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Ran Over By A Train

Taiwan — 6:20AM
Location: Some train station in Central Taiwan

I think the term “at a loss” can be used to describe my current situation.

I got up early in the morning, followed the directions on the map, and arrived at a train station. It wasn’t until now that I realized something was amiss.

On the instruction paper, only the schedule and the name of the train was written, the address of the school was nowhere to be found.

After being fooled by this school in various ways, maybe they really had forgotten to print the address. My reaction was a lot calmer than I would have imagined.

At this time in the morning, the number of people at the train station was actually very few. Moreover, this station was in a relatively remote area, unlike the town center where many people passed by regardless of the time. There were only three people including me.

One of them was a granny who wakes up early every day and takes the train to the market. Please do not ask me why I knew where she was headed to. The answer is definitely not because I have a crush on her; the granny was living right next to my house and every morning, my mom would share a few pleasantries with her.

Five minutes later, the granny took one of the trains and left.

The other person, who was left behind, was someone I’ve never seen before. She was tall and thin, wearing a traditional dress, which was very popular nowadays. She looks like she was about the same age as my sis, so she should be a student in some college?

The person turned around and suddenly smiled at me.

I immediately lowered my head. This was definitely not because I’m shy. I will never admit it even if I’m beaten to death.

“Fellow student, are you going for the orientation?” The beautiful girl leaned over and I realized she spoke with a certain accent. Was she a student who had just returned from studying abroad?

“How did you know?!” This was my first reaction.

The girl pointed at the brown paper bag I was holding, “I’m actually studying there.” She smiled again; her captivating eyes looked like deep pools of water. If one were to stare at it for a long time, it’s as if they would feel like they would drown unknowingly…

As if she had noticed I was in a daze, the girl turned her gaze away, “In our school, we can actually opt to continue studying in their College division after graduating from the High School division. So please take care of me, junior*.”

[T/N: Kouhai would be the Japanese counterpart of this word.]

For a moment, I thought I saw girl’s eyes turned green. But when she turned back and smiled, her eyes were definitely black; the same color as mine.

“Hello, senior*.” Not really sure if it was due to quick response, but I immediately blurted this out.

[T/N: Senpai would be the Japanese counterpart of this word.]

Senior was still smiling gently and then she pointed at the paper bag in my hand, “Did you finish reading the Safety Manual already?”

Feeling uncertain as if it was an illusion, but her voice was getting more and more gentle, as if it was a pillow stuffed with feathers, giving off a fluffy feeling.

“I’ve already read it.” In fact, I’ve not read even a single word, but for some unknown reason, I didn’t dare to tell the truth under this senior’s gaze.

Senior nodded and then she smiled without saying anything. The more I look at her smile, the weirder it felt.

At this time, a train let out a loud whistle, however, it was not planning to stop. It was just passing by.

Senior suddenly stood up, “The train’s here. Hurry up and follow me. Don’t get lost.” She said while she hurriedly picked up her bag and rushed forward.

‘Follow?’ I followed her in a daze.

The train’s cowcatcher started out as a small dot, and was gradually heading towards us, while letting out its deafening whistle. The train was not planning to stop in this station.

Staring with wide eyes, I witnessed this happening right in front of my eyes.

Senior held onto her bag tightly and jumped down from the platform onto the railway tracks. Her pair of beautiful eyes was filled with questions, as if she was trying to ask why I didn’t jump with her.

Then the train rushed by.

* * *

The enormous air pressure caused my ears some pain.

My legs were trembling non-stop, just short of wetting my pants. This shows how shaken I actually was. Just a few seconds ago, the girl who was talking to me, jumped down from the platform and was ran over by a train.

However, I did not see any splattering of blood or pieces of flesh that were usually depicted in manhuas. I felt my mind becoming blank.

In just a short moment, the train roared past, as if it was unaware it had just ran over someone.

I was left all alone on the platform. I couldn’t gather up my courage to walk up and take a look at the tragedy below the platform. I was also afraid that as soon as I take a look, my breakfast would immediately be ejected from my stomach.

Someone died right in front of my eyes. Normally, I would maintain a spectator’s demeanor while watching the news on television or reading the newspaper about someone committing suicide by being run over by the train, and would occasionally say something about the person being stupid. There were even times when our whole family would be eating our dinner while treating the news as a mental side dish.

But this time, it really happened right in front of my eyes. The kind of faintness and dizziness I felt was something a normal person would not be able to understand. My entire head was filled with black and white images all muddled up together.

The thing which made me snap out of my trance was a sudden and loud ringtone coming from the cell phone, the same phone I found in the package and had only used up two bars of battery up until now.

“Hel-hello?” I subconsciously picked up the phone. While my mind was still blank, I placed the phone next to my ears but my eyes were still staring at the direction the girl had jumped off.

“Why did you not follow and get hit by the train!?”

On the other end of the line, was an extremely impatient voice. He sounded pretty young, and judging from the boy’s voice, he sounded not much older than me. However his age was not the main point, but rather, the contents of what he spoke of.

‘Follow and be hit by the train?’

My mouth widened and I was stunned for three seconds, “What… follow and be hit by the train?” At that moment, I suddenly thought the owner of this phone was some crazed maniac who lures others into suicide?

Once I thought of it, I felt goose bumps all over my body and started to look around in a panic, fearing a hand would suddenly appear out of thin air and push me down from the platform.

I’m still young; I don’t want my life to end just yet!

“I overslept, so I asked a friend of mine to guide you over, but you actually did not follow suit and jump!” At the other end of the line came a sound of someone clicking his tongue.

‘Follow suit and jump?’

The second thought that crossed my mind was, could this phone be connected to hell?! The owner of the phone was a Death God, and I’m currently talking to a Death God who wants me dead. He even called another girl to die together with me, and guide me to the underworld.

Don’t say I’m thinking nonsense. Even Japanese mangas had a Death God who dropped his notebook. What’s so surprising about another one dropping his cell phone?

The person at the end of the line seems to be very impatient, as he did not even wait for my reply before he continued talking, “Fine, I’ll come and pick you up. You’d better stay put and don’t run around!” He said in a very commanding tone.

With a “ka-chak” sound, the phone was disconnected, followed by beeping sound.

I felt my body hair standing on its end. The cold coming from the bottom of my feet spread all the way to my forehead.

He said he is coming to pick me up… Is he implying I will only live my life up to this day?

Although I’m always complaining that if I’ll be so unlucky for the rest of my life, I might as well die earlier and get reborn sooner. But God, it was nothing but complaints! It doesn’t really mean I want to die earlier. Can’t you differentiate between complaints and honest wishes?

The platform was totally empty; I was the only one there. The wind blew past and a few pieces of garbage rolled past my feet.

I’m going to die soon, but I still don’t know what to write in my will.

* * *

I wasn’t really sure how long I stood there doing nothing but holding onto the phone, until I heard a very soft sound coming from behind.

So the saying “when one’s spirit is in extreme tension, one will be able to unleash their greatest potential” was true. It only took me a few tenths of a second to turn around. I turned so quickly that even the other person was stunned for a moment. As soon as the other person snapped out of his trance, it was my turn to be stunned.

In fact, in Taiwan, it was not strange to see foreigners. Normally on the streets, there will be several groups of them walking past. I’ve seen so many that I’m a little unfazed of them. However, I’ve never seen such a good looking foreigner before.

Although I said he is a foreigner, his facial features were that of an Asian.

Long silver hair reaching down to his waist, and just beside his forehead was a lock of hair that seemed to have been dyed in blood-red. It was obvious this person came here in a rush. His silky soft hair was casually tied up at the back of his head with a rubber band usually used to tie up lunch boxes.

Red eyes, similar to the gems displayed in jewelry stores, made one long to touch it to see if they’re real.

His oriental features were much more beautiful compared to the senior I met earlier, but it gave off a very cold feeling, especially when he was glaring at me. This feeling was similar to the one my sis gives off, “if looks could kill” type of person.

His skin was very pale, so pale that it was similar to a corpse’s. Especially if it’s compared to his black clothing which covered his whole body, making him look extremely strange.

It’s a little frightening.

This person does not look human; he looks more like a beautiful monster or ghosts commonly seen in manhuas.

“You retard!”

He spoke such fluent Chinese, similar to the voice I was talking to on the other end of the phone just now. So I immediately discovered his identity. He was the Death God who wanted me dead.

“Sir Death God!” I quickly interrupted him. Only God knew if his next action was to immediately kill me and then drag my soul away, “I still haven’t finish thinking of what to write in my will. Please give me a little more time. I won’t delay your work. It’ll be done with it immediately.” I was just short of kneeling down to beg him.

In my will I must state that the Gods want me dead so my family will know my death was not an accident—!

The “Death God” looked at me as if I was someone who had a few loose screws in their brain; he then took out a cell phone from the pocket of his black pants. The phone was almost identical to the phone in my possession.

I guess I was too freaked out at that time so I did not remember clearly what the “Death God” said to the other end of the line. I vaguely heard a few comments, something about receiving some crazy student this year.

His tone seemed to be rather rough, and so I finally realized the “Death God” also suffered from bad mood due to lack of sleep and low blood pressure.

After a while, as if he had gotten his answers, the “Death God” shut his phone and turned to look at me. His weird red eyes did not look like gems anymore, instead it looked more like the blood red eyes of a beast, “They will be opening the gate once again. If you still don’t want to enter, you won’t need to register anymore.” His tone was rude, extremely rude.

‘Register?’ I finally realized the importance of the word.

It was only now that I realized the “Death God” was wearing a uniform, and on his sleeve was something similar to a badge, on top was a few characters sewn on with golden threads.

Wasn’t it the name of the school I was going to enter?

“There are still 10 more minutes before the next train arrives.” Glancing at his watch, “Death God” said with a rather dissatisfied voice. Then the red eyes glared at me before he sat down on a public chair in the platform.

‘There was still 10 minutes left? So it means I only have 10 minutes to write my will?’

At this moment, regardless of the School Name on his clothes, I quickly took out a pen from my backpack. “Oh right, it was said first have to settle my assets, and then tell my family not to be too depressed over my death…”

The “Death God”, who was originally sitting on a chair with his eyes closed (I guess he wanted to catch up on some sleep), opened his eyes partially and looked at my act of writing my will. The good-looking face revealed some puzzlement. He then gave up on his sleep (it’s just my assumption), and came over to look at me sighing while trying to figure out what I was writing on a white piece of paper.

When he saw the big word “Will” at the top of the paper, I had written up till “If my corpse is in a too bad of a condition, just help me collect it and do not fight over it. Directly cremating it will save some trouble.”

“So you already have the awareness to write a will?” The “Death God” sneered and effortlessly reached out for the eloquently written piece of white paper with such dexterity that I didn’t even notice him taking it.

In just a blink of an eye, the paper had already been taken away, “But rest assured. If you don’t die in such an extreme way, there’s still a hope for you to be revived.” He turned around, smiling with his red eyes. He was creeping me out.

Did he mean to say he wants me to get hit by the train, revive me for indefinite number of times, and only then will he be satisfied?

I actually met a perverted Death God!

The Gods are blind!

After three seconds, I decided, since I’m going to die anyway, it would be better to commit suicide by myself. I would rather have a clean death and not have my death played with by a perverted Death God.

The railway track was starting to vibrate; the next train was on its way here.

Holding on to the determination of being crushed to death, I shut my eyes tightly and displaying the same speed I used when rushing to buy food during lunch time, I hurried towards the railway track, the same place where senior tragically died.

Thunderous sound was approaching right in front of my eyes. This was probably the most courageous thing I’ve ever done.

* * *

A second later, it vanished. The chugging sound of the train passed directly over my head.

I covertly opened my eyes, and at the same time I noticed someone was grabbing onto my collar. I looked up and saw the “Death God” easily carrying me with my collar. Just one more step and I would have fulfilled my wishes… Damn it!

The “Death God” took a look at me, but he didn’t show any expression. He finally let go of my collar after the train had passed by and said, “You rushed at the wrong train. The train you need to get hit by wasn’t that one. If you got hit by that train, there wouldn’t be any medicine on this earth that could save you.”

‘What!? Even when I die I still need to book a specific train?’

I knelt down at the platform allowing black lines to cover my whole body. If this was a manhua, there should also be some will-o’-the-wisp floating around me.

Speaking of will-o’-the-wisp, wait a moment…

I wasn’t thinking much when I was dashed towards the train earlier. It was only now that I noticed. If someone was ran over by a train, the platform should at least have some blood splatters, right?

I started looking around, but everywhere was spotlessly clean. A huge query, similar to a black swirl, kept on chewing on my conscience, and created even more curiosity in my mind.

With quivering hands, I crawled to the side of the platform, and prepared myself for the utmost. In a split of second, I immediately looked towards that direction.

Logically speaking, the scene reflected in my eyes should have been a mutilated body or shreds of different body parts. It could also have been half a head, crushed, with scary and vengeful eyes staring straight at me, or with her brain and intestines splattered at one side. After which, I would start screaming, and due to the unbearable shock, I would roll my eyes all the way to the back of my head and finally collapsing.

I really did scream. However, it was all for a different reason. On the railway track, there was not a trace of anything. So I screamed.

I obviously saw a real life person jumping down. So how was is possible for there to be no tinge of anything?

“What the hell are you screaming for!?” The “Death God”, who was suddenly standing behind me, used my will, rolled it up, and smashed it down onto my head. The force, the angle and also the accuracy was not inferior to my elder sister’s. The terrible force almost caused my head to be planted onto the railway track.

“Th-there’s nothing there…”

For a moment, I forgot the good-looking person in front of me was the “Death God”. Thus I pointed at the bottom of the platform with a trembling finger and answered using a voice of someone who was being electrocuted.

And so, veins started popping out from the Death God’s face and forehead. I thought he must really be thinking I was trying to make a fool out of him.

Sure enough, a shoe’s sole suddenly appeared in front of my eyes and started stamping my face.

“F***!” The “Death God” only said one word.

I didn’t clearly hear what was said afterwards because I was so dizzy after being kicked. I didn’t have the time to listen to him properly, but I think he didn’t continue to curse or swear because by the time I recovered, he was already a distance away, beside a vending machine, buying some beverages.

I’ve never seen a “Death God” drink beverages before. And he’s actually drinking honey soymilk!

“Take it.” He bent down, took out two cans of honey soymilk and threw one can over to me, “Drink a little and see if your brain will sober up.” Emphasizing on sobering up.

I’m probably the first person in this world to be treated to a drink by a “Death God”.

The “Death God” sat down while leaning onto the vending machine. Probably because his clothes were all black, he was not afraid of getting it dirty. His long silver hair was plastered onto the glass display of the vending machine. The small lights inside flashed with somewhat transparent and silver-ish colour.

If he was not a Death God, now that he was quietly drinking his beverage, he gave off a feeling of an angel from a picture album.

Those ten minutes was probably one of the most memorable ten minutes of my life. I’m drinking the same type of beverage with a beautiful Death God, on the same platform… Uh, waiting for my death. The reason was still rather strange.

I wonder, after my death, will he directly drag my soul to hell? I worriedly took a peek and was once again stunned.

The “Death God” actually fell asleep while he was drinking his honey soymilk halfway, and was even leaning on the vending machine. The folded straw was partly in his mouth and the other end was inside the can.

Was being a Death God really tiring? Even while he was out to retrieve a soul, he took the opportunity to take a nap.

I looked at the time and the train should be arriving in about a minute. I stealthily moved closer towards the “Death God”. I’ve never come so close to inspect such a being… Uh, the sole of his shoes not included.

The “Death God” had very long eyelashes, just like a doll’s. Shrouding his face, a lock of red hair hanging on the side of his face was gently fluttering in time with his breathing.

That’s strange; “Death God” can breathe? This was a major discovery.

I began to consider if I should take a pen and write this on the platform. Even after I died, this major discovery can definitely be used as a reference by the future generation.

If I knew how to sketch, the first thing I would have done was to hurriedly draw a portrait of the “Death God”. If every “Death God” was good-looking, even if he drags me to hell, it was not such a horrible thing. But it would be even better if he guides me to heaven.

The railway track once again started vibrating. The train was here.

At that exact moment, I saw the red eyes flew swiftly open and the “Death God” neatly jumped up from the floor while throwing the straw into the trash and can into the recycling bin.

Should I praise him for understanding the rules of the human world? He even knew how to classify the rubbish.

“Run quickly!” he cried out. When he saw my slow movements, he immediately ran over and pulled me up from the ground.

The arriving train was a strong a good one and it seemed like it was not planning to stop at this station either.

I knew this was the train that was going to run me over. Even though I’ve done innumerable mental preparation, the moment the “Death God” dragged me and jumped off the platform, I still screamed. Even I, myself, felt like I screamed like a pig that was about to be slaughtered.

The only difference was the pig was slaughtered by a knife while I was about to be run over by a train.

I was still very scared of dying. I was scared of death. When I saw the train approaching, I lost consciousness in an instant.

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