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The Relaxing Feast of the Ending of the Match

Location: Atlantis
Time: 3:01 PM

“Yang Yang!”

As soon as I left the general assembly field, I saw Miao Miao waving at us not too far away, and behind her, it was not unexpected to see Chifuyu, Ryan and senior Geng, “We want to celebrate our first win, oh.”

I saw Chifuyu’s Red Robe. In fact, I had a little he-actually-lied-to-me-for-such-a-long-time kind of thoughts.

But then again, I also never asked him before, so it’s not really considered as being lied to, he probably felt there wasn’t a need to tell me…

“How’s Randall’s condition?” Standing at one side, senior asked Geng.

“He’s doing fine, Tyre already healed him. Actually, he also wanted to come for the congratulation celebration, but he was prohibited from leaving his room by his butler.” Geng shrugged, curving up a beautiful smile, “You know, sometimes when Nile becomes insistent, even our Count has to surrender.”

“That’s true.” The few of them started laughing.

After waiting at the same place for a while, senior Gasai who left earlier came back. It was only now I realized that everyone was standing here because they were waiting for someone, and not just for the sake of idle chats.

“The investigative report is out, but it’s only the initial investigation.” Passing a book to senior, Gasai very politely greeted each and every one of us, “I’m sorry to keep you guys waiting.” He said with his usual gentle smile.

“Now, everyone has arrived.” Miao Miao jumped up as she happily said, “Because we aren’t allowed to go too far, so let us all go to the left shopping street’s teahouse to celebrate. Miao Miao has already booked spaces for us all!”

I looked about, but I didn’t even see the shadow of the five-colored rooster head. I have no idea where he ran off to.

“Ziray just went over to Alis Academy’s side.” Senior looked at me, and said.

Ah? The five-colored rooster head would take the initiative to look for Leido and the others? That’s really rare. It can’t be that after watching the match, he was itching for a fight, so he went to find someone to satisfy himself?

Based on my understanding of the five-colored rooster head, I feel this is a very probable situation.

God bless him, let’s hope that he wouldn’t be slaughtered by Yado.

“Yang Yang, we are about to leave, oh.” I don’t know when Miao Miao appeared behind me. She started pushing my back, and it was only then that I snapped out of my trance and noticed the others were already some distance away.

You people didn’t even say anything before leaving?!

After I quickly followed them out of the entrance, we headed towards the left shopping street. But probably due to the competition, students from different places also appeared in the left shopping street; I could see different uniforms moving about everywhere. The entire shopping street was much more crowded and stuffy compared to the norm. The hawkers took out more things than usual, generously greeting their customers, the surrounding formed a very interesting scene.

“Left shopping street’s limited time discount! Today, the black claw of ‘Quillan’s Shop’ is being sold for one Carl each. Buy a dozen for a twenty percent discount plus a gift of a trial product of an admonishing and talking plate. Limited to twenty sets, come and buy now!”

The rabbit-ear girl, who was still sitting at her usual spot on second floor, was flipping through the information in her hands, announcing the shopping street’s newest daily information.

“Left shopping street’s huge sales. Today, ‘Western Hills” is selling deep valley fairy’s braided lucky belt for a special price. Wearing it would allow you to have a whole year of good luck, a couple’s price only for one Carl. As gifts to couples, buying two now would come with a gift of a lover’s charm, blessing your loved one to have a smooth journey.”

I saw that all around, the stalls were fully surrounded by huge crowds.

“Chu, over here.” Senior Gasai, who was closest to me, grabbed onto my shoulder. It was only then when I realized everyone had been separated by the crowds and had disappeared, and only Gasai was left, “There are too many people today, and if you don’t pay attention, it’s easy to get lost.” He curved up a smile and then he lead me left and right to dodge the crowds of people as he headed towards one direction.

Not too long later, we turned into an alley. After walking till the end, the number of crowds decreased, unlike the situation just now where one could be squeezed to death by the crowds. After that, what appeared in front of us was a huge building. It was very much like a western palace kind of building. The outer appearance was extremely beautiful, rather similar to a place where the royalties live in the tenth centuries.

“Yang Yang.” Miao Miao, who was already standing at the entrance, waved at us.

Looks like this is the teahouse she made reservations in. So Miao Miao actually likes things with this kind of style.

However, although I’ve came to the shopping street several times, why haven’t I seen this kind of place before…

“Senior just went in with another acquaintance.” As soon as we came over, Miao Miao revealed a huge smile and said, “They seemed to be chatting, he’ll come back later.”

Acquaintance? Speaking of which, senior probably has acquaintances all over the world.

One after another, the others also came in groups of twos or threes, arriving at this place. The moment the waiter at the entrance bowed and opened the door, I took one step back.

This place is so incredibly gorgeous! Similar to its outer appearance, the world behind the door was also filled with extremely luxurious palace-like decorations.

As soon as I entered the door, I saw a huge crystal lamp, shining and sparkling, and on the entire ceiling were engravings and paintings, the floor was covered with red carpets, and the walls were decorated with famous paintings.

The whole place was filled with high-class decorations, it was as if, if you accidentally fell down and broke a vase, you would be working for the rest of your life here and still wouldn’t be able to pay for the damage kind of pressure.

And I thought these kind of scenes would only be able to appear in manhuas or movies!

“Yang Yang, why aren’t you coming in?” After taking a step inside, Miao Miao turned around and asked me puzzledly.

Can I say it’s because this place is too shiny, sparking, and luxurious that I don’t dare to enter?

If I say that the last time when senior brought me to stay at the hotel, it caused one’s eyes to be blinded by the glare, then this place is the type that would take away one’s life.

I’m just an ordinary civilian, I don’t dare to enter this kind of high-class place!

* * *

“What are you being so long-winded about out here!?”

A ferocious sound smacked me on the face. Senior, who appeared inside, ferociously glared at me, “You’d better come in here immediately!”

I immediately rushed inside.

As soon as I entered, I had a feeling of being suffocated. This place is very terrifying, this place really is very terrifying…

“Aiyaya, little friend, we meet again.” A voice attracted my attention, turning around I saw an old man, stroking his white beard.

So familiar… Ah! The old man from the shop that was smashed by those Alis Academy’s Purple Robe delinquents.

“Hello.” I immediately greeted him.

“It’s rare to meet Mr. Black Robe today, and also to be able to meet up with little friend. It really is a very pleasant day.” The old man smiled, and asked, “Don’t you think so, Mr. Black Robe?”

“Third King Taifu, you’re too kind.” Senior curved up a smile, completely different from just now when he ferociously yelled at me. You’re simply a dual-faced person whose face changing is simply faster than flipping through a book.

With a “bang,” the back of my head suffered a direct hit.

“You guys can go and sit down first. I still have something to discuss with Third King Taifu, but I’ll come over shortly.” Looks like this old man should be the acquaintance Miao Miao mentioned.

“Oh.” I lightly touched my nose, following Miao Miao and the others into an even more luxurious room.

Under the waiter’s guidance, we entered a luxurious huge room which still looks so peerlessly shining and sparkling. It was shining all around because of the bright accessories and grand famous paintings, causing me to feel very uncomfortable.

Can it be that Randall Senior’s house would look like this too?

He looked like he is a living creature from this dimension.

The elegant and calm waiter passed the menus to each of us.

Is this place really a teahouse!?

I suspect that, because of this teahouse, Miao Miao’s and my standard had a very huge difference. This place is simply not a teahouse, alright!?

As soon as I saw the still-warm and golden high-class menu, in my mind there’s something that’s suspected-to-be-a-nerve officially snapped.

What’s with the “roast XX full set meal” on the very top of the menu? What kind of living thing is that, tell me, boss! Would a normal teahouse serve this kind of thing? Teahouses should be one pot of tea, a plate of dessert, and then three to five friends gathering together, alright?

“Chu, what do you want to eat?” Sitting beside me in a very natural fashion, senior Gasai asked.

I don’t want to eat anything… Please let me go…

“Yang Yang if you don’t want to order, I’ll help you to order.” I don’t know why she was so happy. Miao Miao passed the menu back to the waiter, bla bla bla, saying the names of a bunch of dishes which I have no clue what they were.

This must definitely be a different world outside a different world. I’m feeling dizzy, the mercury lightings above were so bright causing me to feel dizzy.

While I was in a trance, everyone had already finished ordering their dishes, and one after another while they were waiting, they started chatting.

“This time’s competition really had a lot of unexpected things happening.” Miao Miao picked up her cup and she said, “But the most hateful people are the ones from Evil Spirit Academy, causing the medical team to do emergency treatments.”

After she said that, it caused me to remember the matter regarding the sand person. I have no idea how they would deal with that. Looking at Evil Spirit Academy’s attitude, they seem to be confident they wouldn’t be disqualified.

“That’s true, we have to pay more attention on Evil Spirit Academy. Even our Count suffered a blow from that underhanded trick, one can see that they were well-prepared.” Geng crossed her arms and blinked. She apparently wasn’t too happy about the matter regarding the sand person.

I secretly glanced at the seat on the other side. When senior Gasai is here, Chifuyu seem to become relatively quieter. Normally during this time, it should be his turn to jump out and analyze the battles, but today he didn’t even utter one word.

After a few conversations, the waiters quickly served the dishes.

So flowery, all of them were the kind of dishes that matches really well with this place. It once again caused me to be blinded by the glare.

Why was it that even the grease on the barbeque would shine? Is this really edible?

“You really are too used to being poor.” Cold voice came from behind, and I turned around to take a look. Before I knew it, he appeared behind me. Senior used a kind of icy expression to look at me, causing me to have an illusion of being frozen, “Food is food, there’s no need to differentiate if it’s edible or not.”

I know that, but you need to know that the appearance of the food could be differentiated as high-class and low-class. For example, if today all of us happily went to eat at the street vendors, I definitely wouldn’t have any problems with it.

Red-eyes glared at me again, and only then did he went to sit down on the empty seat beside senior Gasai.

“What news did Third King Taifu bring with him?” Just as senior sat down, Gasai who was beside him, asked casually.

“Lord White River escaped again. Right now, the mansion lords are having a massive search, telling us to notify them if we saw him.” Taking the teacup Miao Miao passed to him, senior spoke very naturally as if he was discussing a little of his work.

“Again.” I heard senior Gasai’s helpless tone.

Is this person very good at running away?

“Lord White River is one of the masters of the intersection of the underworld and the flow of time. But because his identity is unique, you probably wouldn’t have the chance to meet him.” Senior turned around and looked at me, “But he would often escape from his job, causing the underworld’s mansion lords to send people to seek help from outsiders, since the intersection of the flow of time and the underworld is a place that should not be allowed to fall.”

After saying a long string of words, I felt that I didn’t quite understand.

* * *

I heard the sound of cups bumping together.

“Today we are celebrating our seniors and Geng Geng’s team for obtaining the victory for the first match. Everyone, do your best to eat!” Miao Miao’s warm voice created the atmosphere in an instant. Even Ryan, who was about to disappear, made some quick eating actions under the cheers.

Just as I gathered up my courage to pick up the first piece of meat, a black shadow appeared out of nowhere and was dangling about beside me.

“Give me meat, give me meat.” Blinking her golden eyes and innocently looking at me, the black snake little sister was holding onto a plate with a strange smile.

“Little Ting, come over here.” Senior Gasai patted the black snake little sister, who came out on her own, and then he gave her a plate full of meat.

She had turned from a cursed black snake into a dog, anxiously waiting to eat meat?

I felt that if there’s nothing I need from her, I should stay as far away as possible. Otherwise, it would be miserable if there comes a day when I’m turned into meat inside her mouth.

“Yang Yang has also entered the ranks of people who are involved in the competition?” Senior Geng suddenly asked, almost causing me, who was eating some kind of dessert, to choke, “Today, I saw your shadow in the player resting area.”

I thought people from the outside couldn’t see the inside of the player resting area!

“Uh, I guess so.” Is odd-job man considered as people who are involved? I’m rather curious of how they differentiate these things. No matter how I hear it, it doesn’t feel similar at all!

Just as senior Geng seemed to be wanting to ask something, at one side, Chifuyu, who had been silent since the start, suddenly stood up, “Excuse me, I would like to leave for a while.” He very politely greeted the others and only then did he leave the room.

He’s not having a stomachache, right?

Oh right, his hand was injured the other day, I wonder if it had already recovered. Other than that, I also wanted to ask him about something…

“Excuse me, I would also like to leave for a while, too.” Fortunately Miao Miao, senior Geng and the others were happily chatting, and didn’t pay too much attention.

Walking on the sparkling floor, I left the sparkling and luxurious room, and my surroundings was filled with decorations that would cause one to feel faint… How am I supposed to look for someone!

“May I ask if you need any help?” One of the waiters noticed that I’ve been standing at the same place for a long time, so he came over and extremely politely asked.

“Uh, I wanted to look for my friend, he just came out from here not too long ago.”

“If it’s the mister wearing Red Robe, he was heading towards the direction of the balcony.” The waiter directed me towards a direction on the right, that place was similarly a path that was very shiny and sparkling, a straight path, without a clue to where it leads to, “Do you need me to guide you there?”

“Please do.” I was very moved as I looked at this kind-hearted waiter, who was like a God who descended on earth. If you ask me to go to the whatchamacallit balcony by myself, I would probably get lost and become dried air in this sparkling place.

According to these two experiences, I suspect that I have high conflict with luxurious buildings.

Following the waiter along certain paths, and turning at a few corners, the balcony he mentioned finally appeared in front of us.

“It’s over here.” The waiter stopped at a certain distance away, “Do you need me to bring some beverages or something else?”

“Uhh… No need, thank you.” What else do I need at the balcony… I only came to chat and not to have a picnic…

“If there’s anything you need, you can order from the waiters nearby. I’m very pleased to be able to serve you, thank you.” The superbly polite waiter did a ninety degrees bow, I immediately returned the bow. Damn, this wouldn’t shorten my lifespan, right? He is older than me!

The waiter smiled as he left.

He said if there’s anything I need, I could order from the waiters nearby, but no matter where I look, there are no waiters nearby?

Yikes! This shouldn’t be the legendary blind angle of the safety zone, right?

If something was to really happen, there’s definitely no one who would come and save me, that kind of place, right!?

I carefully moved closer to the balcony, and sure enough after moving a few steps, I saw Chifuyu’s back facing me while standing outside. Outside was still a very palace-like carved balustrade, and nearest to the wall, was a beautiful carving of an angel.

Chifuyu was leaning on the balustrade, a few strands of his hair were blown fluttering by the gentle breeze.

“Yang Yang?”

A very simple question, yet it almost caused my heart to jump out. Everyone knows that it’s not easy being a thief, and while I was wondering how to silently move closer, I had already been discovered. Thus it can be seen that I definitely don’t have the talent to become a thief. I said with a dry laugh, “Haha… I, I was just passing-by.” What else can I say?

Chifuyu turned around and pushed his his glasses up, “Passing-by?” His voice was rather high pitched.

“I’m sorry I lied, I came here to look for you.” In less than half a second, I obediently admitted my mistake.

After walking out into the balcony, I noticed that the scenery outside of the balcony was extremely beautiful. It wasn’t the left shopping street, but a magnificent view of the mountains. White snow fluttering, and also birds flying past.

…It’s nearby our school. Where did this mountain view come from!?

Even if you want to be strange, there should be a limit to it!

* * *

I looked at Chifuyu, and then looked at the magnificent scenery of a green mountain with clouds floating above it.

There was a moment when I suddenly felt the air was really fresh. This world is so beautiful, if I could breathe in more air I would feel even more wonderful.

Probably after a long period of time, the surrounding was still silent. Yikes, how am I supposed to ask?

Umm, dear classmate, today’s weather is so wonderful, is your injury healed already. Also, why didn’t you tell me you’re a Red Robe?

Asking this way would be really weird!

“And I thought you wanted to ask about my Red Robe level.” Pushing his glasses up, Chifuyu said a sentence that directly stabbed me through my heart.

That’s right, I wanted to ask about that…

“If you don’t want to tell, I would be embarrassed to ask.” I leaned on the balustrade beside him, and answered. If Chifuyu didn’t want to say, even if he was a White Robe, Black Robe or Purple Robe, he wouldn’t have told me either.

“It’s not something I couldn’t tell you.” Chifuyu said a sentence which made me want to hit his head. If it wasn’t because you couldn’t tell me, then why did you only tell me about it now, “You should know that Red Robes are of the intelligence team, right? An intelligence team member pay the most attention on concealment. During our jobs, we would be wearing a mask to hide our true identity, to try to keep to more of a lower profile. So, of course, we wouldn’t be running around promoting our own identity.”

So this means that Red Robes are in fact ninja-like teams?

“Ah? Then you also didn’t tell Ryan?” Ryan is his companion and partner, so he should have known about it a long time ago.

“I didn’t tell him either.” Unexpectedly, Chifuyu actually shook his head, “There was a day where I was changing my clothes in the dorm… the intelligence team is different from the other Robe levels who have their own special living quarters. Normally, we would mix around in the student’s dorm. Just finished changing my clothes and was about to leave for a job, when I turned around, I was surprised to find Ryan standing at the entrance for who knows how long. He did not even make a sound, and so I was discovered by him this way.”

… I can understand that. When Ryan is not doing anything, looking like a tramp, his presence feels extremely weak.

But isn’t too exaggerated, dear classmate! You should worry if you would one day be killed off without you knowing it!

“As for Miao Miao, she already knew from the beginning, because the intelligence team and the medical team often deal with one another. We already knew one another from a long time ago, and during our jobs, we would help one another.” Chifuyu shrugged, and when one of the customers passed-by, he was amazed to see a Red Robe. After he had left, Chifuyu took off the conspicuous Red Robe and hung it on the balustrade, “It’s roughly like this.”

I see.

I don’t know why, but somewhere in my heart, I felt relieved.

Actually, it seems like it wasn’t like what I thought about being not-so-mindful-about-this.

“That’s right, how’s your injured hand?” Because I didn’t have the chance to talk with Chifuyu before this, it was rather difficult to ask about it, “Didn’t senior Gasai say you aren’t supposed to use spells with your injured hand?” However, I saw him happily using them on stage.

Chifuyu lifted his hand, and the bandages were gone, “It’s already fully healed. I got Miao Miao to help me treat it, now it’s not a bother anymore.”

Oh oh, I also forgot that Miao Miao is from the medical team. No need to worry about being injured or what-not, since it would immediately be healed.

As soon as the topic reached a halt, both of us became silent again. The surrounding wind feels very cooling… and I felt rather awkward.

Next, what kind of topic should I talk about?

* * *

“How long are the both of you planning to stand in the wind?”

The sudden words caused me and Chifuyu to turn around at the same time, and at the entrance of the balcony, Ryan was standing there.

“How long have you been standing there?” Chifuyu frowned as he ask.

“From “I turned around, I was surprised to find Ryan standing at the entrance for who knows how long,” I’ve been standing here since then.”

Classmate Ryan, sure enough, you are the best role-model for a ninja.

You’ve stood there for quite a long while, and Chifuyu didn’t even realize it! You’ve assimilated with the entrance!?

“…” Chifuyu was speechless.

“Miao Miao has been looking for the both of you. She said something about wanting to chat, but the both of you actually sneaked out. So if you guys aren’t going to head back soon, she would rush here to find you.” The way Ryan said it seemed like he wasn’t here to enjoy the wind with us.

I looked at Chifuyu. He took the robe that was hanging at one side, took two steps towards his partner, and then he turned around to look at me with a strange expression, “Yang Yang, you don’t want to go back yet?”

“Oh… I want to stay here a little longer.” I still don’t want to head back to that sparkling other world so soon, “The scenery here looks really good.” I casually said this as an excuse.

Chifuyu looked at me for a moment, and said, “Alright then, we’ll head back first.”


I heard subtle sounds of footsteps, and when I turned around, Chifuyu and Ryan had already left.

A surge of cold wind blew past my face.

After just a few short conversations, and the feeling of having things hidden from me has disappeared. In fact sometimes the things people are mindful about is so much smaller compared to the things we believe. With only a few words, our thoughts could be conveyed.

“Is that your thoughts?” A cold sentence came with the wind.


I was almost scared to death. When I turned around, without my knowledge, senior appeared on the other side of the balustrade. He was staring at the scenery and didn’t even look at me.

You guys come and go without making any sounds, right!? And also senior, you’ve assimilated with the balustrade so you’re able to appear without any sound, and quite naturally at that too!

With a “bang,” I don’t know how many times the back of my head has been hit, almost causing me to fly out from the balcony.

I feel that sooner or later I would die due to some unknown reason.

So, when did you arrive here!?

“Just arrived, and heard your nonsense.” Red eyes glanced at me, and snorted coldly.

I’ve already said it hundreds of times, if you don’t want to listen then don’t listen…

Red eyes glared at me again.

Alright, alright, just pretend that I didn’t say anything, okay?

“In fact, your thoughts aren’t all nonsense.”

Right, right, my thoughts aren’t all nonsense… Wait a minute, what did senior just say?

If my ears weren’t hearing things, I seemed to have heard senior saying something different for a change, “Senior, just now you…” I wanted to make sure of something, if I heard wrongly then it would be really embarrassing.

At the same time his red eyes glared at me, a commotion arose at the balcony’s entrance.

Sounds from certain overbearing footsteps heading here could be heard.

“Yang Yang! How could you run out here for so long and didn’t come back!” I saw Dame Miao Miao accompanied by the others rushing out into the balcony. Behind them, were suspicious waiters who were holding onto tables and food.

Do you really have to do it until this extent… I suddenly had a I-still-don’t-understand-them kind of extreme thoughts.

The tables and chairs have been moved to the balcony, in addition to those huge piles of food that was ordered.

However, in fact, I would be able to eat better here. Because inside the room, it really was too sparkly, killing my appetite.

I saw Chifuyu smiling as he winked at me.

“This place is also very beautiful.” Dame Miao Miao held her hands and said, “Then let us continue our gathering, cheers!”

Several people also followed suit and liven up.

I let out my breath.

This situation isn’t that bad.

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