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Preparing Oneself

I suffered an extreme blow because of Elizabeth’s misunderstanding.

“Umm… What led you to have that kind of misunderstanding?”

“It’s neither here nor there. Whenever you open your mouth, it’s Shin this, Shin that, that guy Shin, Shin did this… Shin, Shin, Shin! Also, whenever you have the time, you would go to Shin-san’s house, so it can’t be helped if I thought that way!”

“No! It’s quite unreasonable, you know!?”

“I wonder if that’s true?”

“That’s right!”

Why do I have to be accused of having that kind of relationship with Gus? It feels creepy!

Haaa! Is it possible that her head has gone bad!?

Because it’s the first time for him to experience that kind of misunderstanding, Gus heaved a sigh.

“Haaa… Why is it with Shin of all people… Especially since there are also girls in the research society. Other than that, Shin is definitely the first friend I made whom I can feel at ease with, so it is a fact that I have fun together with him.”

“You’ve been having too much fun! Ever since you got acquainted with Shin-san, you no longer spend time with me…”

“Certainly, with a male friend, you can do anything without hesitation, so it feels comfortable.”

“…Augusto-sama, do you no longer care about me?”

“That is… Ugh gah!”

“No! Of course, that’s not the case, Elly! Your heart and mind can feel at ease.”


“Certainly, the correspondence between man and woman is different. With a man, you can fool around as much as you want. Because this is my first time to experience it, I got carried away.”

“I-is that how it is…”

Gus kept talking while covering my mouth.

He’s desperate.

Gus could probably feel me grinning through his hand.

“What are you laughing at?”

He asked while he removed his hand that’s blocking my mouth.

“Nothing? I wasn’t thinking that you look desperate or something like that?”

“Dammit! I didn’t think there will come a day where Shin would make fun of me!”

He has an expression filled with extreme regret! Or so it seems. How impolite!

“…As I thought, it’s suspicious.”

“That’s why I said it’s not like that!”

“That’s right because Shin already has a woman. He doesn’t have time to spare for someone else.”

“Is that the truth?”

“Gus! What in the world are you saying!”

“Shin, it’s about time you make it clear.”

Although I was about to protest, the expression on Gus’ face unexpectedly looked earnest.

“Make it clear, you say…”

“I mean your attitude. Even I understand that you guys have mutual feelings for each other. Nevertheless, you guys are always… When I look at you guys, I get irritated.”

Mutual feelings for each other… Certainly, Sicily treats me kindly, but that’s because Sicily has always been friendly…

“How are you so sure that Sicily and I have mutual feelings for each other?”

“It’s exactly how it sounds, one can understand just by looking.”

“Did you actually hear her actually say those words?”

“I didn’t hear it at all.”

“Then, how come you say it with such affirmation. If it’s such a misunderstanding, I wouldn’t know how to converse with her in the future.”

“Then you, are you fine with just staying like that forever?”

“Th-that is…”

“It’s only natural for you not to know the feelings of the other person. Even though this fiancee of mine and I have been together since we were both young, we still had that kind of misunderstanding.”

“That’s true.”

“Wait a minute! Can you please not mention me in the conversation all of a sudden!?”

“Or do you intend to let the other person, the woman, say it? Because you yourself don’t have the courage.”

“T-that’s, it’s not like that at all!”

“Then hurry up and make it clear already. Isn’t the other side always waiting for you?”


“In any case, you’ll be the one who will be deciding it, if possible, I want you to do it as soon as possible. If you don’t…”

“If I don’t?”

“…We will be misunderstood forever, you know?”

“I’ll be troubled if that is so.”

“That’s why I said! Don’t mention me in your conversation all of a sudden!!”

“Elly ane-sama, your expression looks discomposed.”

“Haa! I actually did something like that.”

From what Gus had said, I realized that I’ve been running away.

I was thinking what I would do if I was refused. What I would do if it was all a misunderstanding. That’s all I’ve been thinking about.

Can I not really act unless I have completely understood my partner’s feelings?

I don’t want to think about such shameful thoughts.

Although I do not know if Sicily and I can become a couple, all I know is that my feelings for her are overflowing that I have to immediately tell her how I feel.

Even though I’ve been strongly criticized by Gus, he is, after all, a sempai with a fiancee.

Let’s obediently accept his criticism.

“By the way, isn’t it about time we return to the other side? Also, we have to ask them to make two additional portions for dinner.”

“Ah, that’s right.”

Because two people have been added, we have to tell them ahead of time. I completely forgot about it.

“Then, let’s head back.”

When I said that, I put the luggage of the two people inside Extra-dimensional Storage Space and opened up Gate.

Since Uncle Dis and the Soldiers guarding the place has seen it many times before they were unfazed, but when the two people saw it for the first time, they stared at it with blank surprise.

“Then Uncle Dis, I will come again tomorrow, and I promise to take responsibility for May-chan.”

“Then Father, we will be returning to the training camp.”

“Yeah, make sure to be careful. Also, Shin-kun.”

“What is it?”

“Make sure you act with prudence.”


“Father, I’m sorry to say this but… it’s too late for that.”

“As I thought. Even I thought I gave the warning a little too late.”

“T-then we’ll be going now! You two, head inside the Gate!”

Because the two people are still looking at the Gate with blank expressions, I urged them to enter.

* * *

The moment we entered Gate, we were already at the hot spring resort of Claude Town.

Although I could have opened the Gate inside the Claude mansion, but since they came to the hot springs after so much effort, I thought it would be better to open Gate closer to town.

“It-it really led to Claude Town…”

“How amazing! Although we were still inside the castle a little while ago, we’ve already arrived at Claude Town!”

Elizabeth was still dumbfounded with Gate while May-chan was in high spirits.

I felt warm and fluffy since May-chan is pleased with my magic.

“May, if you run around, it won’t be my fault if you get separated.”

“Wha-wa! P-please, wait for me!”

Gus walked ahead of everyone else, and May-chan immediately followed after him since it would be serious if she gets lost in an unfamiliar town.


“What is it, Shin onii-chan?”

“Since it’ll be bad if you get lost, here.”

“Eh? Okay!”

When May-chan grasped the hand I held out to her, I once again felt warm and fluffy.

“…Since you can do such a thing so naturally, what’s there for you to be afraid of…”

“Oh my, Augusto-sama as well, you didn’t readily make me your fiancee.”

“Argh! Don’t talk about such things!”

Gus and Elizabeth who were walking in front of us looking like they were having fun talking about something.

Although I wanted to listen to their conversation, I am currently holding May-chan who is looking really happy, so I guess I’ll hold it in.

I’ll make fun of him later.

“Shin… Let’s just pretend you didn’t hear anything earlier.”

“Eh? What are you talking about?”

“Tch! Don’t be too full of yourself…”

“Those are some villainous lines.”

“Shin onii-chan is amazing!”

I started to feel embarrassed when May-chan gave me a look of respect.

And so, I looked at Gus and Elizabeth, who seem like they were getting along well, walking ahead with their arms linked.

It seems like the misunderstanding from earlier has been solved thanks to the conversation with Gus.

Although it’s a good thing that the misunderstanding has been solved, but as we approach the Claude mansion where Sicily currently is, I started feeling nervous.

“Shin onii-chan, what’s wrong?”

“Eh? It’s nothing at all.”

Because I became a little quiet, May-chan looked at me with worried eyes.

This won’t do, this won’t do. To actually worry such a small child. At the very least, I should act normally.

After I somehow calmed my heart down, we arrived at the Claude mansion.

“This place is the Claude mansion.”

“Oh my, welcome home Shin-sama, Augusto-sama, you returned rather late today.”

“Ah, I’m back. Un, it’s because we wanted to show Claude Town to these two people.”

“You really do like our town that much, huh. I’m really happy!”

“Well… Although that’s true…”

The gatekeeper-san looked really impressed. He probably also likes this town a lot.

“By the way, those two people are?”

“I’m sorry for my late introduction. I am Augusto-sama’s fiancee, Elizabeth von Coral.”

“I am Augusto onii-sama’s younger sister, May von Earlshide!”

When the gatekeeper-san heard that, his face stiffened and went down on one knee.

“Pl-pl-pl-please accept my apologies! I did not recognize the Prince’s fiancee and the Princess, I’m sorry for being rude!”

The gatekeeper-san seems to have lowered his head to the point where it was touching the ground.

Is that so, so this is the normal attitude.

“It is our fault for suddenly coming here. Please raise your head.”

“Yes! I am thankful for your words!”

After he said that, the gatekeeper-san stood up.

“Hey, Elizabeth-san. Should I also display this kind of attitude?”

“It’s fine if you call be Elly, Shin-san. I wouldn’t know what to do if the person who performs a two-person comedy act together with Augusto-sama suddenly displays that kind of attitude, so please don’t.”

“That’s right! It’s fine for Shin onii-chan to stay like that!”

“For Shin to suddenly display that kind of attitude… I’ll think that you’re planning something.”

A two-person comedy act, huh…

Putting the unpleasant words Gus said aside, I somehow received permission.

“Since these two will be staying here, could you please let the people know?”

“Yes! I will definitely do that!”

When I said that, another person ran to the mansion.

“Then, let’s head inside.”


“I understand.”

“Fufu, it seems like you have completely turned into a resident of this mansion.”

“That’s why I said, don’t say that kind of thing!”

Because I’ll become nervous again!



“Onii-sama, your character is really bad!”

After I went to all that trouble to return to normal, I became nervous once more. If I were to meet Sicily in this state…

“Oh, my? Shin-kun, did you just return?”

When we entered the mansion, we immediately ran into Sicily.

Why at such a time!

“N-n-no, uh-um-um… That’s right! These two, it’s because we gave them a tour around Claude Town…”

When I said that, I introduced Elizabeth and May-chan.

“It’s been a long time, Elizabeth-sama, Princess May.”

It seems like Sicily knew them.

“It’s been a long time Sicily-san, I will be indebted to you for a while starting today.”

“It’s been a long time Sicily-san! Please take care of me as well!”

“Eh? Are the two of you also participating in the training camp?”

“No, we only came here to meet Augusto-sama.”

“Since it’s the long vacation and all, we came to play.”

“Since we will not hinder the training camp at all, will you permit it?”

“I also ask this of you, Claude. Could you please take care of these two people?”

When Gus requested this of her, Sicily turned to look at me.

“Oh, umm… Uh, it’s because Gus has been with the research society most of the time, it seems like he hasn’t been spending time with these two… That’s why… Is this okay?”

“As long as Shin-kun and His Highness are fine with it, it doesn’t matter to me…”


“Is there something the matter, Shin-kun? Somehow your behavior is a little strange…”

“Th-there’s nothing particularly strange with me!”

“Is that so?”

Sicily said and inclined her neck. And I somehow knew that Gus was laughing somewhere behind me.

Dammit! I’ll remember this!

“So the conversation earlier was about Sicily-san, huh.”

“Shin onii-chan and Sicily-san, they’re very suitable!”


“Wait a minute, you two! What are you guys saying!?”

What are you guys doing blurting it out!

“Shin-kun… As I thought, you’re acting strange?”

“Th-that’s not true at all! That aside, is grandma’s lecture over already?”

“Ah, yes. It has just ended, and so before supper, we were thinking of heading to the baths…”

When Sicily said that, everyone else came out from the room.

“Melinda-sama, it was a really wonderful lesson.”

“Is that so? But if you’ve already seen Shin’s enchantment magic, it shouldn’t amount to much?”

“Walford-kun’s enchantment magic, I guess I should say that I don’t really understand it…”

“Ah, that is certainly true. For a normal human, my lecture would be better.”

“I’m not implying that Melinda-sama is inferior or anything like that at all…”

“It’s okay if you don’t explain yourself because that child is abnormal.”

“You’re right about that.”

“Hey! Don’t talk about me as though I’m not in the same place!”

At the very least, be a little surprised!

“Oh my, welcome back. You’re quite late.”

“You responded normally!?”

“Shin, why are you making such a racket for?”

“Huh? The conversation earlier is a little strange?”

“What is strange about it?”

“No way… Am I being treated as an irregular?”

“What are you saying at this late hour. Everyone already knew that your magic is abnormal.”

“That’s right, it’s a little late for you to notice it now.”

Although I understood, I couldn’t help but retort.

“Pft… kuku… ahahahaha!”

After Elly saw that kind of conversation, she started laughing.

“Ah, it really is strange. So Augusto-sama has actually been having this kind of conversation on a daily basis.”

When she said that, Elly looked at Gus.

It seems like she somehow understood why Gus likes to spend time in the research society.

“Umm… Shin onii-chan…”

May-chan started to pull my sleeve.

Ah, that’s right. This child, if I remembered correctly, she’s a fan of grandma.


“Hmm? What is it?”

“This girl, she’s Gus’ little sister and her name is May-chan.”

“Wha-wa! Umm, umm, I’m Augusto onii-sama’s younger sister, May… Umm… umm…”

“It seems like she really admires Grandma.”

“Oh my, is that so? Unlike the books, you’re probably disappointed to see this grandma, right?”

“No! It’s not like that at all! Compared to my own grandma, you look young and beautiful, and also…”

When she said that, she looked at grandma’s body figure.

“I’m sorry for my late introduction, I am Augusto-sama’s fiancee, Elizabeth von Coral. I completely understand what May wants to say. At that age, with that kind of figure… Please teach me your method by all means.”

Elly said that and agreed.

When Elly looked at grandma, I can see her expression of respect.

Really, grandma is admired by all the girls in the Kingdom.

“Fufu, thank you very much. By the way, we were all thinking of going to the hot springs before eating supper. Would you guys like to come as well?”

“Yes! I would like to come!”

“I would also like to join.”

“Alright, if I remember correctly, you said your name was May-chan?”


“Then, let’s go together.”

“Eh!? Umm, umm.”

When grandma suddenly held out her hand, May-chan suddenly looked lost and didn’t know what to do, and then she looked towards me asking for help.

“Grandma, I’ll leave you to take care of May-chan.”

“Yeah, leave it to me.”

“Let’s go, May-chan.”

“Pl-please excuse me…”

She timidly took grandma’s hand.

And then grandma clasp her hand and smiled at her.

“Girls are really, really cute.”

“I’m sorry for being an unpleasant boy.”

“It’s the truth. Because I don’t know what kind of things you’ll do if I take my eyes off of you, that’s why when you were little, I would always hold your hand to restrain you.”

“No way!? Are you telling the truth!?”

“Now then, May-chan, let’s head to the hot springs.”


And so, the two people left together.

After being stunned for a while, everyone else looked on with sympathetic eyes.

“I completely understand Melinda-sama’s feelings.”

“It can’t be helped for her to worry if she doesn’t restrain a child like Shin-kun!”

“Certainly, it’s efficient. I understand it well.”

“I’m sorry Walford-kun. I also understand her feelings.”

“I will pray hard so that my child doesn’t turn out like that.”

The sympathetic eyes were actually for grandma!

I fell to my knees because of such treatment.

“Um-umm… As for me…”

Sicily hesitated to say something. She’s probably fumbling for the right words to say…

“It’s okay… Sicily is also thought so, right?”

“It-it’s not like that at all! If it’s Shin-kun’s child… I’m sure he or she will be really cute, and I will willingly hold their hands!”

Huh? Somehow it seems like the conversation has changed…

The people in the surroundings probably noticed it as well and turned silent.

“Sicily… You…”

“H-huh? I, what did I say earlier?”

“A grand self-destruction. I was surprised.”

“Eh? Ah-aahhh!”

Sicily finally became aware of her own statement, and her face all the way to her neck turned completely red…


She ran towards the hot springs.

Although everyone else left for the hot springs, Gus and I stayed behind.

“Shin, you understand, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I’m not that insensitive not to notice when it has reached up to that point.”

“You are insensitive because you didn’t notice until then.”


“Well… good luck.”


And so, we also headed towards the hot springs…

“Eh? Grandpa, you were there?”

“Hohho… I’ve been here for a while now…”

Grandpa’s presence has gotten thinner…

* * *

I entered the hot springs while trying to comfort grandpa who was somewhat depressed.

After we got out of the hot springs, we headed to eat dinner. Because Sicily’s face was still red and trying hard not to look this way, we finished eating with an indescribably strange atmosphere.

The employees were also grinning from ear to ear.

After supper, it was free time.

The two people who arrived today went to grandma to have a talk with her while Rin and Thor went to consult with grandpa regarding today’s magic control lesson.

I’m glad for you, grandpa… You were not forgotten…

Because I didn’t have anything planned in particular, my body felt flushed thanks to the hot spring, and I have finished eating a meal, I went outside to get some fresh air.

In the garden of this mansion, there’s a pond, and right beside it, there’s a pavilion, so I thought to get some fresh air there.

The night sky is filled with stars, making it a perfect starlit sky.

While looking at the starlit sky, I once again realized that this is not Earth. I can’t find a single constellation that looks familiar.

“As I thought… This is not Earth…”

“Eh? Shin-kun!?”

“Eh? Ah, Sicily?”

There was already someone at the pavilion.


“Wh-wh-wh-what’s the matter? For you to be in this place?”

“Ah, because my body felt flushed from the hot springs and I just finished eating a meal, so I came out here to cool myself down. What about Sicily?”

“A-as for me… That’s right! I also feel flush from the hot springs!”

“Is that so. Hey, Sicily.”


“Can I sit next to you?”


Although Sicily is acting strange and answering strangely, I sat next to her without minding it.

Since Sicily’s face is still bright read, I wondered if she’s still worrying about her earlier faux pas. And since I didn’t know what to say either, we both remained in silence for a while.

Before long, Sicily probably couldn’t endure the silence any long, and she opened her mouth.

“Um-umm Shin-kun… Umm, I’m sorry about earlier.”

“Eh? Ah, I didn’t really mind it… or rather… I was really happy.”


“Hey, Sicily, do you remember the time when we first met?”

“Yes, I remember it well. Maria and I were both together and were being troubled by two guys.”

“That’s right, and then I came and asked ‘Are you guys troubled?’…”

“‘Yes! We feel super troubled!’… If I remembered correctly, I believe we gave that kind of a strange answer.”

“Ahaha! That’s right, I thought so as well.”

“Soon after… Shin-kun quickly took care of those people… and then acted very gentlemanly…”

“When I met Sicily then, I felt like my head was struck by a lightning.”


“I thought, what a really cute girl.”

“Eh! Ah… At-at that time… me as well, I was thinking, what a really cool person…”

“Is that so…”




I looked at Sicily’s face.

Her face was bright red, and while looking at Sicily, I felt a strange and desperate feeling… I….

“I like you, Sicily.”

I confessed what I was feeling.

When Sicily heard my confession, she turned stiff for a while… and then tear fell from her eyes.

“I-I’m so happy… Because Shin-kun is always friendly… I thought that you didn’t return my feelings…”

“…So you were also considering that…”

“But! But! …But it’s not like that… You clearly said earlier that it isn’t like that.”


“I also… I also like you… I also really like Shin-kun very much.”



“Sicily… Will you… Will you be my girlfriend?”

“Yes. Please make me Shin-kun’s girlfriend.”

I did it! I suppressed the feelings of wanting to shout it loud while both Sicily and I were staring at each other.

And then… Sicily gently closed her eyes.

This is… Is this alright? It should be alright since Sicily is already my girlfriend!

And so, I brought my face closer to Sicily’s…

“Wai-wait a minute! Please don’t push!”

“Hey! Right there! Finish it in one go!”


Behind a tree next to the bank of the pond, everyone fell down.

The members of the research society, grandpa and grandma, Elly and May, and even the employees.

How stereotypical! Or rather, how did all of you guys fit behind that tree!


After being seen by everyone, I started patting Sicily’s head who seems to be in a panic, and turned to look at everyone.

“Umm, you guys… what are you guys trying to achieve by peeping?”

“There is no way we can miss a big event such as this!”

For some reason, Maria was angry. Why is that?

“I am the person who instigated Shin, so I have the responsibility to watch.”

“As for me, I’m Augusto-sama’s fiancee, so I also have the responsibility.”

“Wha-wa-wa, it’s the love affair of adults!”

It’s not that I don’t understand Gus, but what’s with Elly’s reason? And also, May-chan! A girl who is just ten years old shouldn’t say stuff about the love affairs of adults!

“Shin! You did well! You did really well!”

Grandma looked really happy.

“Haaa… Although I wanted to do it quietly… Well, that’s how it is, Sicily and I have become boyfriend and girlfriend.”

“OOoooOOH~” [/fusion_builder_column]

[Said by everyone.]

For some reason, they started clapping.

“This is something we must celebrate! But because today’s dinner has already ended, let’s do it tomorrow.”

A maid suddenly suggested it.

A celebration, she said…

“That’s right, Shin, how about calling on Sicily’s parents as well?”

“Eh… I will be the one to call on them?”

“It’s fine if you and Sicily-san go report to them together. Afterward, bring them here.”

For some reason, it’s becoming bigger and bigger.

I looked at Sicily to check if she’s fine with it…


She looked at me with moistened eyes.

Ah, I’ve been patting her head the whole time.

“Sicily, tomorrow we’ll go to report our relationship to Cecil-san and Irene-san, and then bring them here. Are you okay with that?”

“Our relationship…”

When she heard that word, she was suddenly embarrassed and buried her head in my chest.

Uwa, what is this? Super cute!

“It’s amazing isn’t it… Although they just started going out, they’re already lovey-dovey.”

“They’re already like that even before they were going out, I was wondering what will happen when they started going out…”


“Ah, it’ll be like that, won’t it! It’ll be a mosaic!”

Who will turn into a mosaic picture!

“Well, for starters, I’ll say congratulations. However, we are still in a state of an emergency. So please make sure you guys do not become too absorbed in your relationship and neglect training.”

“Ye-yes! I understand completely!”

“If that’s the case, what are you doing instigating me at such a time?”

And then Gus sported an earnest expression and responded.

“It’s because you said something like… ‘I’ll confess once the fight is over.’ And so I thought… what if you die? If it’s like that, it would be better if you confess earlier.”

So the reason is because of the death flag!!

* * *

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