normal for me, I forgot all about their actual status. And when Gus is at the academy, he also seems to forget that he is royalty.

It is because in this world, there isn’t an absolute aristocratic system, and everyone can earn a title with merits.

And the transportation systems in this world isn’t as developed as those of my previous life.

Because it is time-consuming to keep in touch with locals, the job to govern has been left to the Feudal Lord. However, there are some exceptions in certain countries.

That’s why I shouldn’t get too accustomed to being around aristocrats and royalty…

“In any case, it’s difficult to comprehend what one should be careful of when it comes to the aristocracy and royalty.”

“What’s that? Does Shin want to go to a country where there is neither royalty or aristocracy?”

“Eh? Ah, you mean Els Independent Commerce Alliance…”

That’s right, that country the only exception in this world. Els Independent Commerce Alliance has a Republican form of government.

Instead of an aristocrat acting as a Feudal Lord, a Governor is elected amongst the tradesmen during an election. In addition, the President will be elected from amongst the chosen Governors.

Therefore nobles and royalties doesn’t exist there. Only commoners.

Although the country is a Republic, the situation of having an elected Governor act as a Feudal Lord isn’t that much different from monarchy.

Their circumstances with transportation and communication are the same.

However, because the elected Governors and Presidents were originally merchants, it is very difficult to negotiate with this country — was what I learnt in class.

“Shin-kun… Do you want to go to Els?”

“Eh? That’s not it! I didn’t have such intentions!”

Sicily started become teary-eyed as she asked that.

“Is that so? I really thought that you were thinking of abandoning us and heading off to Els.”

“Hey, I didn’t say a single word to that effect!”

This fellow! He’s definitely doing this on purpose! Gus is really showing off his occasional evil face!

“Everyone can have a peace of mind. I definitely won’t abandon you guys, alright Sicily?”

“Is that so? I was really surprised.”

“We can’t continue this foolish talk. We need to head on out. Everyone from the Knight Academy has already gathered.”

“Ye-yeah. That’s right.”

Foolish talk… Gus also partook in that “foolish talk”, himself…

Recently, Thor has been less reserved. Yesterday, during the Research Society meeting, he said it was a burden…

Eh? Is he only like that when it comes to me?

While I was still feeling gloomy, I participated in the joint training with the Knight Academy.

As usual, I acted as everyone’s support. The Knight Academy students acted as shields for the Magic Academy students while they fired off their magic. Then the Knight Academy students finish the demon off.

Because we’ve been doing it repeatedly, the cooperation has become considerably smooth.

“Nevertheless… Is there really a need for someone to shield you guys?”

“Hmm? What do you mean, Sieg-niichan?”

“It’s neither here nor there… The members of your Research Society are all able to fire their magic with ease. Originally, the Knights would act as shields in order to buy time for Magicians to cast their spells.”

“You’re right.”

“Because you guys can use magic without any chants, rather than the Knights acting as shields to buy time, I thought it would be more productive for them to just attack the demon. Take a look at the Knight Academy students.”

When I look at the students from the Knight Academy… Ah, they were murmuring ‘Are we really necessary?’ under their breaths!

“Ahh… Yeah! Because this is joint training, the other group should also take part.”

“Haaa~ Really, you… No, is there even a need for you to participate in this training? You have already established that you just by yourself are a force to reckon with.”

Even if you tell me that kind of thing… It was a direct order from above that everyone must participate.

“Somehow… The treatment we’re receiving has really become identical to Shin’s…”

“Even though I’m extremely unwilling.”

“Even so… You shouldn’t say that kind of thing…”

Even Sicily didn’t hesitate to say it!

Somehow, the exchanges we’ve been having recently has become uniform, and today’s joint training ended without any incidents.

Even so, the number of demons hasn’t decreased at all. Considering the current situation, I wonder what has become on the Old Empire. In truth, the information we received from the scouting unit yesterday comes to mind.

After the training ended, we headed back to the meeting point at gate of the Royal Capital… Huh? The students from the Knight Academy are depressed just like on the first day.

“Hey, what happened to them?”

“Oh, Shin-kun. It’s because… After hearing that Magi-sama and Guru-sama would be participating at the training camp, I got too excited…”

“Alice-dono… obliterated all the demons before the students from the Knight Academy even got a chance to act as shields.”

“We also didn’t get our chance.”

“Ahh… I’m really sorry…”

She got even more fired-up compared to the first day, huh.

“It looks like Tony’s group didn’t have any problems.”

“Of course, since this is training, we also understand the role of the Knights.”

“That’s right, degozaru.”

“In conclusion, it’s only Alice this time.”

“Uhhh… I’m really very sorry!”

With the feeling of the joint training being a success with some failure from time to time, the academy has entered its summer vacation.

The summer holidays has a duration of two months, and there will be no joint training during this period. Meanwhile, the students’ only job is to show their growth before and after the summer holidays, and were not given any homework.

Although homework was not given out, there is a feeling of pressure of having an evaluation right after the holidays, so the students don’t have time to be playing around.

We, the members of the ‘Ultimate Magic Research Society,’ will be heading off to training camp to further improve our abilities.

However, since girls and boys of marriageable age will be participating, grandpa and grandma will also come as our guardians. And thus, when I went with both grandpa and grandma to the participants’ respective residences, and greeted their parents.

Because heroes came to their house, the people there made a big fuss.

The parents who didn’t make any fuss were the ones I’m acquainted with such as Uncle Dis, Sicily’s parents, and Maria’s parents. The parents of Thor and Julius were also moved to tears.

Because Sicily’s parents allowed us to stay in their territory’s mansion, other than greeting them, I also gave my gratitude.

“I’m really sorry about this. My grandson ended up selfishly using your mansion.”

“I’m really sorry for the trouble.”

“N-n-no! Please raise your heads, Magi-sama! Guru-sama! I am really very pleased to be of some help to your grandchild. In addition, this is for the benefit of the world. Rather than being trouble, I feel that there is no greater honor than to have some part in this!”

“That’s right. I’m really delighted to be of help. Since Shin-kun is doing this to save the world and also training the next generation, I am happy to cooperate.”

Both Cecil-san and Irene-san are happy to cooperate in this training camp. However, when they say it like that, it makes me really nervous…

“I wonder if that’s really the case… Because if you put this child in an environment where he can act freely, his bad habit might come out…”

“Hohho… It is as you’ve said…”

Grandpa, don’t go affirming it!

“Well, I’ll be sure to keep an eye on this child. However, if something were to happen… please accept my apologies in advance.”

“Grandma! Please trust your grandson, even just a little!”

“What in the world are you saying! When I look back on all the things you’ve done until now, how can I trust you! Honestly, why don’t you take care of yourself more?”

“Ah… Nn, I’ll make an effort… probably?”

“Haaa, you really make me uneasy…”

Grandma released a deep sigh.

“Gu-Guru-sama, Shin-kun is a really gentle child. I don’t think he will do something unreasonable…”

“That’s right. he went all-out and did his best for Sicily, I don’t think he’ll do something strange…”

“Naive, you guys are being too naive. The moment this child thinks of something, his bad habit will come out and he’ll immediately follow through on it. Furthermore, the things he comes up with are things we will never be able to comprehend.”

Although Cecil-san and Irene-san defended me, grandma immediately rebutted them.

“I-is that really how it is?”

“Yeah. That’s how it is. If I’m not mistaken, the defensive accessories you guys are wearing are also made by this child?”

“Yeah, it is. This accessory has saved my life many times.”

“Eh!? Is that the truth, Father!?”

“Ah, because I didn’t want to worry Sicily, I didn’t tell you about it. When I was returning from my visit to our territory, I had several dangerous run-ins with demons. If it wasn’t for this magic tool, I would have been in serious trouble.”

“When I heard about it from my husband, I was really grateful for Shin-kun’s kindness. Please let me say it again, thank you very much, Shin-kun.”

“No, there’s no need for that. I’m glad to be of help.”

Do be able to help someone gives a good feeling. I wonder if this will advance to a good direction?

“Is that so, I’m really glad. I am really grateful that the accessories this child made has provided you with help.”

“I think so, too!”

“After using that magic tool, what are your impression of it?”

“My impression of it? Well, I thought ‘as expected of something the grandson of Guru-sama made,’ it’s remarkable…”

“I’m not talking about that kind of impression. I’m asking what you thought about the magic tool when you used it to defend against demons.”

“That is… To be honest, I thought that there’s a Heaven and Earth level of difference between what is being sold to the general public. I’ve never seen such a magic tool before.”

“How long did you think this child took to make that magic tool?”

“If I’m not mistaken, it was made it instantly…”

While Cecil-san was speaking, he suddenly became stiff.

“That’s how it is. This child can make such magic tools without taking any time at all. In addition, it was on a whim. That’s why it can’t be helped that I have to monitor him at all times.”


Ahh! Cecil-san has fallen silent! Pl-please do your best!

“That’s how it is. Therefore, as much as possible, I want to keep watch on him so that he won’t do anything reckless. However, please prepare yourself in case something happens.”

“I understand. I will prepare myself just in case…”

“Magic… The magic practice will be conducted in the wilderness, so there’s probably nothing to worry about…”

Glare! Because I was glared at my grandma, I swallowed what I wanted to say.


“What is it?”

“Grandma sure is scary…”

“Hohho… Just be conscious of what you want to say…”

While the two of us were tottering after grandma, we returned home.

I was really scared…

The next day, I used ‘Gate’ to go to everyone’s houses one by one, and picked them up. Then, we all gathered at my house.

As I thought, I’m just a taxi…

While I was worrying, we joined grandpa and grandma, and headed towards the carriage station.

Since we’ll be using Gate to return home, this time, we decided to take a chartered carriage to reach our destination.

By using Gate, the purpose of going to our destination via our own carriage is lost.

However, since Gus, someone from the royal family, and grandpa and grandma will be participating, in order to avoid any fuss that might occur, we decided to ride the chartered carriage together.

By the way, Gus handled the cost of the charter. I was told to blame myself for making the charter useless on the way back.

We hired three charters, and there’s six seats in each one. Since there are a total of fourteen people, we divided into gro