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Opponent in the Competition

Location: Atlantis
Time: 3:20pm

It was obvious senior and his partner had rushed here, since the huge array magic was still visible under their feet. It looked rather similar to a teleportation array, but it doesn’t seem to be one.

The black iron whip came from the purple robe’s hand.

“Chu, you can let go now.” Senior said, I immediately pulled my hands away. They were in extreme pain, and were completely covered with blood

After the purple robe wearing the white mask recovered his whip, the five-colored rooster head also put down his hands. His muscle twisted and turned back into the usual humanoid hand, but the laceration on his hand was still bleeding.

As soon as the surrounding people saw the appearance of a black robe, they immediately dispersed, not daring to stay and watch.

“That…” Geng walked towards us, as though she wanted to say something, but after senior shook his head she didn’t continue on.

“I know it was the foreign students who started the provocation, but seriously wounding them would be quite troublesome. Bring them to Tyre for treatment first before we continue discussing this.” Senior nodded towards the purple robe, and the latter dragged the other two foreign students who were lying down on the floor into the still-present array, and the three of them disappeared before our eyes.

“It hurts.” I frowned. The place that was pierced by the beast claw felt like it was burning up, thoroughly in pain.

“Yang~ sorry.” After the horrifying feeling had completely disappeared, the five-colored rooster head sauntered over, draped his arms around me, and said, “I didn’t know you would suddenly rush in.”

I also didn’t know you would suddenly freak out!

Once again, from the bottom of my heart, I felt like a real moron, always rushing into the middle of other people’s fights. Last time, it was Chifuyu and the five-colored rooster head, and this time it’s even better, it was someone whom I didn’t even know.

Wait a moment! Why is it always that five-colored rooster head! Did I owe him a debt in my previous life!?

“Third King Taifu, I apologise for fighting in your shop.” Senior didn’t care even if the two of us were bleeding to our deaths, as he went to the counter, lowered his head, and apologize, “Please calculate your shop’s losses and deduct it from our side, and if you didn’t get any payment for collateral damage, please do inform me. After those foreign students wake up, I’ll bring them here to apologize.”

“Mr. Black Robe.” The old man laughed twice, “You’re very young and very polite, I’ll definitely look for you regarding the losses, but there’s no need to bring the two students to see me, my small store couldn’t withstand getting smashed a second time. As for the remaining payment for collateral damage, I’ll directly go and claim it from their school. You’d better send your two students back first, their injuries seemed to be rather serious.”

“Then we’ll do that.” Senior bent his body again as thanks, only then did he walked over, “Let’s go back first.”


I peeked at the five-colored rooster head, and he had a complicated expression. On the side, Geng had already helped him to stop the bleeding, but the laceration still looked rather terrible.

Senior came over to my side, and patted my shoulder, “Next time, if there you see this kind of fight, don’t randomly rush in. If they died fighting, then just let them be. Don’t treat your own life as a joke.”

I… I understand…

Then I saw senior slightly bending his body, he opened his palm facing the ground, and said, “Teleportation array.” In that second, a huge magic array appeared on the floor, exactly like the one where they suddenly appeared from.

A charm’s not needed anymore? Such high level skill!

In just the blink of an eye, we had already arrived at the assistant’s medical room. It took less than half a second, it was too godly!

I love this array, using it to escape would definitely be quick.

With a “bam” sound, Senior smacked me behind my head, “This is a second level spell. By the time you learnt it, all your hair would probably have turned white.”

I knew that the lower the number, the higher the level of the skill. Nn, nn, no wonder Senior’s hair was white, it was because he learned a bunch of stuff ordinary people couldn’t use.

Icy cold hand was draped across my shoulder, “I was born this way… and if you feel you still have too much blood, I can help you to spill more of it.”

“No need for that!” I immediately escaped.

* * *

The number of people in the medical room was more than usual, and most of them were people whom I’ve never met before.

“Yang Yang!?” Miao Miao, who was originally talking to someone wearing a white robe, suddenly appeared in the medical room. As soon as she saw us, immediately ran over. She was wearing a dark blue coat, similar to the one the assistant and the others were wearing. It had a few identification badges on her clothing, looking really cool, “How did you get hurt?”

“I was careless.” I looked at the five-colored rooster head, and there was another person wearing the same blue clothing, dragging him away. The person seemed to have started treating him.

“Sheesh, you need to be more careful.” Miao Miao dragged me to an empty seat at one side and had me sit down. She then took a transparent medicine jar from the shelf.

Since I didn’t die, I felt I was already being considerably careful. According to logic, I should have died more than a thousand times from the day I entered school. However, until now, I was still alive; such a rare and extremely good fortune.

Because it’s not my first time coming here, I somewhat knew the treatment procedures, so taking the advantage when Miao Miao was helping me to disinfect and apply the medicine, I started looking around. The whole room was full of about five or six people, who were wearing dark blue clothing, walking around, but I didn’t see the assistant. A few doors inside the medical room were closed. Sometimes the people of the medical team would go in and out, holding onto medication items that’s to be replaced.

Looks like Ghost King was really very strong, so many people were injured.

There were two to three white robes in the same room I was in, but I didn’t see Senior’s partner, and as soon as people saw senior, they surrounded him and started discussing about something.

“Alright, you can take if off tonight.” Miao Miao patted my hand. I immediately snapped out of my trance, and noticed my hand had already been nicely bandaged, “We don’t use much Surgery Method to help people to cure their injury. Although using Surgery Method is faster, using it for a long period of time would cause the person to become too dependent on it, and would also cause medicines to become ineffective. So Yang Yang please bear with it, although using medicine as treatment is relatively slower, the result will be better.”

I’m allowed to take it off tonight and that’s considered slow!? Then in the world that I live in, those people who sell medicine should just go for a collective suicide. This can already be considered Godly fast recovery, alright!?

Earlier, the three white robes had their backs towards me so I didn’t notice. It’s only after they turned around that I realized with amazement, there was a pair of twins amongst them, and the third person looked rather similar to them as well, so he should be their brother or the like. They had dark blue short hair, so dark that it almost seemed black, and hazel eyes, their contour were rather deep, they looked a little older than senior. The one, who doesn’t look the same as the other two, looked very mature, while the pair of twins looked a little younger.

“Chu, these three are aristocrats from the Water Fairy tribe, the eldest brother is Yido. As for the twins, the eldest is Yado, and the youngest by is Leido.” Senior introduced the three to me, and then he used a language I didn’t understand to talk with the three of them for a while. He was probably introducing me, since the three of them turned around again and politely nodded at me.

Speaking of fairies, I suddenly remembered the person from Class A who talks through his nose. So not all fairies looked like him. The three people in front of me, although they were not like Restua who gives off an Elfin fluttering feel, they looked pretty sharp, and they also had a very superior and imposing manner.

Their ears were rather pointed, with many traditional styled earrings hanging on top.

When Senior was introducing us, I paid a little attention for a moment, Yado and his elder brother were similar, giving off a mature feel, while Leido looked more like someone playful. He kept staring at the five-colored rooster head’s colorful hair, until he was ferociously glared back, and then he looked away.

“They are not people from this school. They came to pick up the two little brats from earlier.” Senior said to me.

Yeah? They are from the same school as the delinquents? Their dispositions were completely different.

“We are first year high school students from Alis Academy.” Yido came over and spoke to me. His Mandarin pronunciation was not really accurate; there was a very heavy accent, “I’m sorry to have troubled you guys.” He looked towards the five-colored rooster head and then he bent his body.

“Forget it, anyway he is also in a miserable state.” The five-colored rooster head snorted once, as if he was very satisfied with his own accomplishment. Geng at one side, nudged him, and only then did he lose his arrogant grin.

“If there is any place needing of compensation, please do submit an application to our school. Regarding this matter, we are deeply sorry.” The still very polite Yido said.

Just as senior wanted to say something, sounds of yelling came from one of the rooms in the medical room, and then the door was kicked opened. The two delinquents, who were wearing lover shirts, rushed out from there.

“I hate them.” Miao Miao was beside me as she said very softly.

I also really hate them because I almost turned into a human kebab by the five-colored rooster head, and the whole thing was caused by them.

“What the hell! Where’s the bastard from just now, I want to kill him!” As soon as the purple robe delinquent came out, he started to bark and shout furiously. His whole eyes were bloodshot, and there were even blood stains on his face, making him look really scary.

He really looked like the murderer from a homicide scene. Ah, he should be the one who was murdered.

“Come on, let’s see who’s the one who will do the killing.” The five-colored rooster head was arrogantly sitting on the chair, with the I welcome you to pay me a visit at anytime to let me slaughter you type of looking-for-a-beating expression.

“Go and die!”

Just as the person was about to rush forward, two white figures stood in front of the five-colored rooster head. The pair of twins, one with a face as if he was owed eight million dollars, while the other one kept smiling as though he was crazy, and just like this, four eyes were looking straight at him.

“Lund, the chairman has already called off your qualification for the competition.” Yido, who didn’t move, said very calmly and rather loudly, and all of us heard it clearly, “And in accordance to the Union’s regulation, you used the authority of your purple robe to destroy a shop, causing damage at the left shopping mall. You also injured a non-robed student, and worse, as a purple robe you were actually seriously injured by a non-robed student. As of just now, the Alliance had already issued the execution report to the school and for me to relate it to you. You’ve already lost your qualification as a purple robe, starting from this day onwards, you are to change from a purple robe level to a non-robe level.”

“How dare you, you white robe… Ah, ah!!” Before the person had the chance to finish roaring, a bunch of purple flames suddenly appeared on his body. Just like lightning, it moved past the interior of the room and landed on top of Yido’s palm, floating.

He looked like he was devoid of energy, and his whole body fell on the floor, his companion was completely terrified. He didn’t even dare utter a word.

“According to the Alliance’s rules, if a non-robe level defeated a robe level in a special situation, the person’s robe level can be transferred to the non-robe level with a special enactment.” Yido’s hazel eyes looked towards the five-colored rooster head, “Are you willing to accept this, Mr. Ziray Rogeria?”

“Don’t wanna.” The five-colored rooster head rejected him in less than half a second.

“Why?” Yido was obviously shocked, and not only him. Everyone who was listening were also shocked, even senior was staring at the five-colored rooster head.

“After I receive this, the next time if I were to beat up people, I would be considered as someone who has a robe level. I won’t look cool when fighting with others, and don’t you guys think a non-robe level putting down a robe level would sound more impressive?!” The five-colored rooster head hot-bloodily clenched his fist and explained.


Yido’s face was completely blank. It must be because he really don’t know what he should say. After a long time, he snapped out of his trance and nodded, “I think I understand what you mean, then I’ll dispose of this purple robe proof.” He clenched his fist and the purple flames completely dissipated.

The person who fell on the floor started to wail. In fact, he was really unlucky.

* * *

“By the way, since he is disqualified, will be one less candidate for Alis Academy?”

Geng broke the silence in the room, and no one cared about the person who was lying on the floor wailing.

“Nope, we were requested by the Alis Academy’s chairman to come here together, and also to inform you that the Alis Academy’s candidates for the competition had already been replaced by us, and the other group of people will be in accordance with what was arranged previously, without any changes.” Yido curved up an elegant smile and looked at senior, “We’ve already seen all the representatives, and this year Atlantis Academy would have two black robes separated to one in each group to compete. We’re looking forward to competing against you, I believe this will be a very good experience.”

“Likewise, I appreciate your advice.” Senior said and nodded at him.

Leido’s attention was monopolized by the five-colored rooster head’s hair, because while everyone was discussing about serious matters, he kept peeking at the bright colorful head.

I think I wouldn’t be surprised if his hair had become colorful by the next time I see him.

Noticing that he was peeking again, the five-colored rooster head ferociously glared back.

“Ah, senior’s team only has two people, but Yido’s team has three people?” Before I realized it, the question had already came out from my mouth, and everyone was staring at me.

I wanted to go and bang my head on the wall. Why was my mouth so itchy!

Actually I still had another question: why was it that black robes had to separate into each group?

“This… classmate Chu?” I know my Mandarin name was really hard to pronounce, because the assistant complained about it before. However, Yido didn’t seemed to be displeased about being interrupted, instead he was smiling while he turned towards me, “You must be a newcomer, right. There are rules for the basic teams in the competition, every school is only allowed to send two teams to participate, every team is only allowed to have a maximum of one black robe… because they are afraid the gap of their strength will be too wide. And in a team, the minimum number of people is two and the maximum is up to five people, using this type of analogy.”

Oh, oh, I understand now.

“And teachers are not allowed to participate, it’s stipulated that only students can take part.” Miao Miao added, but this was something that I already know of.

So to say, the number of black robe students doesn’t account to much. I heard that Andy from last time was one of the school’s administrative staffs, and so was the hair gel black robe, and other than that, I’ve never met with the other black robes.

“I’ve heard Gasai and Prince Icy Flame’s partnership would be this year’s rare and strong combination. This sports competition would be very amazing.”

Prince Icy Flame? Who?

Senior glanced at me, and then he turned his sights back towards Yido, “The three aristocrats of the Water Fairy in Alis Academy. I’ve also heard that your combined strength could overtake high-level purple robes and black robes. I believe during the assembly, you would be able shine with honor.”

Such high compliments. I secretly yawned, without letting anyone see it.

“If that’s the case, I wonder if Prince Icy Flame would honor me by allowing us to have a small friendly match before the sports competition?” The one who said this wasn’t Yido, but was LeiDuo, whose target was the five-colored rooster feather, and he looked really excited, as though he was looking forward to a fight.

“Leido!” Yido immediately suppressed him.

“What’s the matter elder brother? You yourself also wanted to exchange moves right? It’s not certain we would be able to get to compete against their group, so having a friendly match for fun would be fine, right?” Dragging his twin brother, Leido pulled him a few times and said, “Yado, you think so, too, right?”

The very cooperative twin nodded his head.

“Stop being wilful…”

“That’s fine, it’s only a friendly match. Just take it as a training and compete a little with good will.” Senior smiled while interrupting Yido. While at one side, Leido immediately cheered.

“I’m sorry to trouble you then.” Yido could only follow and nod.

Just as everything was settled, Miao Miao, who suddenly had a very imposing spirit, stood up with a “swish” sound. Everyone’s attention turned towards her. Only to see Miao Miao looking completely serious. Very, very serious.

“If you want to fight, all of you go and fight outside!”

* * *

“I want to fight, too.”

After a group of people were swept out from the door, the five-colored rooster head, who was grouped together with me as the spectator, sat on the railing at the side, and regretfully expressed his opinion.

You still haven’t fought enough!?

After being sent outside, senior brought us to a huge round platform. The round platform was very big, surrounded by azure water in a circle, and then there was something like the audience’s platform. There were even seats.

This reminded me of the Roman amphitheatre.

“This is the school’s third martial art stage, also a kind of an arena. It is usually open to all the students on campus.” Senior straightforwardly introduced this place. I saw him writing something on a piece of paper, and the paper suddenly started burning, vanishing into thin air, “I’ve already booked this place, the three of you don’t have to be polite.”

It was very clear the three brothers didn’t look like they will be polite either.

“I want to fight, too.” Looking at the three people at the middle of the arena, the five-colored rooster head issued a second protest.

“You can find someone else to fight next time.” I really felt like kicking him off the railing. Since there was water below us, if he falls down, I’ll be able to witness the classic drenched chicken*, “Oh right, do you know who is “Prince Icy Flame” they mentioned earlier?” I felt really weird because in the room we were in earlier, I didn’t see such a person.

[T/N: It’s a Chinese Idiom which is used to describe someone who is thoroughly wet.]

The five-colored rooster head looked at me, “That’s senior.”


“What’s so surprising about that? Just like Restua, Restua Laurin pronounced in their clan’s language, it actually means the “Cat Eye of the Light God”, and so senior’s name also contains the meaning of Ice and Flame, that’s why Yido calls him “Prince Icy Flame”.” He looked at the stage, and turned back to explain me.

“Senior is also an Elf?” I was surprised. I was shocked! Don’t tell me he is a mutated violent Elf!?

“Doesn’t seem like it. I’ve never heard of senior or anyone else mentioning it, but Elfin clan will emit light, and no matter where they go it’ll brighten up, but senior is not like that.” The five-colored rooster head tilted his head and thought for a while, “If I have to say it, from his title, he is definitely an aristocrat. I guess he must be an aristocrat from some race.”

Are you talking nonsense? Even I can guess that much alright!?

“To say that he’s from the Elfin clan, I feel that senior is more like someone from one of the Beast-master clan, most likely a lion, tiger, or leopard. These few types of ferocious beast group, because senior’s eyes are very sharp and beautiful, very different compared to other races.”

Uhh, that was something I couldn’t tell.

Then the five-colored rooster head stop responding to me. His whole thoughts were occupied by each and every one of the movements on the stage.

Senior and the other three people were standing at different spots. And so, the fight begins.

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