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Staying Out Overnight

Location: Taiwan
Time: 4:57 pm

Since I knew these people, I realized I didn’t have to bear with the situation as though I was an old uncle trying to rein in his stress level while it continued to increase daily, then go out of control.

Some kind of supernatural “bloop, bloop, bloop” sound came from beside me.

“Yang Yang, why did you not step across it?” Pulling me out from the Astral Sand Swamp was someone I previously thought was an angel, who in the end I clearly found out was actually also very evil, Miao Miao, “Astral Sand Swamp has bone eating fishes, you need to be careful, oh.”

What the hell is a bone eating fish?

There was a “clack, clack” sound. When Miao Miao pulled me up, I heard something being dragged out together with me, and also it issued a very supernatural-that-will-cause-one-to-not-want-to-know-what-was-following-you kind of sound.

Don’t look, don’t look, don’t ever turn around to look, or else I would definitely regret it!

“Look, it followed you out already.” Miao Miao patted at my back twice as though she was patting off dust or garbage. There was a sound of something rolling down, and with a bam, it disappeared.

What followed me out!?

There should have been nothing that followed me out, all these are illusions, there’s nothing in the swamp, I’m thinking too much. Yes, that’s right.

After being pulled out, only then did I realized that my body was covered with white sand. There was no water, or mud, and with one pat, it was already clean, not leaving a single residue. It really was very special.

Just as I wanted to see what kind of sand it was, and disaster suddenly arrived from it, “Yang Yang, you actually sneaked out, so it’s your turn next.” Chifuyu dragged me towards the front of the screen. I don’t know if I was thinking too much, but from the beginning, I felt there’s an unknown human-shaped object partly submerged into the wall right next to the screen wall.

It’s just an illusion, it’s just an illusion, I knew these were all illusions.

“You guys singing would be enough…” I don’t want it to be my turn, boss, really, not even a little.

With a cling, Ryan pulled out his dual knives and inserted it on the floor (I don’t know how we’re going to pay for this later). Ryan, who’s personality changed, gloomily looked at me, “All of us had already sang, you dare not sing?”

“I’m sorry, I’ll sing.” I immediately picked up the microphone, and walked back to the previous spot.

You should know that Ryan, after his personality change and before his personality change, is completely different. Thus, it would be best to not casually anger him.

“Yang Yang, we already progressed until the duet punishment, you need to pick one person, oh.” I don’t know when a big chocolate sundae appeared in her hands, but senior Geng was eating while stating this cruel fact.

Duet? What the hell?

“I’m sorry, can you please explain how it works?” I think I may be already out of fashion. In probably about two years, I’ll need to enter a nursing home; I completely didn’t know about the popular games amongst the current youngsters.

“Easy, it’s two people forming a group to sing. If one of them couldn’t sing, both of them will be punished together.” Miao Miao enthusiastically explained to me.

Already played up to this point…

I could probably guess the human-faced fish and human-faced spider have appeared due to this game.

“Yang~~ hurry up and find one person.” The five-colored rooster head boldly sat on the single seat sofa with his feet crossed, and he also had a cup of drink in his hands. I didn’t know what it was, but it kept bubbling.

About picking someone… I glanced at senior, and he used an if-you-pick-me-you’d-better-wait-for-your-death expression to look at me.

Alright, I understand your meaning… Then, who should I pick?

I already saw Yido and Ryan singing earlier, and the two of them were definitely not too good when it came to singing. Leido and Yado only knew how to play pranks, so I don’t dare to ask them, and I don’t dare to flatter the five-colored rooster head’s songs. What about Geng and Miao Miao’s singing? I didn’t get to listen, so I wasn’t clear about it, but since they are girls, they should be better at singing compared to most of the guys, right?

“Miao Miao, get rid of your human-faced spider!” With a bam, the five-colored rooster head slapped the human-faced spider that climbed towards him, as if he was slapping a mosquito.

“It would be best if it bit you to death.” Miao Miao stuck out her tongue, without any intention of getting rid of the spider.

Wait a minute, the human-faced spider was Miao Miao’s? Which means she was also punished!? In a split second, I dispelled the idea of picking Miao Miao.

“Geng, what’s the species of this fish?” Catching the human-faced fish swimming on top of his head, senior threw it on the table and asked casually.

“Alindor’s human-faced fish.”

… I already gave up picking them.

Just when I had given up on myself, planned to simply pick someone randomly, and resigned myself to accept the punishment, the door to the room was pushed open and someone walked in. He seemed to know there was a swamp at the entrance, and he very smoothly stepped across it; presenting a contrast to the me, who stupidly got caught in the trap.

“I’m sorry, the temporary job had some changes, so I’m late.” The person who came in was Gasai, who originally wasn’t able to come.

At that moment, I seemed to have seen a spark of help in the pile of ashes. Uh, I hoped he was.


I saw Chifuyu suddenly standing up, looking like he wanted to say something.

However, Gasai just smiled and nodded at him, removed his purple robe, put it aside and sat at the vacant seat beside senior, interrupting his words that had yet to be said. Seeing the other person’s action, Chifuyu could only silently go back to his seat.

I could clearly see he hurriedly rushed here, because his robe was stained with some kind of unknown object, “Where did you guys sing up until?”

“It’s duet singing now.” As soon as Leido saw someone had appeared, he started chanting, “It just so happen to be Yang Yang’s turn, and he would form a nice team with Sir Gasai.” As soon as he said that, Miao Miao and Ryan began clamoring and clapping.

“Then, I won’t be polite.” Gasai smiled very generously. Without saying anything more, he took the microphone and walked towards the front of the screen wall beside me, “What about the song?”

“Randomly picked.” Senior Geng randomly entered a few numbers.

A very lively song resounded. My entire face was almost black.

If it wasn’t Taiwanese song, it was cartoon or anime songs. I really suspect senior Geng was ninety percent playing us for fools.

Inside a KTV, why was there Lion King’s song!? And it was even the theme song of wild boar and his partner.

What the hell!

As soon as they heard the music, almost everyone in the room whistled, clapped, and applauded. All of you knows this song, right!? But why would you guys know?

“It just so happens this song is a duet, Chu, you should know this, right?” Gasai whispered in my ear.

Come on, I most definitely know. I remember when this animation first came out, it was so famous, even at the streets, there were little kids singing it, so how could I not know?

“Very good. Then, let’s start.” Noticing my expression, Gasai, who also guessed the answer himself, patted my shoulder, “Ah…”

I was shocked. Never thought Gasai actually knew how to sing! I freaked out!

When the intro ended, I still haven’t snapped out of my trance, but after hearing the start of the actual song, I immediately followed up with the singing.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh—!” The people below burst out with applause, completely excited. Suddenly singing out a sense of accomplishment, I worked even harder alternately singing with Gasai.

The song piece was very, very short. It ended in just a while, but I had fun singing the song.

As soon as the singing ended, everyone applauded loudly.

“Never thought Yang Yang’s singing would be so good.” Miao Miao bounced over and pulled my hand back to the sofa, “Later, let us sing together, too.” She suddenly smiled at me and said seriously.

“Uh… alright.” I don’t know if my singing was good or not, because I also rarely sing. But looking at their joyful expression, I guess it was alright.

“Next, you’re free to choose the song you want to sing. First team, Prince Icy Flame and Sir Gasai!” Leido, who took the microphone and stood at the front most, suddenly turned into the MC, pushed back his sunglasses that had also suddenly appeared out of nowhere. He then very coolly stepped on the ice bucket used by the five-colored rooster head earlier as a prop and wasn’t taken back.

Senior and Gasai? The combination was actually very interesting. Everyone also knew the two of them were good partners, even now if they were to be singing as partners, too.

A rather native rock kind of song started playing. A very familiar music… I know, I think it was the recently new song. However, but it wasn’t Chinese, for it uses a mixture of many earthen musical instruments and electronic music, and if I remember correctly, it was also a duet.

It was a duet of a girl and a guy, and also the type where it’s filled with a very strong murderous intent…

I suddenly realized something. It seems like senior didn’t get chosen to sing, right!?

“Cough, cough. Next, allow me, who was late, and Icy Flame to sing a song for everyone.”

Everyone was stunned.

Not because the partners were going to sing, but after Gasai coughed twice, his voice became… a girl’s voice, and it was also the type of when-you-close-your-eyes-and-listen-you-would-definitely-think-it’s-a-girl-in-her-early-twenties kind of supernatural voice.

He is a ghost! Definitely! He was the extreme, hard to eliminate, terrifying ferocious ghost.

Sure enough, to be able to become senior’s partner, he definitely couldn’t be any normal person Once again, I get to deeply experience this fact.

* * *

After that joyful singing assembly ended, it was already exactly eleven at night. We sang for nearly seven or eight hours. Very scary… Next time, I won’t dare to casually follow them to this kind of place anymore.

“Did you tidy up the room?” After settling the payment, senior casually asked, “Yes~” Miao Miao was still so energetic, holding up her as she answered. But one could very obviously hear it; Miao Miao’s voice was rather hoarse.

I think this should be considered as self-torture — a large group of people who shut themselves in a room and sang crazily for seven or eight hours. It was hard for one’s voice to not turn hoarse, and it also included a crazy punishment competition.

“It was extremely fun. Next time, it’s our turn to treat you guys.” Leido, who was obviously hooked to the singing game, took out a notepad, and with an extremely serious expression, he turned towards his older brother, “Choose an auspicious date.”

“…” This was Yido’s answer.

“I’m sorry, we should take our leave first, we didn’t inform our clan about today’s outing, so we need to go back and report first.” The only one who was still the same and without a cracked voice, Yado respectfully greeted senior and the others, “Yang, I’m very thankful for your treat today. Allow us to return the favour the next time.”

“Huh?” It’s not my treat.

“We also have a job later, so we’ll also take our leave.” Ryan and Chifuyu both looked at their watch, and indicated said why they had to leave.

“Miao Miao want to sleep already.” Yawning loudly, Miao Miao rubbed her eyes.

“Then, let us dismiss now.”


“Bye bye.”

In just a few seconds, the originally large group of people had disappear in an instant, while senior and Gasai were standing at one side talking about something.

After leaving the main entrance, I only found out that the wind tonight was very strong and rather icy cold, as though threads of rain would fall.

Oh right, I remember they said there would be a typhoon in the next few days.

The phone in my pocket suddenly rang twice, and there was a short message. Opening it, on top I saw the registered name was the school’s accounting department. Opening the content, inside was an amount of money that could scare me to death but not the others.

“Nn, I guess the payment for this job was a little more.” Senior, who appeared behind me, said while looking at the short message, almost scaring me to loosen my grip.

“Where’s senior Gasai?” The last person was also gone, and the two of us were currently standing on the street where the strong wind was blowing.

“He still has work, so he left first.”

“Oh.” Everyone was really busy.

The wind was alternating between being strong and weak, and suddenly loud whoooosh sound could be heard. Sure enough, it was a “typhoon was appearing” kind of feeling. I wasn’t sure if I was used to the school’s peaceful kind of strange, calm weather, but that I came back and encountered a typhoon, I felt rather unused to it. It felt like I’ve never seen the weather changing for a long time.

“In fact, the school also has its weather changes, too. However, all the changes would be suppressed to the minimum to avoid inconveniences for the students. After all, students often use charms, create arrays, and the like. If the weather changes, it would affect the on-going lessons.” Senior, who was beside the vending machine, bought two cans of drinks, and threw one can at me, “The saying of it being repressed… For example, if the weather now is a lightning storm, in the school, it would probably be drizzling, but the temperature in the influence of the huge barrier wouldn’t have too much of a change. But these only happens in the school. As soon as you leave the school entrance, the weather outside would always be following the natural progression.”

So to say, it was possible during the summer to have a moderate temperature while I’m still in school, but the moment I leave school, I would immediately turn into a dried corpse. Was it something like that?

“That’s almost correct.” Senior nodded, agreeing with my thoughts.

So that was the case. Because I was always in the dorm and didn’t run around, and the dorm is part of the school. No wonder I felt the weather over there was without any changes; I understand now.

“It’s already so late, if you go back now would it be alright?” Senior’s tone changed, and moved onto another topic.

After being reminded, only did I think of it. Going home in this kind of strange timing, would my mom scold me? Past Eleven in the middle of the night… I felt like those teenagers who wanders around, going home earlier since he didn’t play until early in the morning.

My mother and older sister were also people who slept and woke up at regular timing, and in the evening, they would definitely not go to bed later than eleven. Would I be tortured if I go home now?

“Then, do you want to follow me to find an accommodation for today, and go back home tomorrow?”

Just when I was about to answer senior, a very loud yelling sounds could be heard from the other side.

“F—! You guys open a black store! We didn’t even sing for that long, and you guys gave us a bill with such a high price!”

I saw several people conflicting with the waiter. The several unlucky ghosts evilly played by the five-colored rooster head.

“Chu, there’s no need to care about them.” Senior said and patted my shoulder.

The whole group of people were pointing at the bill while shouting at one another. I also saw several waiters with hostile expression coming out from the shop surrounding them at the side, wanting to see who was causing trouble, “We clearly only sang for four hours, but were asked to pay for seven hours, you guys are robbers!”

“I’m sorry sir, your occupied the room for a little more than seven hours — this has been recorded. We only followed the pricing to count the payment.” The waiter, who responded, handed him the bill, and the leader of Ho Zheng’s group immediately roared angrily and tore it to pieces.

“I’m not listening to your crap!”

“Our shop does have the records for the timing, if you deliberately came to cause trouble, we will report this to the police, and we’ll see who’s right.” The waiter’s pitch had also became very rough with a “there’s no room for discussion” ring to it. At the same time, he communicated with his companions using his eyes.

“If you have the courage, then go and report it! But be careful, I’ll call my brothers to smash your shop!”

The tempers of both sides were really flaring. There was a one-touch-and-it-will-explode kind of feeling.

I started to think about it. Since the pay for the job earlier was considerate, I could do a good ded and help Ho Zheng. But after this, both of us fellow schoolmates won’t owe anything to each other. How’s that?

In addition, this matter was argumentatively caused by the five-colored rooster head.

“Chu, sometimes when you want to be a good person, you also need to look at the other person.” Senior crossed his arms, looking not too far away at the group of people who were on fire and started cursing. Then, he coldly snorted.

“It’s still fine, I guess. It’ll only be this time, and it’s not like I help every time.” I also I felt that if I don’t help him, very soon we would witness bloodshed on the street. Then, the police would come, and the newspaper reporters. If it’s not on the headlines, it would be a big news at the front portion, titled as “Teenagers wandering at a KTV in the middle of the night, singing and not willing to pay. A heated clashing with the waiters.”

On the layout, there would be an enlarged picture, and on it, I would be able to see my schoolmate lined up, and his faced would be censored or covered with a black box, because he was still underage.

“I’ll go and help them to pay, please wait a while.” I guess I was probably possessed or maybe since I had always been looked down on, it was really hard to have something that could win their hearts over. It was clearly very difficult to describe it.

In less than five minutes, I settled the payment of approximately ten thousand dollar at the counter and left the shop.

As soon as the waiters received the payment, he didn’t care if they were making a ruckus or not. When the manager came forward, each of them went back to the shop ignoring the gang of people.

“Chu, let’s go.” Before the group of people realized it was me who settled the payment, senior pulled my collar and headed towards a dark alley. After confirming that no one followed us, he released my collar.

“Where are we going now?” I suddenly remembered the issue about accommodation. I lived in Taichung for so long, but I’ve never stayed in the hotels around the area. But I have stayed in a couple of those places when I went with my family for a vacation.

But I don’t know why, ninety-nine percent of the time, the very unlucky me would have a room with problems. The probability was very high, causing one to be amazed.

“Casually find a comfortable hotel to stay.”

Senior snapped his fingers, and only then did I notice an array had already appeared on the floor. After one second, we were already out of the dark alley. The place had turned into a corner of another place.

As soon as I left the corner, what I saw in front of my eyes was an entire building of the legendary… exquisite luxury hotel.

This was called as “casually finding”? Boss, your standard is too high!

No matter how I looked at the place, it was the kind of hotel where the rate of one night stay was equivalent to one week, one month, or even one year of a normal civilian’s salary. It was a mysterious place dedicated to the wealthy and privileged people.

“Let’s go in.” Without any regards of my opinion senior dragged me inside.

“Wait a minute, you should let me settle my appearance a little.”

“Shirt and jeans, what’s there to settle?” Icy cold tone mercilessly smashed my prior request.

Sob, sob. Senior, you’re too straightforward, can’t you allow me to pretend even just a little?

As soon as we got close to the automatic door, it opened wide, and the incoming air-conditioning brought a fragrance with it. In front, shining lights appeared, and the inside was so magnificent that it caused me to want to turn around and run away.

I’m poor, I’m poor… this place is an alien planet, this place is an alien planet, this place is an alien planet…

With a bam, senior smacked me behind my head.

“Excuse me, may I ask if the two of you students need anything?” Very quickly, an attendant came up to us, glanced at us, and asked politely.

I felt completely out of place in this entire area. I looked more like someone who came here to clear the trash.

“We’re stay in this hotel, open a room.”

“Cough!” I almost choked to death on my own saliva.

If you want to stay here alone then it’s fine, but senior please do remember there is one more person, “me.”

What kind of nonsense is this!?

“Ah?” Obviously the attendant could also hardly react towards his words.

Not too far away, there was a person who had a relatively higher position, probably the manager, hurriedly walked towards us, “What’s the problem?” He politely nodded towards both of us, and then he turned his head towards the attendant and asked.

“The two of us want to stay here, a double room will do.” Senior’s tone was a little lazy. He then took out the universal credit card from his pocket, and passed it to the manager.

Because I was very near, I noticed it. Senior’s card was different from the one I applied for not too long ago. On top was an additional black golden pattern, and there a few were a few words below I couldn’t read.

As soon as the manager saw the card, he froze for a while, and his attitude changed completely, “I’m sorry for the negligent, both of you please come with me.” He turned into someone extremely polite and nervous.

Could it be that something about threatening his entire family was written on the card?

With a bam sound, the back of my head was smacked a second time.

“This room is for the both of you. I hope the both of you will be satisfied. If you need any service, there’s a bell in the room, we have someone on standby.” The manager brought us up about a dozen levels on the elevator, headed towards a door to a room door, and stopped.

To be honest, my eyelids were twitching.

“Alright, thanks.” Senior took back the card and key card, and after the manager left, only then did he open the room’s electronic lock.

It lived up to the name worthy of being a big hotel, even the room’s door is so advanced. The last place we lived was still using metal keys, and sometimes we got a damn key that needs to be plugged in at the right angle before the door would open.

Just as my spirit was wandering through the seven levels of heaven, senior had already open the door and entered, and turned on the lights inside.

At that moment, my eyes almost gone stiff because of his glare.

This is a place for humans to live in? Really, is this a place for humans to live in!?

I saw a glittering, shining, heavenly super deluxe room. My eyes started to twitch once more. Save me!

“You’re so wordy, hurry up and go in!” Senior walked behind me and kicked me into the room.

Very dumbfounded, completely dumbfounded.

The carpet was white furred, made out of the legendary super soft material. The room’s interior was two stories high; the bottom level was the living room, and the top was a huge round bed.
The was was made of the a large transparent glass causing one to not be able to sleep at night due to looking at the sparkling night view. In addition, there was luxurious Jacuzzi overlooking the outside, and there was a personal kitchen, and a very large LCD television screen with unknown size. In any case, it was so luxurious, I didn’t dare to take a step inside. I was very afraid of stepping on any of the fur and damaging it in the process to the extent of needing to pay for the damage.

This is a nightmare, this is a sparkling shining terrible nightmare.

“I remember asking before — staying at this place seems to cost seventy thousand plus per night.” Senior forcibly dragged me into the living room and discarded me. He looked like he was very used to stay at places like these, since he immediately went to the kitchen and made tea like it was nothing.


My ears must have been hearing things, my ears must have been hearing things, my ears must have been hearing things…

What’s with that amount where normal people wouldn’t be able to afford living here? Wasn’t that figure of my dad’s salary after fighting life and death, while dripping blood and sweat for half a month?

“Don’t worry, Black Robes receive privileges everywhere. The last time I came here, I also stayed here, and didn’t even pay a dime.” Contentedly sitting on the furry white sofa, senior held onto a cup and his whole body partly sank into the sofa, causing his body, which didn’t look that mighty and majestic, to look even smaller, “It’s the same for White and Purple Robes. In addition, our school’s students, like you, if you want to stay here, it will be counted as internship expenses. In normal terms, the hotels here would be anxious to have us staying, even the students’ price would be extremely cheap.

The so-called cheap is referring to living in a president’s suite as if you are staying in a resident’s house?

“It’s probably similar to that kind of meaning.” Senior actually nodded.

Thinking about it, that’s also true. If there was an unluckily in case of any bizarre incident happening in the hotel, a Black Robe staying there was equivalent to having a universal savior that would help out at any time.

“Nn, Chu, you need to remember, we are able to receive many privileges, help or offers in all these places, so we need to be extra caring towards these resources. When it is necessary, we must certainly help the landlords. Because using this method which our predecessors before us had already laid the foundation and the community’s trust, so we now have to pass it down unimpeded.” Senior put down his cup, and said with an extremely serious expression.

“I understand.” I also nodded very seriously.

“Then, that’s good. I want to sleep already, very tired.”


The topic suddenly jumped two thousand kilometres away.

But once I saw this extremely luxurious room, I could understand a little of what senior had said. Because of the basic establishment of trust and mutual compliments, so even the tiny me is also able to benefit from this profit. I guess, no matter where it is, it should be the same as this.

“I also want to sleep already.” Today was so damn tiring. Tomorrow, I still need to deal with the problems in that construction site… I should just go to bed.

Looking at the soft bedding at the top of the high-ceilinged room, I don’t know why I had the type of feeling… of not going to be able to sleep a wink tonight.

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