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We Are Brothers!

“Even though this demon has yet to appear, its demonic nature is incredibly powerful. It’s because I’m looking down on you guys, but with your current strength, the possibility of you guys defeating it is not very high. This may be the best time to exterminate it, but I cannot allow you guys take take such a big risk.

Even if I’m willing, I cannot allow you heroes with such a bright future to risk your lives here. That you guys were able to come here and rescue Kris and I, and saved Halief’s soul, we are already very grateful. As for the demon, we can only see what happens. There are many powerful people on the continent, hopeful they will come to slay it.”

Ronnie said so with a very sincere expression. These are not only the words that Ronnie, this NPC, is saying through his connection with Rui and the others, but also a warning towards them from the system.

This quest, is very dangerous. There is no problem if they choose to give up.

In this Lost Mines, be it as a hidden quest or a hidden dungeon, Halief was considered the final boss. However, this unknown demon was a hidden secret boss, and was definitely the only one. Maybe more than one party will meet it, but there will only be one group that can kill it. It is the only one, and if it dies, then that’s it.

So towards this unique hidden quest where even the system is borrowing Ronnie’s mouth to give a warning, the difficulty does not need to be explained, it is extremely high.

However, in correspondence, the reward will also be extraordinary.

Items gained here, at the very worst, will be something that will allow the players who defeated the demon to be ahead of the rest of the players. At the very best it could even affect the rest of their gaming experience.

Because of that, Rui refuse to give up.

No doubt that at certain times, retreating in the face of difficulty is a good choice. However, in Rui’s dictionary, the words ‘afraid,’ ‘cowardly,’ and ‘running away’ do not exist.

Why do people play games? Naturally, it’s to be happy and for excitement. In reality, choosing to give up because of this or that reason is understandable. But, if they are still overly cautious inside a game, then there is no saving such person.

“How can I not participate in such a thrilling event? I want see exactly what kind of thing that legendary demon is.” Rui shrugged his shoulders and said, while also being a bit excited.

“Since brother Sly Hands has chosen to fight, I, too, will naturally not retreat. What about you, Everflame?” Yezekael said with a smile.

“I’m also a man!” The rather graceful Everflame shrugged his shoulders, taking a step forward.

“Don’t look down on women, I will not lose to you guys.” Sasha held her chin up high, purposely looking at Rui in high spirits, making him very astounded.

“Naturally I’m going to follow sister Sasha, hehehe.” Sweet Little Girl stood behind Sasha, her round face filled with a quirky smile.

“Everyone… Thank you, thank you everyone!”

Ronnie looked at the people in front of him, his eyes slightly wet. He really wanted to exterminate this demon. For justice, if this thing gets out, it will definitely harm a lot of people.

And the very first village in its path will naturally be the Novice Village. Privately, he was cursing: this damn bastard is the hidden mastermind that caused the tragedy of Kris, Halief, and himself. His hatred towards it is very deep.

“Kekekeke… So ignorant of the heavenly path that you head to the path leading straight into the gates of hell. From today onwards, not a single one of you will be leaving. I will devour all of your essences and souls for nourishment, enslaving your souls, and forever becoming my slaves.”

Suddenly, a gloomy female voice rang out. Inside this dark cave, the voice appeared exceedingly eerie and scary.

“Who is it? Acting all mysterious! Come out!”

Rui shouted coldy with his eyes narrowed. At the same time, his eyes rapidly scanned the area, however, he did not discovering any abnormalities. But still, he continued to attempt to find the hiding place of that damned demon.

“Ron… nie, K… ri…s, run… away…”

A familiar voice echoed. Not only did it make Ronnie and Kris who had been called out feel like they’d been struck by lightning, even Rui and the other were dumbfounded, their faces filled with disbelief.

This voice is actually the voice of the already dead Halief?

Turning their heads and looking around, they saw that Halief who should have already become a corpse had actually shakily stood up.


The kind Kris, seeing such a scene, was about to run over and support Halief’s shaking body.

“Kris, don’t go over, he is not Halief!”

The sharp Ronnie quickly grabbed onto Kris, while yelling with a heavy voice, looking at Halief.

“Damned weakling, actually thinking of resisting me?”

Suddenly, Halief’s eyes turned bloody red, his expression becoming cold. And then it changed into the mysterious female voice, shouting out in rage.

“You… guys… hurry…. up… and… leave, I… cannot… hold… her… back… much… longer…”

His expression changing, Halief’s face was twitching, his expression pained and his eyes becoming a pure, deep blue colour.

What’s going on?

Looking at Halief who seemed like he had a multiple personality disorder or had been possessed by a ghost, Rui and the others were immediately dumbstruck, unsure of what to do.

“Damned piece of trash, shut up! To think that a stupid, pathetic human is actually trying to resist my will!”

Halief’s expression once again turned cold, his hands suddenly stretching out. A strong energy immediately exploded outwards, causing the entire cave to shake


Abruptly, a muffled sound came from Halief’s body. Green smoke rose from his body and a barely visible white shadow came out.


Seeing the face of that ghost, Kris couldn’t help but let out a sharp yell.

That’s right, that ghost is Halief’s soul, the real soul of Halief, and not that unknown demonic female voice.

Ronnie stretched out his hands taking over Halief’s soul. His expression complex staring at this enemy who had caused him and his lover to suffer such torture, and who was also at the same time his very best friend.

“Ronnie, Kris, sorry!”

The late apology, finally came from Halief’s mouth. Without having to suppress that unknown demon, Halief became a lot more energetic. Even though his spirit was already incredibly weak, but in the end, there was no danger of it disappearing.

“Even though at the beginning I really did hate you, everything has already passed by for so long. The most important thing is that Kris is safe right now, and you have recovered. Don’t mention those things anymore!” Ronnie said while taking a glance at Kris beside him with happiness.

“Thank you, thank you!” Halief’s voice was choked up, “Even though I was possessed, but if I did not have any darkness in my heart, then things would not have reached such a state. I don’t dare to ask for your forgiveness.”

“Don’t say anymore Halief, we are brothers!” Heavily patting Halief on the shoulder, Ronnie laughed while grinning.

We are brothers!

Short three words, but they were said so resolutely and decisively, and deep and clear. Straightforward three words, but they harbored endless meaning. This was not just the ultimate display of friendship, it was also the ultimate embodiment of a type of greater love known as “Forgiveness.”

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