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The Demon Behind the Scenes: Spider Queen Elise

We are brothers!

The shock that those 3 words gave to Rui and company was incomparably strong.

They knew the story between Ronnie and Halief. One of his closest friends, his sworn brother, yet he was also the one that caused the tragic deaths of him and his lover. Even becoming cursed into some kind of inhuman thing. This kind of hatred, is practically higher than Mount Tai.

Towards a person, the more that you love a person, when it turns into hate it will become a bottomless hole. This is the deeper the love the deeper the hate! Love and hatred are only a fine line apart!

However, even though Halief had committed such an act, but the kindly Kalise forgiving Halief was not very surprising, because she also felt that she was somewhat responsible for Halief turning out like that. Yet, Ronnie being able to do so as well was a little unbelievable.

After all, just a while ago he was cursing at Halief with that anger stricken expression. That sheer hatred, as if practically wanting to eat his meat raw, drink his blood, rip out his tendons and tear apart his skin! Yet, right now he was actually able forgive him so easily. This broadness of heart, this tolerance, was indeed truly amazing!

“Halief, all I need to know is that you are Halief and that is enough. Everything else is unimportant!” Kalie’s face still remained faint traces of tear, but the corners of her lips shone a very shallow smile that was so pure, so holy.

Ronnie and Kalise, each person saying one line, made Halief immediately burst into tears.


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Men do not easily cry, however that’s only when they have not reached the limit of their feelings in sadness.

It’s not like Rui had never seen a grown man cry, but he had truly never seen a man cry so badly, sobbing like a child.

Looking at the smiling faces of forgiveness on Ronnie and Kalise, whose eyes were also filled with tears, Rui was filled with deep respect towards them!

Is it for that endless comprehensional love of Ronnie and Kalise, or for that pure and great friendship between the 3 people?

Rui didn’t know!

Because right now his heart has already been deeply shaken, being influenced by this scene before his eyes that might be the best, most moving, and most warm and pure. He did not think of anything else, in his heart there was only the silent blessing for these 3 people.


Just as everyone seemed to be immersed in that powerful feeling of friendship and love, a sudden jabbing and mocking laughter seemed to destroy the atmosphere.

Rui turned his head around in anger, looking at Halief’s body who was being controlled by the demon, and a bloodthirsty rage started to rise out from Rui’s body.

To an Assassin like him who had walked in the darkness, and had been used to seeing the death, the dirty side of the world, the most precious thing was that rare, pure and untainted feelings amongst people.

However, that had been destroyed by that damnable creature in front of them. When a person’s most precious belonging is destroyed, even the weakest man can turn into the fiercest warrior, let alone someone like Rui? This was literally facing an angry tiger, and still going ahead and touching its tail — an action tantamount to suicide!

“Such boring and hypocritical feelings, humans are just so pathetic and frail. What a joke. This man killed you two, caused both your souls to be cursed and to turn into the ghastly creatures you are now. Yet you still forgive him? Hah, such foolishness! Without power, without the drive and ambition to pursue strength, this is your limit and you will never grow, forever cursed to be the weak pitiful low-class beings that you are.”

The mysterious and unknown demon mocked them coldly, its words not only causing Yezekael, Ronnie and the rest to grow angry, but also causing Rui’s already sombre face to grow even angrier.

“Low-class beings? Something like you who only knows the Law of the Jungle, an idiot who only knows how to chase after strength by any unscrupulous means, how can you understand the true greatness and strength of humans?

Why are humans at the top of the food chain in the world, the real reason for that, such trash like you will never know. Their actions might seem foolish and silly to a moron like you, but in my eyes, they are great.

I respect their liberal breadth of mind and admire their strong feelings. Their thoughts, you will never understand. Their feelings, you will never comprehend. Their greatness, you will never grasp.

The greatest difference between Humans and other beings is not just their intelligence, but also their feelings. There are many other creatures who may not have the width of emotions and feelings that humans have, but it is undoubtedly certain that they do have it.

Even a vicious tiger would never eat its cubs, that is already the best example. Yet, a trash like you would dare look down upon us humans? Humans, what’s wrong with humans? At least we dare to live upright under the sun, to bathe under the rays of the sun. What about you?

You are a so-called high class being, yet you hide out in this dark, damp cave, how pitiful… A high-class being whose life is even worse than a common human, such a high class being, indeed you are very high class!”

Rui said all of that in a single breath, releasing all his pent up anger in a single rant. Against that disgusting demonic creature, he not only ranted, scolded and even mocked her at the end. Looking at her increasing rage yet being unable to retort, his heart felt a sense of satisfaction.

“Well said, Sly Hand Bro! Looks like, not only is your hand sly, but your mouth is no weaker! Next time I’ll just call you Sly Bro okay?”

Yezekael praised him loudly, causing Shasha and the rest to laugh out loud.

“Chechehche… Such eloquence! From my inherited memories, I knew that humans were skilled in oratory, and I have witnessed it today indeed.” A cold laugh sounded out from the demon.

“However, no matter how much you brag about how great humans are, it does not change the fact that you are going to be this great King’s dinner. What an ironic turn isn’t it, you so-called high class creatures ending up as this low-class creature’s food! Hahaha…”

“Your food? Haha! Do you really think that we will lose to you, a coward who doesn’t even dare show your own face?” Rui said as he walked to stand in front, confronting the demon directly.

“Chechehche… Since you want to see this King’s true face, then before your death, I will satisfy your final wish!” The demon laughed evilly, and instantly Halief’s body was surrounded by a dim red glow, looking extremely weird and bloody.


Suddenly, Halief’s body seemed to burst apart as holes appeared, causing blood and meat to fly out from the holes, and disgusting long hairy legs erupted from the holes.


Soon after, Halief’s entire body seemed to split apart, causing blood and meat to spray everywhere, mixed with green ichor, looking extremely disgusting and nauseating.

Halief’s corpse had exploded apart, and the demon had revealed its true face — an unbelievably huge spider!

Looking at the three metre tall huge man-faced spider, Rui’s heart was filled with shock. Although he was an Assassin, but he had only killed men before. Looking at such a demonic creature like that, it was normal to be a little shocked.

“Who are you?” Shock was shock, but Rui was not afraid, and instead felt a surge of excitement as blood coursed quickly through his veins.

“This Queen is the Spider Queen — Elise!”

The huge man-faced spider raised her head up and said with pride.

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