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The Friendly Match and the Substitutes

Location: Atlantis
Time: 3:55pm

The surrounding had quieted down.

Yado and Leido, who were on the stage, simultaneously took off their white robe and threw it aside. They were wearing shirts and trousers beneath, the shirt looked like the current mainstream type of clothing, made by very good material, and even the tailoring was very special.

“Creature who formed a contract with us, please allow your friends to witness your limitlessness.”

I saw Yido slowly raising both his hands up until they were parallel to his shoulders. He held it in front of himself, with his palms facing up. There were two small points of light forming a circle on his palm, and some type of weapon’s handle surfaced above both of his palms.

A sudden wind rolled past, blowing at Yido’s white robe, making it look like waves.

Yado and Leido simultaneously stretched out their hands, one on the left and the other on the right, and drew the weapons from their brother’s palms.

Those two weapons were western medieval swords. If one wants to know how it looks like, please watch Lord of the Rings III, and find the part where the sword was re-forged by the Elves and given to the human King — that’s how it looks like, it also probably feel like that as well.

Wait a moment, why did those swords grew out of Yido’s body?

“Oh, oh, those are the body possessing type of Illusionary Weapons!” The five-colored rooster head’s eyes completely lit up, “Not many people knows how to use those, this is interesting!”

I absolutely didn’t understand what he had said. “What body possessing type?” Weren’t all Illusionary Weapons supposed to be bean type?

The five-colored rooster head turned around to look at me, “The general type of Illusionary Weapons are the ones you guys use — a gem that will change into a form, right? That’s called as external contract. But there is another type of Illusionary Weapon, which is the type they are using, the body possessing type. The Elf, who made the contract, is not inside a gem, but the Elf and gem is living as a parasite in a person’s body, in which case, that human is considered as a weapon. I’ve heard the body possessing type of weapons are better because it relies on their hosts, thus making it very sharp.”

To put it simply, it infests the body and absorbs their essence, and then becomes a high level product?

“Don’t disturb me anymore, this is the interesting part!” The five-colored rooster head turned his attention back, no longer responding to me.

Senior took off his robe, and a silver spear appeared in his hands.

Yado and Leido’s action was very fast. It was very, very fast.

Because I didn’t see them moving, they just disappeared on the spot, I heard a “clang” sound, and both of them were already swinging their swords from above, smashing towards senior.

But senior’s movement was very quick as well. Both swords were smashed at the tip and tail of his spear, not missing even the slightest.

“Very fast! I can only see their shadows!” The five-colored rooster head praised their movements.

… The one beside you couldn’t even see the shadows!

Yido was totally not moving, he’s not fighting?

The twins, who didn’t hit their target immediately moved back. Senior swept his spear across, slashing off a few strands of their fringe, and as they landed on the ground, a crisp sound could be heard.

The hairs slashed off turned into ice, and broke into pieces.

It was obvious senior seemed to be lazy to take the initiative to attack. His spear was horizontally blocking in front of his chest. With a cold smile, he looked at the twins, who were a distance away and had stopped their movements.

Yado was the first to move, stabbing with his sword, he kicked his feet and rushed forward.

Only to see senior moving slightly backwards, not at all panicking, but he elegantly turned his silver spear, kicked the ground with his feet, and moved forward.

I saw sparks grazing through the air. The tip of the spear perfectly intersecting with the tip of the sword, both of them not moving even a step, only holding on to their weapon.

Then, Yado suddenly loosen his grip and did a high jump backwards. Leido, who maintained the same smile the whole time, appeared behind him. The sword that fell down bounced off Leido’s sword, changed its direction, and fell into Leido’s other empty hand.

Senior slashed his silver spear across, forcefully receiving the similar sword stabbing attack by Leido, and the same sparks appeared on the sword’s tip and on top of the spear’s body. Leido seemed to have succeeded. He waved the sword on his other hand, and slashed it towards Senior’s waist.

“Ah…!” I widened my eyes. It was very difficult for senior to avoid Leido’s sword in that posture.

However, senior looked completely relaxed. He loosened his grip on the silver spear, he leaned back, and took advantage of the sword slicing through air. He twisted his body, lifted his leg up, kicked the sword away, and the silver spear fell back into his hands.


Yado landed on Leido’s shoulder. Leido threw his sword up high into his twin brother’s hand, he raised his hand, caught the sword senior kicked away, and switched it to his right hand. These actions happened in just a few seconds.

I watched until I was completely dumbfounded. I didn’t dare to turn my sight away.

Yado’s face was still very serious. He directly stepped on his brother’s shoulder, and shot towards senior, who just stood back up, stabbing towards his body. And at almost the same time, Leido also kicked his leg, stabbing at his front, both of them — one on top and the other below.

Senior had yet to even stabilize himself, and with that posture, he directly stabbed the silver spear into the ground. The spear’s body perfectly blocked the sword tips at the top and the bottom, and then he tightly grabbed hold of the silver spear facing the ground and flipped it up—

All the tiles before the spear was flipped up.

Yado and Leido seemed to be startled, and both of them immediately retreated.

The second the tiles came off the ground, they completely broke into pieces, turning into ice, shining and glittering, as if ice was raining down.

Just as Leido wanted to raise his sword to continue his attacks, he suddenly stopped.

I didn’t see anything. I don’t know when, but Senior had already stood behind Yado, his spear tip pointing at his neck. Yado didn’t even have the time to look back.

In less than one minute, the winner of the competition had been decided.

* * *

Senior recovered his spear.

“Worthy of being a black robe, you really are very powerful.” Leido wasn’t frustrated at all by their defeat, instead he smiled at senior.

Yado turned around, slightly bowed his body, as though he was paying his respect.

Yido came over, he stretched out his hands and recovered the two swords, “Your strength is indeed very powerful. Worthy of someone who has the title of a black robe.”

“You’re welcome.” Senior also returned a salute.

The flipped tiles in the arena had already recovered by themselves, and there was not a trace to be seen.

“Hmph, hmph. That kind of standard, I could do it too.” The five-colored rooster head, who was standing beside me, was apparently rather dissatisfied with the fight, “Come on, we can go down now.” He grabbed onto my collar and jumped down.

“Ahhh—” Will die, I will die! I will be strangled to death!

You need to know that the audience seats were at a higher position, and while jumping down, the moment of acceleration due to gravity allowed me to experience the feeling of something known as hanging oneself.

So when I felt that I’ve landed on the floor, my eyesight was completely blurred. When I had recovered from my dizziness, there was already no trace of the three brothers in the arena.

“Yang~ has your soul returned to your body yet?” The five-colored rooster head, who was talking to senior, smiled at me

At that second, I wanted to rush over and hit his face. Return your soul to your body yourself! Damn you, I was almost murdered by you!

Senior turned around and looked at me, on his face was a strange smile. I was then shocked, he must have heard everything I was thinking about earlier, “They’ve already gone back first to reply to their school. Yado is very interested in you. Before he left, he said that if there’s time, he hope he’ll meet you for a chat and whatnot.”

Meet me? From what I’d just seen, I’d rather he doesn’t come and find me with his sword raised. But, why was he is interested in me? I was obviously no different from a passerby…

“Yado said it’s very rare to see such a novice like you… You obviously have the power, but you don’t know anything, very interesting.” Senior continued to explain.

Was this considered as a compliment or sarcasm…?

“Then Leido also wanted to ask how you did your hair, but his elder brother said you can ignore him.” Turning around, senior said to the five-colored rooster head.

“This is commercial secret.” The five-colored rooster head grinned, “If he is free, then come and fight with me, and if he wins, I’ll tell him.”

He was obviously using his hair to fish others to fight with him.

“I’ll pass the message.” Senior said and nodded his head.

“They were very amazing.” I looked at the traceless tiles, and commented from the bottom of my heart.

The five-colored rooster head stared at me for a long time, “Yang~ they didn’t even use their full strength, alright? They were fighting as if they were playing!” His tone was rather dissatisfied, because he hadn’t had enough to watch.

“Yeah?” Is that so!? In my opinion, I think they were really strong!

“Yido didn’t join in from the beginning until the end. They were only treating it as a warm-up match.” Senior didn’t deny it, and continued to explain.

“But senior you didn’t use your full strength either. Also, the purple robe wasn’t present.” The five-colored rooster head said with a tone filled with regret.

“If everyone reserved some of their power, only then will it be interesting during the official match, right?” Curving up a faint smile, senior informed him.

“That’s also correct.”

Actually… I couldn’t tell if they had indeed reserved their energy. If I was the one who had a match against them, it’ll probably won’t even take a moment before I was killed.

“That’s right, do you guys know that Ryan is taking part in the competition?” The topic took an abrupt change, and the change was so dramatic.


* * *

Ryan was going to take part in the competition? That rice ball fanatic!?

“Actually, the school officially had four teams, where two teams are the active players. But privately, there are another two more teams, which are backup players.” Senior explained told us. Without keeping us in suspense, he continued, “The other team has three people in a group, so their backup team also has three people. I heard they went to look for Ryan today.”

No wonder I didn’t see Ryan’s ghost shadow for the entire day!

“That guy can actually go up the stage!” The five-colored rooster head emitted a ghastly roar.

He must have felt really dissatisfied from the bottom of his feet up to the top of his head, since there was not even half a person who came to look for him.

“Because we’ve decided to only pick new talents for this year’s backup, it allows everyone to have an opportunity to take part. And by combining all the team’s strengths and weaknesses, Ryan, who specializes in the usage of different types of Illusionary Weapons, is indeed a very good candidate. Because in the sports competition, the majority of the people only train around one to three weapons, and another one would be spells. In this aspect, Ryan has a huge advantage.” Senior seemed to be analyzing this for us to listen, as he said it very clearly, “Although Ryan is not good at using Magic and the like, the effects of Illusionary Weapons are much better in combat compared to spells, he is the best choice as a substitute team member.

The five-colored rooster head started to scratch the floor, and was getting impetuous.

“Then I’ll go and kill him to prove that I’m better than him.” This was his conclusion without the usage of his brain.

“Hey! That’s enough.” I pulled the five-colored rooster head’s clothes, not allowing him to go and do something stupid.

“Let go of your hands! Let me go!”

“That’s impossible! I will not allow you to go!”

“I definitely must go! Or else I won’t have a future!”

“What do you mean ‘no future’!? Stop trying to play out a poetic drama with me here!” I punched the top of the five-colored rooster head’s head, and after I’ve punched him, I suddenly realized I had actually done it!

Sometimes, people who had lost their rationality were really courageous. I had a feeling the five-colored rooster head had an urge to kill me right now.

Holding on to the head that was hit to one side by me, the five-colored rooster head used an extremely, extremely strange expression to look at me.

I took a step back, and the distorted version of Munch Scream that hasn’t appeared for a long time, was depicted in my heart.

“Very good, extremely good. You are the first person to touch my head.” Then, he exposed a strange smile, and I saw him grinding his numerous teeth.

“You’ve never let your mom wash your head before?!” I took another step back, and begin to resist.

“… Alright then, the second one.” The five-colored rooster head might have thought what I had said made sense, so he immediately changed his sentence.

“You dad never touched your head before?!” I continued to take another step back.

“Alright then, the third one.” He changed again.

“Your elder brother…”

With a “bam” sound, senior gave me a slap behind my head, “Enough the two of you, you’d better keep quiet.” He issued an impatient voice, “Don’t start a comic dialogue here!”

I’m innocent, my Lord! I really didn’t start a comic dialogue with him!

“So after we looked at our combined strength, we also decided to select a backup candidate from the first year.” Senior magically twisted the topic back, “The person Gasai has chosen is you.” He looked at the five-colored rooster head.

The five-colored rooster head was dumbfounded for three seconds. “Me?”

Senior nodded his head.

“Chifuyu’s elder brother specified this?”

Senior nodded his head again.

“He’s not planning to take the opportunity to assassinate me in the competition, right!?”

You’re thinking too much, dear student.

“Gasai said you are very strong, this could be seen from your clan, so he specified that if I went off the stage, the backup player replacing me would be you.” Senior said seriously, completely ignoring the five-colored rooster head’s words.

But, I think it was an almost impossible situation for senior to go off the stage. Because he’s not a human.

With a “bam” sound, my head was smacked again.

The five-colored rooster head’s expression changed from being dumbfounded into someone who won the lottery.

“Then senior, who is the person you specified?” I pretended I didn’t see the five-colored rooster head starting a weird dance, and then I turned around and asked Senior.

Senior shook his head, “To be truthful, I couldn’t find anyone who could become my partner.”

Meaning, you are too strong that no one could become your partner right?

Then, senior actually nodded! So arrogant!

“Then, that’s all, I’ve already conveyed Gasai’s message. The backup player’s qualifying form should be directly sent to your dorm, and after you’ve filled it, you can just pass it to Gasai.” Senior said to the five-colored rooster idiot, who was still dancing, “I still have work to do, I’ll take my leave first. If there’s anything, you can contact me on my cell phone.”

Oh right, I completely forgotten about the matter of having a cell phone.

“That phone is for you to use, you don’t need to return it to me.” Senior waved his hand. In the next second, a huge teleportation array appeared under his feet, and he soon disappeared.

Really quick. That’s really a mandatory array when escaping. I’ve decided I must learn this advanced array.

* * *

After senior had left, I decided to take the advantage of the five-colored rooster head dancing to hurriedly flee from the scene. However, as soon as I took one step, my collar was immediately grabbed.

“Yang~ don’t run away, accompany me for a trip to the medical team.” The five-colored rooster head ended his dance, and then he draped his arm over my shoulder.

My eyelids suddenly jumped a few times. It was definitely nothing good! Definitely!

The five-colored rooster head dragged me back to the medical team in such manner.

After entering the medical room, the number of people inside had decreased. Only a dark blue medical team member, who seemed to be looking for something at the medicine cabinet, was left in the room.

I recognized him. He was the one who helped treat the five-colored rooster head earlier.

Nodding at him, the five-colored rooster head dragged me straight towards one of the medical room, pushed open the door, and openly walked in.

The people inside were so familiar, that they can’t get any more familiar.

“Yang Yang?” Half sitting on the bed, Chifuyu was very shocked, because he saw me and the five-colored rooster head together again. Also, the five-colored rooster head deliberately draped his arm over my shoulder while walking.

Miao Miao was sitting beside the bed, and on the other side was Ryan. The three of them had set their sight on us.

“That’s… I’m very sorry to bother you.” I was very embarrassed, extremely embarrassed.

“Yang Yang, I just mentioned about the matter of you getting hurt!” Miao Miao jumped up from the chair and held onto my arm. Without making it seem awkward, she pulled me out from the five-colored rooster head’s arm, and moved me to one side, “Also, Ryan is elected to become the backup player in the sports competition! He also just got here and told us about it right away.”

Uhh, actually I already know of this, senior told us.

“Oh, that really is worth congratulating!” The five-colored rooster head smiled roguishly, and said to Ryan.

“Thank you.” Ryan replied very politely.

“What are you doing here? If there’s nothing, then you can go leave right now!” Chifuyu, who clearly said in a loathsome tone, glared at the five-colored rooster head.

“I came to visit the patient, to look at how some guy, who does prediction, is lying on the bed.”

I felt that the five-colored rooster head has a bad habit of being very fond of casually provoking others, and he would adjust the level of his itchy mouth depending on the person, “Ah, that’s right. I’ve forgotten I need to bring some gifts when coming to visit a patient.”

After he said that, he immediately went out, and came back in less than one minute. In his hands, were two cans of icy cold drinks, and he left them on the bedside table.

I was very sure he stole it from the assistant’s fridge.

Veins were popping out on Chifuyu’s forehead.

“I’ve also been selected as a backup player.” The five-colored rooster head sat down beside the bed, and said. Everyone other than me stared at him with surprise.

You specially came to visit the patient just to flaunt this, right?

I felt that sometimes, the five-colored rooster head — from the top to the bottom — was a question mark. A very weird question mark.

I couldn’t understand the slightest in regards to his train of thought.

“Also it was your older brother who chose me.”

He uttered the sure-kill attack!

I pulled Miao Miao to one side, afraid Chifuyu would suddenly blast the whole room.

“My older brother?” Chifuyu had a completely stunned expression on his face.

“That’s right. It was your older who chose me. I heard he was the one who specified it.” The five-colored rooster head nodded his head> Using an even more affirmative tone, he said, “You saw how your clan treated him, or else the person whom he should have chosen would be you, but he didn’t even dare to elect you.”

Didn’t dare to elect? I was confused by the five-colored rooster head’s words.

It seems like the five-colored rooster head was rather familiar with Chifuyu’s clan. He even knew about the inside story of the clan.

After he finished listening to his words, Chifuyu’s expression become rather weird, as though he was thinking about something, “There’s no need for you to care about my clan’s business.” In the end, he only said these few words.

The five-colored rooster head shrugged, and stood up, “Well, I’ve finished visiting the patient.”

To me, he didn’t look like he was here to visit the patient, or rather, he came to provoke the patient, causing the injury to worsen and to quicken the process of going to heaven.

“Yang~ You still want to continue visiting the patient?” The five-colored rooster head suddenly turned around and looked at me, who was being pulled by Miao Miao.

Uhh, I think I should nod, or else it was very likely that I would be murdered by Chifuyu and the others.

“Yang Yang still wants to chat with us!” Miao Miao spoke for me instead.

In fact, there was nothing much to chat about, because I always didn’t understand what Chifuyu and the others were talking about. My understanding towards this world is too minimal.

The five-colored rooster head glanced at me, and then he suddenly grabbed at my other arm and pulled it towards the other side, “Then, I don’t wanna let you guys chat.”

Are you a kid!

“Hey, hey…”

Miao Miao also increased her strength. My arms hurt.

“Yang Yang wants to chat with us!” Miao Miao was unyielding and pulled hard.

“Don’t wanna!” The five-colored rooster head didn’t look like he was using any strength, but in fact, he was about to rip off my arm.

“Both of you…”

“You, get out!”

“Don’t wanna!”

I suddenly felt I was mysteriously being treated as a piece of meat while being bitten by two dogs.

“It hurts!” I shouted. Miao Miao immediately let go, I almost fell down on with my face facing the floor, but fortunately the five-colored rooster head’s strength was enough to pull me up.

“Thanks, pretty little miss.” Then he directly dragged me out of the room, not forgetting to use his leg to kick the door shut. He dragged me and ran some distance away from the medical team.

He is crazy!

“What are you doing! I didn’t want to come out alright!” I was rather angry, because he didn’t ask for my opinion.

The five-colored rooster head looked at me, puzzled, “Anyway, you don’t even understand what they are talking about, so you might as well follow me to go out and have fun. At the same time, we can aggravate that nerd — this really is hitting two birds with one stone!”

That’s only for you, alright?!

I swept off the five-colored rooster head’s hand, “You can go and play by yourself. I want to go back to the dorm!” If I continue to be with him, I suspect that I won’t be able to control myself and hit his head a second time.


“What is it this time!?” I snapped and turned around. The five-colored rooster head didn’t chase after me, instead he was standing at his previous spot, waving at me.

“Let’s play together again next time.” He opened his mouth and smiled.

There’s no more next time, idiot!

Once again I confirmed this person is made out of question marks from top to bottom.

Shouldn’t get close to him.

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