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Unexpected Harvest

Location: Taiwan
Time: 4:07 pm

I suddenly felt anything can exist in Mars. Even though I already came back to my world, it was still wrapped around me.

The pair of bloodshot googled-eyes did a 360 degree turn, and when it stopped, it focused on my body.

Stop messing around! I’m currently not playing out a movie!

It really was “a pair of eyes,” other things which should exist such as facial skin, nose, and other elements that made up a body were missing. It literally was just two eyeballs connected together with strands of blood and meat, floating in mid-air. To be honest, they looked like fishballs.

“That is the Moving Eyes.” The bunch of vague shadows suddenly started to stir. Several of them even went inside the mirror and disappeared without a trace, as though they had been frightened to no end.

Whatchamacallit Eyes? Just now you said it was whatchamacallit Eyes that moves? It does move, I could clearly see it, and I also knew it was not a pair of normal eyes, so can you guys not remind me about it again?

I took several steps back, and was suddenly backed up against the mirror on the wall. The two eyeballs floated inside, and as soon as it entered, the entire toilet became cold. It felt as though I could see some suspicious white mist forming dry ice floating about.

Very quickly, the huge group of shadows that had gathered here earlier had completely disappeared. Only the black charcoal-ish wooden club, which was still cursed, was left standing at the same place, and was treated as a live body decoration.

“Please do leave this place. Otherwise, once you’re targeted by the Moving Eyes, something bad would happen.” The cow-head person resurfaced from inside the mirror and urged me.

“I want to leave, but can’t you see it’s blocking the entrance!” I also knew something bad would definitely happen, since I had already encountered more than enough bad happenings. You guys are a very good example; who would be so unlucky to get surrounded by ghost just because he came to the toilet to wash his hands!

The cow-head person saw the two eyeballs floating beside the black charcoal-ish wooden club, blocking the entrance, the same place where I was washing my hands, “You’re someone with powers, so you should try and think of a solution.”

It would be the best if I really had powers!

At the same second, one of the eyeballs’ pupil suddenly split open, and a huge bloody mouth and shining silver fangs appeared. With one mouthful, it suddenly swallowed the black charcoal-ish wooden club with gulped, but it didn’t turn get petrified.

I now knew what “something bad” meant. It actually disguised its mouth as an eye! Such huge effort!

“You want me to think of a solution?!” I don’t know where, but I suddenly got the courage and power to drag the cow-head person out of the mirror, “I’m not familiar with this whatchamacallit Eyes, what do you want me to think of!”

“At least repel it!” The cow-head person struggled and withdrew half of its body back into the mirror, “The moving eyes only appears when it feels power, so you also need to bear half of the responsibility!” Started to make an excuse to escape!

Speaking of powers, the group of people inside a certain room should be responsible, since the place literally had a huge concentration of power.

The eyeballs turned around, haughtily staring at the two of us humans… It should be one human, and one ghost. Next, its pupil slowly split open again, densely packed white teeth appeared… I saw something that should have been a throat.

“Hide first, and then we can talk about this!” The cow-head person grabbed my hand and pulled me into the mirror.

With a clamor, I fell down and was consumed with dizziness. Until I came back to my senses, I realized the things I was seeing had their left and right reversed, similar to how it was drawn in many manhuas.

I was pulled into the world inside the mirror! Now what do I do? Take a picture and keep as a souvenir!?

“I think this place wouldn’t be able to stop it, so should we retreat into the inner area?” Hearing her voice, I immediately turned around and saw the cheongsam woman and the cow-head person talking with to each other. But it was strange, since the woman didn’t have her earlier devilish look, and she felt like a normal person. The vague shadows I saw earlier weren’t shadows anymore as soon as they entered the mirror. Each of them has their own forms, some were humans, and a large portion of them were small animals.

“Even if we retreated into the inner area, it would be the same, just now the Old Man had already been eaten. I really don’t know what to do.” The cow-head person looked at me. Nearby, the other ghosts had gathered together, but remained silent; they looked like they were shivering.

“Who can explain what those eyeballs are?” I raised my hand and asked.

“That is the Moving Eyes, a body formed by the evil energy of living creatures. It has already been here for a long time, eating a wide range of evil thoughts to grow. Similar to the situation earlier, it would eat things with power.” The very serious cow-head person gave me a brief explanation, “Originally, it was very small and there was only one of them, but now it has turned into its present state.”

In other words, it used to be a small fishball and has now turned into two extra-large fishball?

Then, it was the same as those manhuas where the whatchamacallit absorbs desires of humans, or the sun and moon’s essence, or etcetera, and finally turning into a monster, “You mentioned something about the Old Man…”

“The guy who was eaten just now, was the Barrier God of this place, and has never allowed the Moving Eyes to enter this place.” The cheongsam woman glared at me, gritting her teeth and added, “He has never made any mistakes before.”

Alright, I know it’s my fault, but that guy came to harass me first! If he didn’t harass me, would I have rewarded him with that slap!? I wouldn’t, right? So getting to the heart of the matter, he should be the one with the bigger fault.

Just as everyone was in the same silent understanding, at that second, the mirror behind me suddenly issued a very loud crisp sound. I immediately turned around, and saw the mirror looked like it had been hit by an enormous force from the other side. Traces of spider web-like cracks appeared, and tiny shards of glass started falling down around us.

“It’s coming…” The animal spirits inside were very frantic and shrunk into clumps of hairballs.

“Don’t worry, we will hinder it. You guys take this opportunity to hide.” The cow-head person and cheongsam woman came forward, each entering their battle mode, ready to fight at any moment. The cheongsam woman suddenly turned chilly with long fingernails, opened mouth, and bloody teeth, whereas the cow-head person became twice as big, and the muscles on his whole body bulged.

Both of them should be the best fighting force here, and according to the situation I saw, I was absolutely sure what I thought was correct.

Looking at the situation till now, actually I felt I should help them by doing something.

If I kept staying on the sidelines, when I get out of this place, I definitely would be beaten up by senior. My intuition told me it would most definitely happen.

“I’ll go out with you.” Sometimes, I feel my mouth moves so much faster compared to my brain.

Good, now let me think, what I should do?

I remember I brought some things with me; some were useful, and some were not. Other than the explosive charms, there’s the talisman, and what else…?

“I’ll send the three of us out of the mirror now, and would exit from the sink. First, attack the back of the Moving Eyes to force it out of our home.” The cheongsam woman said very cautiously.

The mirror was severely hit once again, and the attack succeeded in creating a palm-sized space. What all of us saw behind the broken space was a pupil with teeth. As the eyes kept rolling, there was a kind of feeling of being peeped at while one is in the toilet.

Girls, normally when you encounter this kind of situation, you definitely must not panic nor get scared. Find a long sharp object, poke it, and it’s going to be just fine. This came from my sister’s teaching, but where do I find a long sharp object in here?

“Are there any problems?”

The question caused me to snap out of my trance, I immediately shook my head.

“Alright, let’s go!” The next moment after the cheongsam woman called out, I felt nothing below my feet, and fell down from the top of the sink.

“So painful…” It was extremely painful. Imagine when you’re falling down, you hit a marble sink, hit the floor, rolled, hit another floor, and the continuous dual impact caused you to directly see a sky full of stars and flowers blooming.

Very neat and firm, the cheongsam woman and cow-head person rushed at the two eyeballs immediately. It looked like they were planning to risk their lives to kill it.

Although I didn’t know how to estimate the opponent’s strength, I had a feeling the cheongsam woman and the cow-head person had no chance of winning.

Sure enough, the two eyeballs at either side only took a few seconds to crush the attackers onto the glass on the wall.

To be honest, if I didn’t know the eyeballs could eat people, the scene looked rather hilarious, but I couldn’t laugh at all.

I looked at the bottom of the wall, the same mirror wall I went into. Half of it was broken because of the impact, and several broken pieces had severely peeled off.

What should I do? What can I do with the power I currently have?

“I really want to protect them.” Those who lived inside the mirror; the small animal spirits. After digging into my pocket, I took out the talisman Chifuyu had given to me in the past, which was later processed and turned into a red cursed eye talisman, “If you can help me, then protect the mirror and the things behind the mirror.” Recalling what senior had told me, about the old-fashioned words of the mind’s intention being the most important.

The intention of my mind… is to protect those things.

After the red bloody eyeballs rolled twice, suddenly it curled up; for example, have you seen fried spring rolls before?

The piece of red spring roll skin left my hands, passed through between the two eyeballs and then with a bam, it opened up and pasted itself on the the extremely deformed wall. Next, I don’t know if it was an illusion, but I saw a small reddish gold light with the talisman as the center, and then it expanded to cover the whole wall.

“Well done!” The cow-head person suddenly pushed the eyeball away, pulled the cheongsam woman up, and jumped back several steps, stopping about three steps in front of me.

The eyeballs slowly turned around, looking like it still wanted to smash the wall. However, it trembled twice before and stopped its action, slowly turning back to look at us.

What should we do now?

Because I came back with senior, I thought I wouldn’t encounter any big trouble, so I only brought two explosive charms with me. I didn’t dare to casually use senior’s explosive charms, but the power of my own explosive charms couldn’t even overturn a mouse, so it was definitely useless. This caused me to enter a state of contradictory dilemma.

“Both of you go in and hide first, I’ll think of a way to lure it away.” The cheongsam woman and the cow-head person seemed to have been injured. In addition, the cow-head person had shrunk back to his original size, so they were unable to continue to fight. If I could run fast enough, rushed back into the room to ask for help, this Fishball Eyes would definitely be dealt with.

“No way, we can’t allow you to stay out here alone.” The cow-head person said with assertion.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” At most I’ll be bitten twice, and by quickly sending me to the hospital, I would be saved.

“No way, you must definitely follow us in to hide, otherwise we would be ridiculed by our kind.”

I realized the cow-head person could probably be sworn brothers with a certain idiot who like to have no future; one would always be affectionately shouting, while the other one is “a friend in need is a friend indeed.” They match so damn well!

If it was the others, what would they do right now?

“The both of you better go in at once!” Fierceness plus a murderous aura, with a ferocious glare to finish it off.

This way of saying it was very useful. Regardless of any objection, the cheongsam woman dragged the cow-head person into the mirror. The entire mirror above the sink became black, and nothing was reflected on it.

Senior’s lines are really nice to use, there was a type of strange sense of threat.

The pupils of the two eyeballs faced me, and I could almost see the pupils slowly splitting open.

First, to cool down to think for a while. In the past when encountering with such scenes, how did I use the explosive charm?

I took out an explosive charm, held it in my hand, and started to think. It can’t be something too exaggerated, can’t be something too weird, and it must be practical. Usually, when it comes to eyeballs, the first thing that comes to mind is to poke it, but I already have fingers so I don’t want another finger. Then, what else? Spoon? To what, dig it out? Stop joking! It’s already been dug out and it’s still very much alive.

Wait a minute! My previous thoughts were probably wrong, if I think about it in a girl’s point of view; if she saw eyes continuously staring at her without looking away, what would she think of?

With a clang, an icy cool item appeared in my hands. When I looked down, I almost fainted.

“I didn’t say I wanted a pepper spray——!” There was a saying for this; “a hopeless situation,” and I knew, it’s used to describe people like me.

A can of small pepper spray appeared in my hands, completely black, manufactured by the same company as the insecticide. I could totally imagine what kind of reaction senior would make when he finds out after his explosive charm turned into an insecticide, it then turned into a pepper spray.

One, he becomes stunned.
Two, he then kills me off.
Three, the drama ENDs.

“clatter, rattle, rattle…” A sound very much like someone trying to open a wooden door but couldn’t get it to open, appeared above my head, and when I looked up, I saw fangs appearing in front of my eyes.

During that extreme silence, the world seemed to have lost its sound. Everything was so wonderful, as though the head of the monks had started being selfless.

“Whoaaahhh——” I heard my own scream, and within a second, I took a dozen steps back. However, the villainous wide-open-mouthed eye followed and turned towards me, slowly advanced towards me with rattling noises.

Panicked, and because I couldn’t think of a calmer method, I held up the pepper spray and sprayed at it!

The eyeball froze on the spot for three seconds, and I heard one of the fishball eye yell of surprise, and it fell backwards, crashing into the mirror wall. Its pupil had split opened and smoke came out from within… The smoke should be because of the explosive charm and not sulfuric acid, right?

Two seconds later, the pupil facing upwards, suddenly spitted out fire.

Oh, oh! Such a spectacular scene!

Part of the whites of the eyeball was trembling, the pupil with opened mouth kept spewing fire, there was a kind of causing one to be caught in an illusion of watching the street performances of the fireworks of fire breathers from the bygone days.

On the other side, the other eyeball, which saw its other half turning into a fishball volcano, stayed at the same spot and kept glaring at me.

“Normally, at this time, you should settle it at once, so it wouldn’t have time to think of a countermeasure.” A black figure grazed past the side of my face, penetrating through the if-the-enemy-doesn’t-move-I-won’t-move eyeball, and the entire thing was suddenly pinned on the wall.

A black spear made of explosive charm.

With a thunderous sound, the undamaged eyeball blew up, and all the debris fell on the floor disappeared.

“Senior!” Reinforcement! I had a feeling I saw a live God.

“Didn’t I tell you not to make those inexplicable things appear!?” Senior looked at the black can of pepper spray in my hands, and then looked at the eyeball volcano still spewing fire, “Did you want to grill it before giving it to the group of people inside the room as snacks!?”

Seems like this kind of dish really did exist.

“Th-that’s, I…” I felt I had to explain why I made my move, and also the matter about the animals and monsters inside the wall.

“No need to explain, I already know everything.” Senior took the black spraying can from my hands, and with a poof, it turned into black smoke and disappeared, “I was standing here watching; your reaction this time is acceptable.”

…You were standing there watching?

You were f—ing standing there watching? But why did I not see you standing there at all!?

“If you could see me, then how could I still be a Black Robe?” Senior crossed his arms, and arrogantly looked at me.

That’s true… but wait a minute! That’s not the problem here!

“Then, when the eyeballs ran inside, you were also watching?”

Senior nodded.

I didn’t know what to say.

“Chu, this type of thing is considered as a low level spirit monster, so sooner or later, you would need to deal with it by yourself.” Walking across the floor filled with debris, senior tore the talisman from the mirror and gave it back to me, “But your reaction was better than I imagined, so much better compared to two months ago.”

So you were testing me?

“Nn… that’s right, I think your reaction has reached my minimum standard.” Senior, who was not afraid of admitting it, was extremely generous in agreeing with what I was thinking.

What else can I say? I definitely can’t say anything, because senior is the boss. What can I say to the boss? Right? I definitely can’t say anything at all.

During the time when the both of us stopped talking, the cow-head person and the cheongsam woman came out of the mirror, “Both of you…” I guess they saw senior dealing with the eyeball, and had an easy time dealing with it.

“This has nothing to do with me, the matter was something this guy wanted to settle.” Senior heavily patted my shoulder, throwing my balance off, causing me to lean towards one side, “But it’s not a good idea for you guys to continue staying here; sooner or later you would still be driven out. I’ll advise you to quickly leave this place and look for a new home.”

The cheongsam woman had a painful expression when she exchanged glances with the cow-head person, “To be honest, there are too many buildings, and spiritual lands are getting lesser. We really don’t have anywhere else to go, so we could only stay here.”

Could it be that there’s a lot of spiritual power in the toilet? You guys are specialized in absorbing essence from humans who come to the toilet, I understand.

Senior glared at me and tilted his head for a while, “Alright, I can introduce another place for you to live in, but you need to ensure you wouldn’t come back here after you leave. What do you say?”

“That’s great!” The cow-head person only considered it for a few seconds before giving an immediate reply.

“Very well.” Senior took out a small chalk, walked towards the mirror above the sink, and very quickly drew a circular array on the mirror, “Go in if you believe me and don’t look back.”

I guess, the reason why senior was a Black Robe, was because the things he did was more attentive and assuasive. If it was me, I would probably ask them to continue suffering until they were able to find another place.

The cheongsam woman turned around and went into the mirror. After a while, several vague shadows were following her as she came out.

“We’re extremely grateful towards you.” After they thanked senior together. They also nodded at me, and after a moment, they disappeared into the array.

Finally the cow-head person, who had not yet left, walked in front of the eyeball, which had stopped spitting fire and had turned into a big charred ball, he then bent his body, inserted his hand into the eyeball and felt about. After a long while, he took out a shiny black item.

I got a careful look at it; the thing he took out seemed to look like a wide bracelet. It was black, and on top was a golden cross pattern. It was very quaint, so it was probably pretty old.

“This is the Old Man’s original body, I’ll give it to you.” The cow-head person pulled my left hand, and clasped the black bracelet on my wrist.

Logically, it should be a very touching scene. However, I was currently feeling very conflicted, because I wanted to say one thing… It’s extremely hot, boss!

It was the same bracelet that was under the huge fire just a while back, and you clasp it on my wrist?! Have you never seen Teppanyaki before!?

“Thank you.” Although I was trying to stop tears from flowing out, I still had to say thanks, but at the same time, I had a miserable feeling of suffering, and didn’t have the opportunity to clarify it.

“Let’s meet again if fate allows.” The cow-head person coolly waved at both of us, and in just a moment, he disappeared into the array.

And then…

“It’s very hot right? You don’t have to continue pretending anymore.” Senior said very, very coolly.

The second I took off the bracelet, I saw that my whole wrist was red. Did the cow-head person intentionally make a fool out of me? I was unable to get to the heart of this matter.

Blisters appeared on my wrist, very red and swollen, looked rather horrifying.

At this time, one should carry out a disaster advocacy, please follow my lead and do the five major protocol steps for burn treatment.

“Give me your hand.” Senior beckoned to me, and stretched out his palm.

I obediently lifted my hand towards him.

Senior’s right hand held my hand and his left palm was covering my wrist. He lowered his head and mumbled something. My wrist suddenly felt like there was a piece of ice kind on top of it, but it only for a few seconds, and senior removed his hand.

This is really too wonderful! The burns were completely gone! Senior actually also knew healing spells!

“I don’t.” He honestly interrupted my feelings of being moved, “I only learned transferring. I didn’t have the time to learn healing yet.”


Senior put his left hand on top of the marble sink, removed it after two seconds, and on the marble, traces of burn marks suddenly appeared, “You can wear the bracelet, it is considered as a rather good item.” Senior shrugged, “That’s right, just now I accepted the job to take care of Moving Eyes. Later, you’ll receive the money in your bank account.”

Accepted? Did he accept this job was when he call back to the accounting department earlier?

Senior glanced at me, nodded, and went out of the toilet.

“What about the toilet?” I quickly followed him, looking back at the completely ruined toilet.

“The client would know what to do.”

Nn, nice answer.

Walking out of the toilet, we walked a few rounds before we returned to the room. Inside, there was still singing, and I vaguely heard either Leido or Yado’s voice singing a duet with the five-coloured rooster head.

Track: There are only you and me on the way of love.

Looks like they haven’t finished playing? I was very hesitant in going inside, since they played in such a crazy fashion, they probably wouldn’t know even if I disappeared.

“Impossible.” Senior stood behind me and laughed coldly.

I could only bite the bullet and opened the door.

The second I opened the door, I had a feeling where… an alien planet appeared. There was a human-faced spider quickly crawling past the door, and behind it was a human-faced fish swimming past. On the left side of the wall, there was a small circular area of a tropical rainforest, and on the other side, a circular area of a desert with cactuses and sand.

You guys are too much! Where did these weird things come out from!? If the waiter saw this, he would go crazy and smacked into the wall to suicide, right!?

“Don’t block the road!”

Senior kicked my ass, and my centre of gravity lost its balance, causing me to stagger a few steps forward before stepping on air. And then, I started sinking.

Which bastard left the swamp at the entrance!?

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