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Health Care Center

Atlantis — Time: ??

If you’ve read manhua before, I’m sure you will be able to know the kind of expression that can be used to describe the current me.

Munch’s Scream, distorted by a hundredfold. (It probably doesn’t look anything close to a human any more.)

[T/N: It is a painting/pastel by Edvard Munch, entitled “The Scream”]

Oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God—! Mama! What the hell is this place—!

I want to go home! NOW! Immediately!

“Stop talking nonsense, that one was not his classroom.”

Senior’s voice drifted over to my ears, sounding rather careless and lazy, as if he was commenting about the sky being very clear today. I lifted my head to take a look, it was indeed a very good day…

Was this the point!?

As I maintained my petrifaction looking like a screaming statue, a knock came from the door. The Aborigine, who was nearest to the door, opened it. A slender figure flashed inside.

At that moment, I seemed to have smelt a strong bloody scent, which disappeared as soon as the door was closed.

The person who came in was an extremely familiar person.

She was the female senior whom I saw getting hit by a train, and was supposed to have died. But because I wasn’t able to find her corpse, I became the victim, instead. (Self-proclaimed reasoning.)

“Geng.” As soon as he saw the person, senior stood up and nodded slightly.

The female senior nodded her head politely in a similar manner, and then she looked at me, “Junior, we meet again.”

With her familiar gentle smile and alluring voice, she said “I’m Geng, from the University Department. If there are any problems, you are welcome to find me any time.”

At that moment, I involuntarily snapped out of my screaming statue status and immediately nodded.

Senior looked at me suspiciously, then he sneered and snorted coldly, “Geng, it came out.” He raised his right hand and pointed at his own eyes. Shocked by the fact, the female senior immediately covered her eyes and then laughed lightly, embarrassed.

I’m not sure if it’s an illusion, but for a moment I saw an unknown green light coming out of the corner of her eyes. However, as I tried to take a better look, I could no longer see it. Could it be that my eyesight was getting worse…?

“I actually came to tell you that the queue outside had already reached the other end of the corridor. So please do something about it.” This time, her gentle voice was directed to the Aborigine, who shrugged helplessly.

A queue? Was this health care center in such high demand?

Students were actually “queuing” for their turn… and I actually stayed here for such a long time. I suddenly felt a sense of profiting from this turn of event.

“Anyway they won’t run away, and it’s not like they’ll die if they wait for a while longer.” The Aborigine snorted.

“It’ll smell if left alone for too long.” Senior frowned with displeasure; he suddenly grabbed my hand, and started dragging me outside, “I want to bring this guy to his classroom for registration. You can deal with it at your leisure.”

‘It’ll smell if left alone for too long?’

When I’ve yet to understand what the sentence meant, senior had already dragged me away and using his other hand, and opened the main door of the health care center.

At that moment, when I described myself as a version of Munch’s Scream distorted by a hundredfold a while ago, I suddenly felt that it was actually too mild.

“AHHHHHH—!!!” I swear, even the dreadful screams issued by pigs about to be slaughtered definitely cannot be compared to the tragic shrill that came out from my mouth.

In the health care center, the Aborigine and the female senior, who were still discussing something, immediately covered their ears, lest the demonic sound would corrupt their brains.

However, senior, who was standing right beside me, was not so lucky.

While I was trying to comprehend what I saw, senior was stunned for a few seconds and didn’t move a single inch. My horrifying scream must have caused him to be so startled, that he didn’t know how to react.

“You, shut up!”

When senior recovered from his trance, he didn’t even take 0.1 seconds before making a move immediately. With his left hand, he gave me an extremely smooth and ruthless upwards slap just below my chin, almost causing me to suicide on the spot by biting my tongue.

Fortunately my tongue wasn’t between my teeth, so I only bit my lip and I saw some blood coming out.

“Wuwuwuwu…” I stared with my eyes wide open, with one hand holding onto my lip, which almost turned into a swollen intestine, and with the other trembling hand pointing at the spectacular scene.

Calling it spectacular would be too polite.

Those who had watched disaster or war based films, should have seen this type of scene; a long road filled with corpses or bodies of people who could not even utter a single sound due to suffering heavy injuries.

This particular scene was reflected on my eyes.

From the start of the hallway, just located outside of the health care center, was filled with several corpses. It was as if a massacre had just occurred in this place. However, the cause of the death of each corpse was very impressive. Almost every possible kind of corpses can be seen; some looked like they had been crushed, crushed into something unrecognizable. One could not make out the original shape from those pieces and lumps of meat.

I felt like vomiting, and then I really did vomited.


The next thing I heard was senior’s furious roar, and the next thing I saw was the familiar print of his shoe’s sole

Because I vomited on him.

* * *

I sat on a chair, paralyzed, while looking half-dead like a fish out of water. I finally understood what they had been talking about a few moments ago. The so called queue was actually the long line of corpses.

“Still alright?” the Aborigine assistant took a look at my condition while shaking the can of beverage he had just taken out of the refrigerator.

After I finished retching, I was again kicked back into the health care center while senior borrowed the health care center’s bathroom and clothes, while exuding a fierce and murderous expression. At the moment, he was still working hard washing up inside the bathroom.

I think he is a clean freak.

“Probably better…” I opened my mouth and spat out two words. I smelled the disinfectant flowing in with the air, and after a few seconds I started feeling nauseated again, making me want to vomit.

I felt an icy cold object touching my forehead. The can the Aborigine was holding was placed on my forehead, “Drink this and you’ll feel more comfortable.”

I looked at the can of beverage. This time I’m able to read the words on the can, it was in Mandarin, lemonade.

“In the beginning, people who were unaccustomed to this, would turn out just like you. But once you’ve seen this long enough, you’ll become immune of it.” The female senior, who might have been a victim before, smiled and said with a tone of someone with experience.

However, I suspect that even after I’ve seen it for a long time, I still won’t be able to get used to it.

After I opened the can and drank a few mouthful of lemonade, I finally felt my queasiness subsiding. The urge to vomit out my bile in every few seconds had stopped.

“Hey! Have you finished washing?” The assistant, who had unknowingly walked to the side of the door of the bathroom, readily used his hand to hit the door a few times, making lots of noise, “I want to start my work!”

So his work was actually collecting the corpses… I put down the can of lemonade and thought sincerely.

‘That’s not right! Where did those corpses come from?’

The cruel and strange fact connected straight away buffeting my almost depleted perceptual reaction…

“?%$%#%!” The bathroom door, which was originally closed, suddenly flew opened forcefully.

But please forgive me as I did not understand what senior said. I even suspected he spoke in an alien kind of language. As soon as the door opened, the silver-haired senior, who still had droplets of water on him, angrily roared at the assistant with those enigmatic sentences.

I’m not sure why, but I intuitively thought he was swearing and he didn’t want me to hear it.

Mama, I think we should have registered for the elite school. I was wrong.

“You look really pale. Are you still feeling sick?” Coolly hanging at the side with nothing better to do, the female senior kindly asked.

‘Nonsense, if anyone saw a line of corpses queuing up, how can anyone not feel sick.’

Once I thought of the “Battalion” I saw earlier, the sour sense of nausea started to appear in my throat again.

“If you vomit again, I’ll stuff the clothes you puked on right inside your mouth.” While tidying his clothes, senior coolly threw a horrifying and threatening sentence over to me.

I immediately covered my mouth with both hands desperately, even if I have to, I’ll swallow the vomit.

But then again, I have already vomited everything earlier, so the only things left inside my stomach was stomach acid and the lemonade.

“Don’t you want to go back to the hostel to change into a spare black robe?” Noticing he had changed into casual white clothing, the female senior raised her eyebrows and asked, “Being… seen in those clothes could be troublesome.”

“There’s no need, since this guy only has a half day of class today. After he has finished registering, I’ll be going off work.” senior gave me a look before coldly snorting twice.

I started to feel fear for my being.

While I was experiencing a thrilling and masochistic pleasure, senior, who was tidying his hair by tying it into a ponytail, suddenly turned his to me. Narrowing his red eyes, he stared at me for a long time.

Just as my fear almost went over 100%, senior’s good looking lips slowly moved, “Your mouth doesn’t hurt?”

“Ah?” I stared at senior with a dumbfounded expression.

The reason I was dumbfounded was not because of what he had said but because of the action of him tying his hair into a ponytail.

From the beginning to the end, I did not see him using a hair dryer and the time he took to come out from the bathroom and stand in front of me was more or less two to three minutes.

Excuse me; I would like to ask why his hair was dry?

Autologous evaporation? This was not funny at all.

However, if this school was indeed a school for nurturing special abilities, then from what was written in manhuas and light novels, it was very possible that he used his special abilities to dry his own hair in less than 0.1 second.

I had accepted this fact rather quickly. At least compared to the jumping classrooms, it was much easier for people to accept.

“Your mouth, really doesn’t hurt?” Senior narrowed his eyes while edging closer; suddenly his good looking face was enlarged making my heart skip a beat.

I was very afraid he would suddenly stab me with his hands because I had vomited all over him earlier.

Manhua always had these kinds of situation where an unarmed person could easily pierce through bodies.

“You must have bit it just now.” Senior stretched out his hand and touched my lip.

I suddenly felt the pain and remember a slap which almost caused me to bite my own tongue. I was probably too shocked that I didn’t react to the pain until just a second ago. Now that senior suddenly touched it, it felt really painful, “It hurts!”

And his hand felt really icy! SENIOR! Just like a block of ice.

I started suspecting he really was a Death God. Just to make me feel at ease in my process of going to hell, he lied to me about this establishment being a school.

“Crying out in pain just cause of this small wound, hmph.” The assistant’s voice suddenly resounded in my ears, causing me to remember about this number one person whom I’d forgotten about.

Then my line of sight was immediately moved to a higher position.

Correction, it’s not my line of sight moving higher but I was suddenly picked up by the assistant just as if I was a small chick.

“Se-senior!” Regardless of whether you are a ghost or a Death God, please save me.

I looked at senior, who was standing on the ground, and started issuing a wishful pleading.

Actually I shouldn’t have begged him because from the beginning, I had already predicted his action. As expected, senior, who had no conscience, snorted and turned his head away, completely ignoring me.

“Good boy, no need to be scared of this small injury.” In order to strengthen my confidence, the assistant issued some incomprehensible words.

The problem wasn’t because I was afraid of the pain, but I’m very scary of you, boss!

“Stop scaring him or else he won’t be able to register as a new student by today.” It was the female senior, who had a little more conscience, as she told the Assistant while still sitting at the same place.

Senior, although you only moved your lips but not moved a single step, I’ll definitely remember your kindness.

“I did not scare him. I thought you also had to bring a new student here, so why are you sitting there looking so free?” the Assistant threw me onto a chair and simply grabbed a bottle of medicine from the top of a trolley.

“What kind of medicine is this…?”

“Mine is already considered as a senior student. Since he came directly from a lower grade, he can easily handle it without me by his side. So I’m very bored now.”

Completely ignoring my question, the two of them began chatting.

But the Assistant did not forget what he was supposed to do while he was chatting. He took out a clean cotton ball, dipped it into a transparent paste, and in less than two seconds he had already finished applying the medicine. It felt icy cool and the pain immediately subsided.

What kind of medicinal paste is that? Is it effective?

“Here, take a look if there’s any other injured places.” In between chats, the Assistant threw a mirror over to me.

Puzzled by his words, I picked up the mirror and wanted to look at it perfunctorily. The second I looked into the mirror, both my eyes were wide opened. In the mirror, my injury had totally vanished, just as if I was never injured in the first place.

This is really too amazing!

I definitely have to ask what medicine it was since it was very effective. According to my daily rate of getting injuries, this should be considered as a daily necessity. I wonder, will there be a discount if I order it in bulk?


“Since his injury is fine, I’ll bring this guy to complete his registration.”

I was interrupted once again. Senior snatched the mirror from my hands and threw it back to the Aborigine assistant. Without asking for my opinion, he dragged me by my collar and walked towards the other direction.

“I…” I still want to ask where I can buy that medicine!

* * *

Senior took me through the back door.

This health care center is really huge; it even had something like a back door.

I didn’t bother asking for the reason, it must be because senior didn’t want to be attacked a second time by my vomit, so he decided to take the back door. I really don’t know if I’m supposed say he is kind.

Just as I was feeling a little touched, senior, who was walking three steps in front of me, suddenly stopped in his tracks. The silvery ponytail slightly swayed and stopped right in front of me, everything was so perfect.


Since everything was so perfect, so why did I scream?

The absolute imperfection was a huge cubic cement classroom that suddenly jumped past right in front of the two of us, which caused the ground to shake violently, and almost caused me to fall down.

The rumbling sound so similar to a thunder.

It’s only then that I realised, senior brought me somewhere with a big open space where I’m unable to see the end of an empty space. I was only able to see several cement cubes, that were said to be classrooms, randomly bouncing around inside.

With the rumbling sound like thunder, I quickly covered my ears in fear of becoming deaf.

Instead, senior did not even cover his ears; he crossed his arms and narrowed his eyes at the pile of randomly jumping classrooms.

There was one second, and I said only that one second, in which from one side he looked like an assassin who wanted to assassinate those classrooms. Just like pictures in manhuas.

But even if he said he wanted to slaughter the classrooms, I think I wouldn’t be surprised. Because looking at him now, gave me that kind of feeling.

“What nonsense are you thinking about?!” I wasn’t sure when senior was standing beside me but he suddenly smacked me behind my head issuing a loud popping sound.

If it wasn’t because the location was not suitable, I suspect he would have kicked me, instead.

“No, nothing…” ‘I was just praising the classrooms and you, senior.’

After looking at me skeptically, senior turned his sights back onto the pile of cement-made blocks. He said with a very natural and relaxed tone. “I found your classroom.”

“What?” What did he say?

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