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Receiving Blessings

May-chan finally agreed when I told her that I would let her fly using Floating Magic tomorrow.

“I will definitely wear pants tomorrow!”

It looks like she made up her mind to join the training in the wilderness again tomorrow.

“Although I’m fine with it, but since you came to a hot spring resort and all, are you sure you’re okay with this?”

“Un~ Rather than going to the hot springs, it’s more fun to be with you guys!”

Well, I guess if the child says so, then it’s all good. For May-chan, it might be better for her to stay with everyone.

“As you have seen today, you should be able to understand that we were seriously practicing magic. That’s why, make sure you don’t become an obstruction, okay?”

“I do understand! I will also be taught magic by Melinda-sama so it’s all good!”

“You’ll probably be just troubling Melinda-dono.”

“Ah, you don’t have to worry about me. I’m free anyway whenever Merlin is conducting his lecture. So, it’s no problem for me to watch over May-chan.”

“I’m really sorry about this, Melinda-dono.”

“On the other hand, I also gave you some difficulties looking after Shin. Since she’s a girl, it would be pleasant to take care of her.”

“But, I, on the other hand, don’t remember having any difficulties looking after Shin.”

Grandpa and grandma looked like they were experiencing nostalgia thinking about the time when I was small.

“Shin-kun when he was small, I wonder what kind of child he was?”

Hearing their words, Sicily seemed to have gotten interested and asked about how I was like when I was a child.

“That’s right… Although it’s fine for me to talk about those times, but Shin, Your Highness. Please finish up what you need to do first. There are still some things that are needed to be said to Sicily’s parents.”

When that was brought up, the conversation was postponed for the time being.

“With my parents, you say?”

“Yes, since your House is part of the nobility, right? In that case, we should talk about the engagement. But before that, there are some things they need to know about.”

“Yes… I understand.”

Is it about that? The fact that I’m not grandpa and grandma’s real grandson?

Now that I think about it, I haven’t told anyone else.

It looks like grandma is intending to tell everyone sometime during this celebration.

“So there was actually that plan all along, grandpa?”

“Hohho, this is the first time I’ve heard of it…”

It seemed like grandpa wasn’t told a thing about it.

Grandma has seized all the initiative.

…I can clearly visualize it, her being moved to tears during the marriage ceremony…

* * *

After I sent everyone to the mansion, I opened Gate once more and connected it to the Royal Castle.

“Thank you for your hard work, Your Highness, Walford-san.”

The same guard I met this morning greeted us.

“Hey, I’ve been waiting for you, Shin-kun.”

And as I expected, Uncle Dis was already waiting there.

“As I thought, you’ll be here.”

“As you thought?”

“Irene-san said it earlier that Cecil-san would probably spread it to everyone in his workplace, and naturally, that includes Uncle Dis as well.”

“Certainly… He was boasting about it to everyone at the office…”

“And so, because Uncle Dis would also probably come, she told everyone to prepare for it.”

“…Shin-kun, is it okay if I go inside the Royal Castle?”

“You can’t do that! If you do then…”

“No! Don’t tell anyone else! Haaa… She’ll probably get angry…”

“Pl-please do your best…”

There are a lot of people around me who have strong wives.

Is it possible that everyone has the same circumstances?

“What is it, Shin-kun?”


“Father is also no match for Mother.”

“As I thought, it’s like that after all.”

“Wha! Why are you exposing that for!?”

“Oh, I’m really sorry. Since it’s Shin, I just accidentally…”

“When I thought that I finally had the chance to talk to my son…”

“Since he’s so black-hearted, you were surprised.”

“Hey, what do you mean black-hearted.”

“It’s completely black.”

“…How amazing, to think that you can actually interact with His Highness and His Majesty?”

Cecil-san and the Soldiers on guard were surprised. They don’t usually see such scenes.

“Now that I think about it, where are Sieg-niichan and Chris-neechan?”

“Ah, aren’t we going there by Gate? In addition, Magi-dono, Guru-dono, and Shin-kun will be there, so it’s not necessary to bring guards along.”

“I guess that’s true.”

“In addition, since there will be a formal announcement and engagement party held here in the Royal Capital, it’ll be fine to invite them then.”

“Are you doing it at such a large scale?”

“It’s only natural. The parties involved are an aristocrat and the newly inaugurated hero. The world won’t be convinced if you don’t hold a formal engagement party to announce it.”

“Haaa, are you serious…”

“I am serious. Or rather, we should get going soon. If we are delayed, Merlin-dono will end up worrying.”

“Ah, yeah, I understand.”

“Then, the other side it probably ready and waiting for us, please prepare yourselves.”

“Yes! I understand!”

Although we’re finally ready to head to the mansion in Claude town, but…

“Ah, sorry Uncle Dis, there’s a place I want to go to first, so please wait for me.”

“What is it? It’s fine if we go together.”

“It’s fine! I’ll come back immediately, so please wait for me!”

When I said that, I quickly finished up what I needed to do and went back to the Royal Castle.

“Sorry to keep you waiting. Then, let’s go.

* * *

This time, we went to the mansion in Claude Town.

“As I thought, it’s really convenient.”

“Then shall I send you to the territory the next time you need to come here?”

“Ah… Although it’s an attractive offer, I cannot accept it.”

“Eh? Why is that?”

“That’s because, Shin-kun, aristocrats will always go to their territory from the Royal City. And from their territory, they come to the Royal City. And during their journey, they will definitely stop by different places.”

Uncle Dis answered my question.

“The movements of aristocrats are always being watched. And we cannot ignore the economic effect that occurs in our territory.”

“Hee, so it’s like that.”

“In addition, for aristocrats, it’s important to interact with their territories’ stewards.”

“So there was such a thing.”

It sure is difficult being an aristocrat.

“That’s why it was really helpful to receive this magic tool from Shin-kun. Thank you.”

“No need, if it’s just something like that, I can make you as many as you want.”

“Is that the truth? If that’s the case, I’m really thankful. Of course, I will pay for it.”

“About that, I don’t really mind that kind of thing.”

“I cannot accept it just like that. And also, if I don’t pay for it…”

“If you don’t pay for it?”

“It would be as if he’s selling his own daughter for magic tools.”


When I heard what Uncle Dis said, I started to doubt my hearing.

“Although it’s regretful, it’s exactly as His Majesty had said. This world doesn’t only consist of good people, especially now that the seat of the Vice Minister of the Finance Bureau is vacant. And there are a lot of people aiming for that seat.”

I see, Cecil-san is also someone part of the Finance Bureau. I guess he also wants to aim for the vacant seat. A fight for a bureaucratic post… Even though it’s a different world, it doesn’t look like those kinds of things changes.

“I understand. However, the offer still stands, and I’ll give it to you at a bargain price. That is something I won’t budge on.”

“Is that so… Thank you.”

While we were having a conversation in the entrance hall, a servant noticed us.

“Y-your Majesty! Master!”

When all the servants heard that voice, they hurriedly gathered in the entrance hall and knelt.

And then Irene-san came out from inside and bowed gracefully.

“Welcome and thank you for coming all the way here, Your Majesty. We were expecting you.”

“Today, I came here as a normal member of the public to participate in the celebration and congratulate Shin-kun. There’s no need to be so formal.”

“Yes, by your leave. And also… Dear.”


“We will talk later.”


I’m so sorry Cecil-san… I wasn’t… I wasn’t able to save you…

“Coincidentally, the preparations are complete, please come to the dining room. Ah, as for Shin-kun, please come this way.”

“Why is that?”

“Of course, so that you can change your clothes, as well as make an appearance together with Sicily.”

I feel like this is getting more and more important!

* * *

“Well then, please get changed and wait in this room. I’ll immediately call for Sicily to come here.”

When she said, Irene-san immediately pushed me into a vacant room and went to call Sicily.

After I put on the white shirt and white trousers with military blue lining, I started to get restless.

While I was being fidgety, someone suddenly knocked on the door.


When I answered and opened the door, the person standing there was…

With an updo hairstyle and wearing a light blue dress, Sicily was waiting there.

On Sicily’s dress, there were frills all over it, which seems popular right now, and hair and accessories make her look more mature. Because of that imbalance, it makes her look even more cute.

“U-umm… Shin-kun?”

While I was absentmindedly looking at her, Sicily called out to me.

“A-ah, I’m sorry. I was fascinated for a moment because you look so cute.”

“Ehh… Th-thank you very much. Shin-kun also looks really attractive.”

“Is that true?”

“It’s the truth. Or rather, what you thought about me, were you telling the truth?”

“Yeah, because you look so cute, my heart is pounding.”




I forgot that Irene-san was standing right there!

“I understand that it’s because you guys have a good relationship, but in a while, please head to the dining room.”

After she said that while smiling, Irene-san left us alone.

There was someone else around… But if there wasn’t anyone else, I have a feeling I wouldn’t be able to stop myself.

After we mutually looked at each other, we started smiling bitterly and I asked her what was on my mind earlier.

“Sicily, although we just start going on, and then to suddenly get engaged, does Sicily not have any objections?”

“Yes. Although I was flustered a little while ago, I am, after all, a daughter of an aristocrat, so I have prepared myself. In addition, I will be getting engaged to a person I like. If anything, I am really happy about it.”

When she said that, she eyes started to moistened and she started to smile.



“Umm… If you guys are going to do that, please take your time to do it later…”

A maid who stayed behind was still there!

“Ah, I’m sorry.”

“Ugh, what have I done again…”

That’s why I say, step on the brakes! There’s still someone else around!

“Then, let us head off.”

* * *

The place where maid-san led us to was the place we always had our meals, the dining room.

The usual chairs and tables were removed, and it has been transformed into a buffet style party.

The level of servants of the Claude House is also high!

When we entered the dining room, everyone welcomed us with applause.

“Does everyone have their glasses? Now then, let us commence the party to celebrate the start of the relationship between my friends’, Merlin-dono and Melinda-dono, grandson, Shin-kun, and the daughter of Viscount Claude, Sicily, as well as their engagement.”

“Diseum, wait just a moment.”

“Yes? What is it, Melinda-shi.”

“When you declare that, these children will be officially engaged. Although it would be a joyous event… Viscount and Viscountess Claude.”


“What is it, Melinda-sama?”

“There are some things that we must tell you before anything else.”

It’s probably about that.

“If we don’t tell you these things, we would feel like we’re deceiving you. Because it would be painful for us, please listen.”

“I-I understand.”

After seeing grandma looking very serious, Cecil-san felt overwhelmed as he replied.

And then grandma started talking about my early life.

“Shin is… actually not our real grandchild.”

When everyone heard those unexpected words, the entire party hall was wrapped in silence.

“It happened about 15 years ago. I discovered a carriage that had been attacked by a demon and was exterminated.”

Grandpa started talking about the day he picked me up.

“There was no one left alive… That’s what I thought because of the terrible scene I saw. I approached the wrecked carriage because I thought, at the very least, to hold a funeral. At that time… I found that a little baby managed to miraculously survive.”

Because of the shocking contents of the story, everyone seemed to can’t get any words out. They listened to grandpa’s story in silence.

“I picked up that baby… For various reasons, I thought that it was destiny and I decided to raise the child.”

“About Shin-kun’s parents… You couldn’t find any clues about them?”

Cecil-san asked the question.

“There was no evidence to prove their identity. Or rather, it was because of that that I found myself really troubled.”

“And then because of that…”

“Ah, when I heard of the story, I, myself, thought that it was a miracle. At first, I thought that it would be best to give an orphanage custody over him. But after I heard the story… And then saw this child laughing at me… I made my decision. If Merlin decided to raise this child, I would give him my full support, and I would also try to become this child’s grandmother.”

This is the first time I heard this part of the story.

…Did something like that happen in the past?

“The reason everyone accepted Shin, I am sure that him being our grandson played a big part. However, we have no blood connection with this child. Even so, will you be able to accept Shin as Sicily fiance?”

When they heard the question, Cecil-san and Irene-san looked at each other and nodded.

I wonder what kind of decision they will make…

“Melinda-sama, Merlin-sama, to be honest, I am really disappointed.”

“As I thought, it’s like that after all…”

“I guess it can’t be helped…”

When Cecil-san said that, the two people looked really depressed.

I, as well… like grandpa and grandma, thought that my heart would stop the moment I heard Cecil-san’s reply…

“The both of you, please don’t make light of us!”

” “Eh…” ”

“We didn’t accept Shin-kun just because he is your grandson! He gave his best to try and protect Sicily, and as her family members, he is also trying to protect us. Shin-kun is really strong, but he is also very gentle… and for that reason, we agreed to his relationship with Sicily! Please don’t underestimate us!”

That’s what Cecil-san said in the end.

I was really delighted when I heard Cecil-san’s words and the fact that he has accepted me, I felt like I’m tearing up a little.

“It is as my husband says. Because Shin-kun is Shin-kun, and that is why we wished for him to be Sicily’s partner. It is not related to anyone else.”

Irene-san also said in continuation.

“Is that so… Is that so…”

“Thank you very much…”

Grandpa and grandma started to shed some tears.

When I saw them like that, I felt that they really treasure me, and before I knew it, tears started falling from my eyes.


Sicily quietly wiped my tears with a handkerchief.

And then she said while smiling.

“I also feel the same way. I like Shin-kun because it’s you. In the first place, when we first met, I didn’t know that you were their grandchild.”

“Is that so. Now that you mentioned it, that’s right.”

I received the handkerchief from Sicily and wiped my tears before facing Cecil-san and Irene-san.

“Cecil-san, Irene-san, thank you very much. I will use all my efforts in order to not betray your expectations and protect Sicily.”

“Un. I’m counting on you.”

“Fufu, best regards, Shin-kun.”

“And also, grandpa, grandma.”

“What is it?”

“Ho, is there something you want?”

After I use the handkerchief to wipe my tears again, I gave my gratitude to them.

“Grandpa, thank you for picking me up. Although I’ve already said it once, please let me say it again. I am really happy to have become grandpa’s grandchild.”


“Grandma, thank you very much for being my grandma. Although I always get you angry… I’m happy to have become grandma’s grandson.”

“What… are you saying…”

The two of them who had already wiped their tears started crying again.

The atmosphere in the hall has become solemn.

However, these are the things I have to say now by all means.

“Now that the families of both parties have come to an agreement, it’s about time we put a stop to all this seriousness and get started.”

Uncle Dis waited for the right timing and announced.

“Shin Walford, Sicily von Claude, I hereby recognize and put myself forward as a witness to your engagement. This is my declaration as the King of Earlshide Kingdom.”

I even got an official authorization from the King.

Or rather, he said earlier that he came to this party as a regular person…

Is this appropriate?

“To the splendid future prospects of these two young people… CHEERS!”

“CHEERS!” [Said by everyone.]

Although I cannot understand if he came here as a regular member of the public or not, but when Uncle Dis’ declaration, Sicily and I officially got engaged.

Although we just started going out, we were immediately engaged. In my previous life, this is something rarely seen, but like they say, when in Rome, do what Romans do. Nevertheless, it’s not as though there’s any particular objection.

However, I still do think that it’s troublesome an aristocrat.

“Now that I think about it, aristocrats are supposed to produce a lot of children? But wouldn’t the issue of inheritance become a family struggle?”

“Ah, about that…”

Cecil-san and even Uncle Dis were smiling bitterly.

“Shin-kun, the royalty and aristocrats in this Kingdome have a heavy responsibility to the Kingdom and to the people in their territory.”

“I agree… managing a territory is indeed a large and heavy responsibility, especially when one has to consider the profits.”

“There is also the duty of inspecting the state of the land.”

“You have to personally do the inspection?”

“Because if we don’t, and if we are unknowingly imposing the people with absurd and heavy taxes…”

“Wh-what will happen?”

“The land will be seized, our title will be taken, and there’s a heavy punishment.”


“Yeah. Because of that, even though I usually leave it to Camille, the local governor, to do most of the work, I still have to regularly visit the territory. It is necessary for me to listen to the voices of the local people.”

“This Kingdom is probably in first place when it comes to hard work.”

“…Just the other day, I heard that someone overworked himself and collapsed…”


“I’m serious… So let’s both take care.”

“Good grief…”

The atmosphere became solemn again!

“That’s why… Because the immense work the head of an aristocratic family has to undertake, not a lot of people wants to do it.”

“When my father said that he will pass on the title to me, I will never forget the shouts of joy and appreciation of my brothers and relatives…”

“I-Is that how it is.”

To actually give their appreciation for not receiving the title… How difficult is the work of the head of an aristocratic family?

“Well, since Sicily is the third daughter, and she will be marrying into the Walford House, there is no need to worry about the succession of the title. However, there is a 1 to 10,000 chance that the child you two produce might inherit the Claude title. I want you to remember just in case.”

“Shin-kun’s child…”

Sicily’s face turned bright red, and she started twisting and turning.

“Now that you mentioned it, Melinda-sama! You were about to tell us the story of Shin-kun when he was a child!”

“Ah, which reminds me, I did say that.”

I’m sure that Alice remembered it after hearing the word ‘child,’ and wanted to hear the story that she wasn’t able to listen to a while ago. Then, looking nostalgic, grandma began to talk.

“When he was a baby, he didn’t cry much nor was he very unsettled.”

“That’s right. Because he didn’t cry much, I was really worried about him…”

“…I agree. I thought that he was in shock after getting attacked by a demon, and couldn’t display his emotions.”

I’m sorry for worrying you… since I was at the age of one.

“When he grew a little older, he was late to talk, so I felt worried…”

“It was certainly like that… Although he was a little late, he soon began to talk.”

“That’s right. ‘What is that? What is this?’ He started getting interested in everything.”

“Because of his amazing quest for knowledge, it wasn’t enough to give him an ambiguous answer, and for those questions that I couldn’t answer, I had to research them when I got back to the Royal Castle.”

“I really had a hard time answering Shin’s ‘what and why’ questions…”

The three people displayed worn-out expressions.

I-I am so very sorry… It’s because I came from another world and haven’t seen those things, that’s why I…

“He was also able to learn magic at a really early age.”

“I was really surprised when that happened. If I’m not mistaken… He was around three years old?”

“Hohho, that’s right.”

“THREE YEARS OLD!?” [Said by everyone.]

Everyone’s voices harmonized as they asked all together.

“Eh? What is the normal age?”

“If you are able to use magic, you will be admitted to primary school and be taught how to control it.”

“Which means?”

“Around the age of twelve.”

“Heh~ Then May-chan is quite superior.”

“Hehehe, thank you very much, Shin-oniichan.”

“No… you were just three years old…”

“Ah, it’s because grandpa was using magic at that time, and while I was watching him, I tried to imitate him and was able to do it.”

“…Or rather, you actually have memories of your three-year-old self?”

“Yeah, I remember it.”

People were surprised when I said that. I guess that’s only natural. However, mine is foul play!

“And when I started teaching him magic, he was able to learn it with just one try.”

“At that time, you were really happy, and then you kept teaching him magic one after another.”

“Hohho… Because he was really able to learn everything at once… So I felt so happy that I couldn’t help myself.”

“It’s because of you that Shin is…”

Although grandma started complaining to grandpa, it somehow ended quickly.

And grandpa looked relieved yet sad at the same time…

“He doesn’t say anything selfish, and he obediently listens to us… When I look back at those times, he was a good child and easy to bring up, and when you ask him to do something, he will immediately do it.”

“That’s right, and he also helped out a lot in the house.”

“Although there were some times where I had to monitor him so that he doesn’t run wild, not much effort was needed to raise him.”

“Heh, so that’s how he was. To think that Shin-kun was a good child… How unexpected!”

Alice said something really impolite.

“What do you mean by unexpected!”

“Because when Shin-kun was little, we heard how much trouble you caused Melinda-sama from her!”

“So what if I did!”

“Especially when I look at the current situation…”

“I cannot deny that I also found it unexpected degozaru.”

Everyone agreed with Alice’s impression.

As I thought, I’m being treated as a problem child…

“Ho-however! Grandfather, grandmother, he is still as kind and gentle as before!”

Sicily immediately followed-up desperately.

As I thought, she’s really kind… It’s especially at times like this when I really like her…

“Hohho, I’m really happy to be called grandpa by Sicily-san.”

“That’s right. Sicily, from now onwards, you should continue to call us like that.”

“Yes! I understand, grandmother.”

Hearing her response, grandma started smiling. This is the first time I’ve seen that kind of expression…

After this and that, the party started with the sad story of my parentage, with the climax being the story of my childhood, it soon became time to adjourn.

* * *

After the party ended, Sicily and I went to the balcony together.

“Haaa… It finally ended…”

“Thank you for your hard work, Shin-kun. However, when we get back to the Royal City, a formal engagement party will be held, so please do your best then as well.”


With me acting like that, Sicily was looking at me and started giggling.

This is… As I thought, I should say it now.


“Yes, what is it?”

“Although the order of things has become messed up…”

I took out the thing I obtained in the Royal City a little while ago and presented it to Sicily.

“Eh? This is…”

“Although the engagement party has already ended…”

I showed her a small box… and inside it lies a diamond ring.



And then I said it once more.

“Please become… my bride.”

Although Sicily became stiff after hearing my words, she slowly smiled and responded.

“Yes, please make me Shin-kun’s bride.”

When I heard her answer, I placed the ring on Sicily’s ring finger.

Sicily looked jubilant while looking at the ring.

I, too, felt contented just by seeing her expression.

“Even though I just asked you to be my girlfriend yesterday.”

“That’s right.”


We looked at each other and started snickering.

And then, Sicily jumped into my chest.

“Shin-kun… I feel really happy…”


We locked eyes and embraced each other. And then, Sicily abruptly closed her eyes.

And I brought my closer to Sicily’s…

And our lips overlapped…

* * *

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