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Senior and the Aborigine

Time: ??

I woke up to the color of the clear white sky, with a slight smell of a disinfectant.

The smell was very familiar. Every single time bad luck came knocking on my door, I was sent to the hospital. In a time frame of a month, I cannot count how many hundreds of times I had to smell this scent.

‘Huh!? Hospital!?’

My reasoning and rational thinking immediately returned to me. I was obviously run over by a train just a few seconds ago. So why am I in a hospital the moment I woke up?

God! Can it be that the train failed to take my life?

This was really bad. Since I’m still alive, according to the speed of the train, it can only mean I won’t be able to escape being disabled. In fact, I might even have become what one would call a “vegetative” state and my brain would be the only thing left functioning…

I jumped in front of a train to commit suicide. Not only did I not die, I might even have damaged the railway track. I wonder how much money it would be needed to pay for the compensation…

Even when I woke up and found myself being alive, I couldn’t find myself to feel happy. When I thought of this brutal fact, I started to want to complain about the Sir Death God who did not grant me the ability to be reborn properly.

Wait a moment… Having said that, I’ve actually already seen the ceiling…

I tried to slowly move my head, and unexpectedly, I found that I was able to smoothly turn my head.

At the side of the bed, I saw something white, which looks like spilled water spread all over the bed. There were also a few strands of red, which looks like worms lurking beneath the white cloth.

The very same “Death God” was currently lying at the side of my bed, sleeping.

‘So I’m dead as expected?’

But then again, this Sir Death God looked really beautiful. He’s beautiful even when he’s sleeping. He was someone who gave off a strange and cold murderous scent, so regardless of whether he was awake or asleep, he caused others to be apprehensive of disturbing him.

While I was thinking so, without any warning, the curtain beside the sickbed was vigorously pulled open with a loud “Swish” sound, suddenly echoing throughout the entire room.

I saw a lion head.

Ah… let me rephrase it. It was actually a person who had a haircut similar to a lion’s head.

He was a very tall and large guy with a foreigner’s facial features. Brown streaked hair, which was standing up like a lion’s head, and the hair in the back of his head, was tied up with a few strange decorations into braids.

The first impression of him was a flamboyant aborigine… Cough. At least that was what I thought.

The person stared at me while giving a strange look. If you insist on me describing it, it’s the kind of weird feeling of being stared at by a snake, causing my hair to stand on its ends.

Then the snake Aborigine changed his line of sight towards the Death God who was deeply sleeping.

So they are companions?

The same time that I’d made this conclusion, within the next second, something immediately occurred, which seemed to be laughing at my naiveté (really?).

The shaggy South American weirdo suddenly opened his hands, as if he was trying to grab a small chick, and he immediately pounced at the direction of my bedside.

If the strength used was strong enough, I’m certain the bed will receive an impact, causing the whole bed to bounce upwards. Then me, who was currently lying on top of the bed, wouldn’t even need one second to fly out of the bed.

However, none of the two things happened. The reaction of that “small chick” was even faster, just like a hurricane.

Unsure of when the Death God woke up, but using the side of my bed, he propped himself up and neatly jumped up (I’m not sure how he did that while sitting on the chair). He then swung around in a circle and gave the Aborigine a kick on his face. The Aborigine was blown away by the kick.

I suspect this Death God had a habit of using violence with his legs since I was also just kicked once not too long ago.

The Death God’s face seemed to still be in a sleepy daze, and there were traces of lines where his silver hair had been pressed on his face. His red eyes stared at me blankly, as if he was not aware he had just beaten up an aborigine.

That was on reflex… really?

The lion Aborigine was moaning as he crawled up from the floor (to think he’s not dead from the kick), and started saying a long string of foreign language I couldn’t understand.

Even without any knowledge of the spoken language, I was pretty certain he was complaining. On his face, there were two ridiculous streams of blood running down his nose.

This time, the Death God was finally awake. His originally sluggish look immediately changed into a cold and frosty one, tightening his lips, he glared at the nose bleeding Aborigine without uttering a single word. Even I could tell his expression was serving as a warning but the Aborigine was still going “Wala wala”, saying a long string of complaints, while aimlessly exposing a strange expression.

Just as predicted, after five seconds, the Aborigine was then kicked again on the same spot.

“You’re awake?”

The Death God turned his head around and asked me in a very harsh tone.

I quickly nodded, “Am I in hell?”

I thought the place didn’t look like one of the human world. It must have been because of my failure to die and fainted. So this beautiful Death God didn’t know what to do and dragged both my body and soul back before making another decision…

Red eyes glared at me and with a sneer, “It doesn’t matter if you want to treat this as hell but I’ll tell you this. You’d better be psychologically prepared. It’s hundreds of times harder to stay in this place compared to hell.”

The words those thin lips spat out made one huddled in fear.

The Aborigine, who still hasn’t died after being kicked, actually got up again. This time he didn’t dare to provoke the Death God. With his hairy arms and legs, he climbed onto the side of my bed, very similar to a big ruffled bear, “Dear student, do you feel better after taking a nap?”

I was very taken aback; the Aborigine actually speaks the language I know!?

“A… A little better.” At least I was a little more sober and able to accept the horrible fact that my life had already ended.

The Aborigine laughed loudly with his mouth wide opened, a typical American laugh, “That’s good. Since you’ve missed the opening ceremony, you should at least go and take a look around the classroom.”

‘Opening ceremony? Classroom?’

I lifted my head and subconsciously looked at the beautiful Death God. Although he is very fierce, after being with him for one whole morning, I believe he’s a nice guy, or he wouldn’t have treated me to a drink.

The Death God was tidying the black clothes he was wearing. The rather long clothes looked like a coat-like uniform, but it also looked like some military gown.

This time I clearly saw it, a badge was hanging on his arm, and the emblem of the school I enrolled in was on top of it.

The series of happenings, following the school’s emblem, was slowly starting to connect together.

From the time when the girl said she was my senior and jumped in front of the train, and also the appearance of the Death God…

“So I’ve signed up at a school for dead people…”

This was my conclusion. ‘Woo… I want to cry.’

The Aborigine, who was drinking tea, suddenly made a splurt sound and spat the tea all over the bed.

Red eyes glanced over here, icy cold, very similar to the one in the morning.


In less than half a second, a shoe’s sole appeared in front of me.

* * *

“This is Atlantis Academy.”

As soon as the Aborigine took away the bed sheets splattered with tea, the Death God pointed at the badge at his arm and said.

It was only then that I noticed, not only the badge on his body had the same emblem, even the pillow I was been lying on was covered with the emblem.

“This is the medical centre.” As if he was trying to protest, the Aborigine was stuffing the bed sheet into a big metal garbage bin (Recycle bin?) while shouting.

The Death God used his red eyes to ferociously glare at him again before turning his sights back to me, “Atlantis Academy is comprised of what you guys would call a “High School” up to a “Research Institution”. Students enrolled here from all around the world, so the subjects taught here are almost all different, varying from one person to another.”

He looked at me for a moment, and revealed an icy smile, “But I would suggest you choose the psychology class first.”

I stared at the Death God in a daze, no, I can’t call him a Death God anymore. One minute ago, I just found out he is actually a human, and also similar to me, a student.

He was only a year older than me, my God.

At that moment, I silently cried out in my heart, and it wasn’t because I had any complaints against the psychology class comment.

“That train…” I opened my mouth wide, suddenly not really sure of what I wanted to ask; thinking of the time when the train came rushing towards me. Why was it that after being hit by a train, I reached the school?

“The school gate is located in the front of the train. There are only three shifts each day. If you missed them, you won’t need to come anymore.” Pulling off the rubber band and then tying up his white hair again. He, who had downgraded from a Death God to a human fellow student, explained to me.

“School… school gate?” This time my whole body went rigid.

“This time the gate was in front of the train, which was wasn’t that bad. But last time, it was in front of a plane, so all the students needed to think of a method to sneak inside the airport and get hit by the plane, almost causing the whole spectacle into a joke.”

After he had finished with placing the blanket, the Aborigine smiled while walking towards them with three cans of drinks in his hands. The labels on them were words I couldn’t read, but according to the color of the picture it should be an orange juice.

‘Hit by a plane?’

I brought back my attention from the cans to the Aborigine. In fact, I was hoping from the bottom of my heart I had ear cramps and had heard the words incorrectly.

I wasn’t sure if it was due to having different languages and cultures, but I did not understand any of the things they had just mentioned. Regardless if the school gate was located in front of a train, or a plane, I felt they were all a bunch of lies!

Senior smoothly and naturally snatched two cans of drinks while skilfully avoided touching the Aborigine. He threw one can over to me, “You’ll get used to it after getting ran over a few more times.”

I’m pretty sure that sentence was supposed to comfort me, but no matter how I hear it, it feels very weird.

“I… I can’t understand what you guys are talking about.” I gathered my courage and finally yelled out, but as soon as my voice came out of my mouth, it turned into soft mewing sound, “School, school…”

What I wanted to ask is what kind of school is this? Everything was way above my ability to understand, including what they had just said. Senior raised his eyebrows, and he seemed to be thinking about something.

A few seconds later, the can of orange juice was put aside; the red eyes stared at me for a long time, “I want to ask you, do you know what Atlantis Academy is?”

What is Atlantis Academy? Isn’t it a super cheap rural school?

I wanted to say that but the red eyes were so frightening, so all I could do was I shake my head from side to side.

Senior snorted, the expression on his face changed into one of a ‘so I was right’ kind of expression.

“Dear student, you don’t even know what Atlantis Academy is and yet you dared to come and register in this school. You are truly courageous.” The Aborigine opened the can of drink and started drinking while smiling at me.

I’m not sure if I was being too sensitive, but that smile made me feel he was waiting to see a good show.

“Is it not a standard and normal school…?” It can’t be that it’s a school for underworld education?

Looking at senior and the Aborigine in front of me, there was a few seconds where this possibility almost became real in my mind.

“Atlantis Academy is… a school for people with special abilities.” Senior looked at me for a moment as if he was afraid it was hard for me to understand, so he made a gesture.

He placed his hand on top of the can of orange juice for a while. I thought he placed his hand there because it was getting tired, but suddenly, the can melted.

That’s right, it melted.

Below senior’s black gloved palms, the aluminium can which was enclosing the orange juice, rapidly melted like an ice was surrounded with heat. A few seconds later, what I saw was a mattress soaked with orange juice, and the Aborigine’s wail echoing in the room.

I was frightened; my eyes grew in wide circles, and my mouth hung open. My expression must be really amusing, just like seeing a real life ghost.

“Atlantis, it is a a school specializing in the development of special abilities.” Senior smiled. With the same cold smile, he said, “Welcome, junior.” The last two words seemed to be emphasized, as if he was grinding his teeth.

The lion head Aborigine took down the bed sheet dyed with orange juice with a sorrowful expression, “Welcome dear student, I’m the assistant of the health care center, Rollins Tyre. Chinese name is Feng Jiu.”

“Feng Jiu?” A very strange name.

I looked at the lion head Aborigine… Uh, it should now be Mr. Assistant. He looks nothing like a Phoenix (Feng), why didn’t think of naming him Shi Jiu instead.

[T/N: His name literally means ‘Phoenix Coffin’. Shi is the first character of the word ‘Lion’ (Shizi)]

I immediately remembered I have yet to introduce myself, “I-I’m Chu Ming Yang.”

I subconsciously glanced at Senior. He didn’t say anything and his sight was not focused on the two of us, but his sighted was directed at the other side of the window, as if his attention was attracted by something outside.

The lion head Aborigine recited my name a few times while mixing some words of another language I couldn’t understand. It was obvious he was probably complaining about the name, which was translated from Chinese into another foreign language, was abnormally difficult to pronounce.

Just as I turned around to look for that beautiful senior to approach him, no, I mean, to ask for his name, when a huge earth-shaking sound suddenly came from outside the window. If there was a metaphor used to describe it, it would be like the horrifying sound of the sky falling down.

I even felt the floor in here vibrating. The can of orange juice drank half-way by the lion head Aborigine, which was originally left aside, had been shaken by the vibration until it hit it floor. The thick orange liquid started to spread around the ground, making it look like the floor had suddenly opened its mouth and laughed.

The lion head Aborigine issued an echoing wail for a second time.

Then I suddenly thought that no matter if the sky’s falling down or if it’s an earthquake, now was not the time to stare at the Aborigine wailing, so shouldn’t we quickly find a place to hide, or evacuate from the building instead!?

* * *

“What are you doing?”

The second I grabbed onto senior’s hand, I was thinking of running out through the escape door, when a steely cold voice reached my ears. The owner of that palm issued an absolute warning, which seemed to assert that if I am still not willing to let go of his hand in the next second, he will cut off my hand. Since both my life and hands are just as important, I immediately let go.

Unknowingly, the loud sound had already stopped.

While under the gaze of that pair of murderous red eyes, I cowardly moved towards the window with a smile on my face, “I wonder what happened outside…” Changing the subject, I immediately open the shutters.

There was another advantage of doing this, that is, if senior rushed towards me, wanting to cut off my hand, I could try to block his attack and jump out of the window.

I was stunned with what I saw.

Just as I turned my head and looked outside the window, ensuring my escape route, the scene outside the window deeply shocked me. Thinking back, when I was hit by a MickD’s signboard, I wasn’t as shock as I was now.

In order to determine whether or not my eyes had been playing tricks on me, I firmly rubbed my eyes. I rubbed, and rubbed again. I continued to rub my eyes hard. Right in front of my very eyes, was the unimaginable truth. Which means, no matter how hard I rubbed my eyes even until I go blind, the sight I saw will continue to exist.

What I saw outside the window, was a cubic thing running past.

If that cubic thing was a rubik cube, I probably won’t be so shocked. The problem was, the thing that just ran past me was umpteenth times larger than a rubik cube. It also had doors and windows. The main point was, there were people inside.

To be more accurate, the cubic thing wasn’t running because it didn’t have any legs, it was actually “jumping” instead. I’m not sure if it’s accurate to describe it this way, but in short, what I saw was a chunk of cubic looking cement object flying and jumping around in extremely high speed movements, and then it rushed towards the brighter side in the other direction.

Each and every hop the object made would give out the same thunderous sound as before, and the echoes of the humming sound came from far away.

Suddenly, someone patted my shoulder. I mechanically turned my head back and saw the lion head Aborigine. He used a rather “silently praying” kind of expression to look at me, “Dear student, I wish you good luck.”

When he said that, what I saw the expression on his smiling face was of one who was waiting to see a good show, “The thing that just ran past, is your classroom.”

“Ah!?” I opened my mouth and gave off a huge, slow-witted and single toned query.

The block of cement had already disappeared from my sight for quite some time. The very kind hearted lion head Aborigine used his fingertip to knock on the smooth window surface, I looked further towards the direction that his finger was pointing to.

What I saw was a huge white building. I’ve never such a building before. It was glowing slightly with a pale white light. I wasn’t really sure what kind material it was made from. It was so pretty, similar to color of a silver moon.

However, the building had several hollowed out holes, making it look it rather irregular, and the inside of the holes revealed the ugly color of cement.

Just when I was stunned while looking at those holes, I was something else that almost scared the living hell out of me.

Lines were appearing on one of the flat corners of the pretty white building, in a rather cubical shape. After a few seconds, as if it was being pushed, the block of cube fell out of the white walls.

The thing that fell out was a cement coloured cube. As the thing landed, it issued a loud sound, the same exact sound I heard a moment ago.

A few seconds later, a similar block of cement cube ran past in front of me for the second time. While jumping, it was also emitting loud sounds and disappeared from my sights.

I was petrified. This was not a place for humans to stay in.

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