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Epic Quest

The ‘Spectre Set,’ even though it was transformed from a Knights’ Guardian Set, it currently has no class requirement. As a melee combat class, Rui was naturally able to equip it.

Unfortunately, since Rui had just passed level 10 and was now able to get his class skills, as a Rogue, most of his skills would require him to equip a dagger. So despite the sheer power of the full set of Spectre armor, he would most probably have to give it up.


Congratulations on completing the Spectre Armor Set (6/6).

You have been awarded the set bonus of +20 to all 4 base stats, and the passive skill “Spectre’s Howl.”

Spectre’s Howl: All your attacks have a small chance of induce fear upon your enemies, causing them to run around aimlessly!

It had an extremely great set bonus!

To think the set bonus would add 20 stat points to the 4 main stats, which meant he’ll have a total of 80 extra stat points, which is also equivalent to 16 levels! Furthermore, it added a passive ability which gives a chance to induce fear to enemies. It was truly worthy to be called a full set of gear.

Rui was highly tempted to use the set. Even though the Wolf King’s Armor was better than the Spectre Chestplate, he would have to give up on that. However, he could not give up on wielding a dagger. As a Rogue, he would be useless without a dagger since he would be unable to use most of his skills.


Your Spectre Armor Set is incomplete. Your set bonus has been reduced to +10 to all stats!

Just as Rui swapped back his Dim Blue Dagger, the notification resounded in his ears.

What’s this?

Rui was taken aback. He did not expect the Spectre Armor Set would still have a bonus even when he did not fully equip all the pieces, although obviously it wasn’t as strong as the full bonus.

Rui started testing the bonus by removing the set pieces one by one. When he had 3 pieces remaining, the set bonus vanished. It seemed like the minimum requirement for the Spectre Armor set bonus was 4 pieces. This was perfect for Rui. Out of the 6 pieces, Rui decided not to use the sword and the chest piece, and keep the other 4 for the set bonus.

“Oh right, brother Ronnie, I have a ring here as well, could you also help me appraise it?”

Rui re-equipped the 4 pieces of Spectre Armor and looked satisfactorily at his new and improved stats. Then, took out the ring he had gotten as loot from the Exploding Magic Spider Empress and passed it to Ronnie.

“No problem,” Ronnie nodded and took the ring for appraisal.

Explosive Ring

Silver Equipment

Level Req




Additional Effects

+10 STR, +5 VIT, +5 DEX, +5 INT

Passive Effect

Explosion: Your attacks have a minor chance of causing an explosive damage, which also has a small AoE (Area of Effect) effect.

Looking at the stats on the ring, Rui was overjoyed. AoE damage, no matter if it was now or in the future, was a godsend to any player, especially for levelling.

As everyone knew, a Rogue’s damage capabilities were extremely high, especially their burst damage. However, most of it were single targets, since they had to attack a single target with a dagger.

In terms of PK, there was no problem, but in terms of levelling, they would not be as quick as a mage, since they can use large scale AoE magic spells to take down crowds of monsters. With an AoE attack, in addition to a Rogue’s high DPS, it would greatly reduce the time needed for levelling.

According to 《Kismet》’s rules, players could equip a limited amount of accessories. One earring, one necklace, 2 rings, and one pendant. Since Rui only had this one ring now, he naturally equipped the Explosive Ring on his finger.

Ignoring Yezekael and the others who were trying to get Ronnie to appraise their gear as well, Rui took out the 2 tattered scrolls and skill book Halief had dropped to examine them.

Corrosive Poison — Medium Level Recipe:

Able to produce a corrosive poison for application on weapons.


Treasure Map : ? ? ?

(Opening Requirements: Level 20)


Poison Application — Active Skill:

Able to improve the effects of poison applied on your weapons.

One recipe, one treasure map, and one skill book. Rui was astounded by the discovery.

I’m rich, I’m really rich! As expected, only by being the first one to defeat a Boss can one truly receive a fruitful harvest. Never mind the main importance of the skillbook, for the current players, simply owning a skill is a near-impossibility.

The contents of the treasure map is also immeasurable. It might be able to show Rui a way to another secret area like this cave, with the monsters in it, the treasures, and another Boss, everything will become his.

As for the recipe, don’t underestimate it. As long there’s sufficient materials, the objects created would bring immeasurable benefits. Corrosive poison which can be applied to weapons — this would likely be Kismet’s currently one and only copy, and it was useful to both Rogues and Archers.

What brought about the highest profit margin — having a monopoly! While Rui might not be able to have a monopoly on all poisons, at least currently he would still be able to hold a monopoly on the corrosive poison.

However, the greatest difficulty facing him now was to get the requisite materials as well as the success rate of creation. Rui was, after all, new to this, and if the success rate was low, it might actually be a loss to him.

Temporarily ignoring the future ramifications of the poison creation, Rui unhesitatingly learnt the skill and recipe. After all, it was his to play around with, he could deal with it in the future.

Poison Application Strengthening — Active Skill:

Level 0 0/1000
20 Mp Cost

Able to increase the effect of applied poison by 10%, this increased effect will last for 10 seconds.

Cooldown 3 minutes.

Not bad, it was indeed a strong skill. Not only did the skill increase the poison effects by 10%, it also lasted a whole 10 seconds; both are extremely useful. With proper timed usage, this skill could cause him to overturn a bad situation. However, the basics would of course have to depend on how strong the poison was in the first place.

While Rui was admiring his new skills and equipment, Yezekael and the other had also been busy. They equipped their freshly appraised loot, which would previously have only been possible in town, all the while grinning away to themselves.

“Are you interested in these 2 pieces of gear?” Looking at the smiling Yezekael, Rui showed him the Spectral Blade and Chestplate.

“This, didn’t these come as a set?”

Yezekael was rather confused since set items usually required equipping all the equipment of the set in order to activate the set bonus. Why was Rui giving him 2 pieces of the armor?

“I’m a Rogue, so I definitely have to use a dagger, so this blade is useless to me. As for the chestplate, the one I am currently using is better. Although the full set bonus is really strong, I have no choice but to give it up. At least 4 pieces also has a partial set bonus, which is better than nothing at least.”

Rui smiled as he explained himself, and passed the Spectre Blade and Chestplate to Yezekael.

“Bro Sly Hand, these 2 pieces of equipment are godly artifacts to current players. A normal price will not be able to show its value.”

Yezekael switched his current equipment for the 2 new pieces, and looked at the way his stats had gone up. He was immediately invigorated and smiled happily.

“It’s okay, do as you see fit.”

Rui shrugged nonchalantly. He knew Yezekael was a smart man and would not try to cheat him over such small gains.

“Alright everyone, our quest is over. How do we deal with Halief’s body?” Rui turned to Kris and Ronnie and asked.

“Although it was the darkness in Halief’s heart that caused such pain to us, but without the monsters who started it, and the usage Dark Magic to influence Halief, he would not have spiralled down that path. These damned monsters, if we do not deal with them, they will continue to cause pain and suffering in our world. As such, I beseech all of you to exterminate them, for the sake of our village and also the rest of the world!”


You activated a Hidden Quest — Exterminate Monsters.
Difficulty: Epic Level.

Do you wish to accept?

(Quest Difficulty: Normal, Medium, Advanced, Epic, Legendary, Mythical.)

* * *


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