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A Red-Robe Friend

Location: Atlantis
Time: 2:25 PM

A commotion occurred on the field.

The huge sand person was raging on the arena, as if it was an uncontrollable ferocious beast, and directly approached the other players.

Different compared to earlier, the sand person was attacked again and again but it didn’t dissipate nor stop. Its difficulty level was much higher compared to the one that Leido and the others battled against, as if it was hiding its strength back then.

The sudden change was beyond everyone’s expectation. After Lucia called for a suspension, there were people who immediately rushed towards Evil Spirit Academy’s side to have a better understanding of the situation. On stage, no one had the time to be idle. Emergency dispatching of medical team, who ignored the sand person’s threat, as they rushed to move the few injured and dead players. I was about eighty or ninety percent certain that they are in a state where they needed to be immediately treated.

I saw Andy and another Black Robe I didn’t recognize, who weren’t participating in the match, appearing on the stage, “Repressing spell, expel the thing that goes against nature back to where it naturally came from.”

After Andy got a firm stand, he threw out the charm incantation he’s good at. A silver look-like-a-barrier kind of array immediately appeared at the surrounding area. In less than a blink of an eye, the array of light on the floor started to rotate, limiting the sand person’s area of movements.

It seemed like it was being interfered by the incantation, the sand person started to painfully struggle.

On the other side, coordinating with Andy, the Black Robe drew a short silver knife, and suddenly threw it towards the center of the sand person, “Break and perish!”

In just a few short seconds, the sand person, who attacked everyone, issued a final scream before it broke into pieces thanks to the array and then turned into dust. It was so fast that one didn’t even have the time to blink.

Sure enough, there’s a big difference between the administrative staffs and the students. In actual battle, they’re so strong that it caused one to not be able to breathe. But having said that, I guess it also depends on one’s Robe level…

This time, the sand person was confirmed to be annihilated.

Geng and Clear Wind’s Leinuola were standing at the same spot on the arena, waiting, and the surroundings started to become noisy again.

“The general assembly’s reporting: According to Evil Spirit Academy’s message, because the original object of attack was supposed to be Alis Academy, so they set up that trap, but they never thought it would accidentally injure the teams that would appear on the later matches. Everything was just a careless accident.” Lucia announced the answer received from the questioning.

As soon as they heard this statement, an even bigger commotion occurred at the audience seats. It felt like a rather irresponsible, lousy excuse.

I really think they did this on purpose, and not an accident where they’d forgotten about it. Even I could see through that. What’s with the excuse that Evil Spirit Academy came out with.

“Did you really think they would frankly admit they wanted to kill off the other teams?” Standing beside me, senior rolled his eyes and snorted coldly.

That’s right, I knew that…

“Because of the incident that just happened, I would like to ask if Atlantis Academy and Clear Wind Academy would want to keep the timeout, and wait until two days later, when the players from both sides have recovered before continuing on with the match?” Looking at the two players on stage, Lucia landed on the ground and asked if the players wish for an extension for the match.

It was Clear Wind’s member who shook his head first, “We’ve already prepared backup members in case of accidents. If Atlantis Academy doesn’t wish to continue on with the match, then we would definitely cooperate with extending the match.”

These words sounded rather provocative. After responding that way, they don’t continue on with the match, there’s a ‘they’re-weak’ kind of feeling.

Lucia looked at Geng. After the team leader is seriously injured and sent away, only Geng, who was the only official team member left, was able to make a decision.

She looked back towards her resting area, she nodded at someone whom I don’t know, “Our backup members are also able to cooperate, please continue on with the match.” As she was speaking, she slowly curved up a very confident smile at Clear Wind Academy’s player.

Suddenly fluttering her wings, Lucia flew up high into the air, “Players from both sides chose to continue on with the match. The backup players from both sides, please fill in the missing players.”

Only scattered shadows could be seen on the white stone arena. The people on both sides were simultaneously being filled up, back to the usual three people.

Ryan and a Red Robe, who was wearing the ghost mask, appeared beside Geng.

A Purple Robe and a White Robe once again appeared beside Leinuola.

To be honest, just looking at this, our school looked like we were definitely going to lose, even the Robe levels are a few ranks lower.

“You think Randall would pick people who are weak to go up on stage?” Standing beside me, senior suddenly said, “Sometimes a Red Robe’s strength could even be compared to a Purple Robe or a Black Robe, because during intelligence gathering and analysis, their training is more than the usual.”

“Ah?” To be honest, just now there was a moment where I thought that a Red Robe would probably find it difficult to win.

“Let the match commence!”

* * *

Buzzing sounds could be heard on stage, some kind of strange sounds, one was high pitched and the other was low pitched.

“The one who signed a contract with me, allow the opponent to witness your supremacy.” With a crashing sound, I saw a pair of knives with silver base and black wordings inserted in the ground beside Ryan, on both his left and right. That pair of dual knives issued sounds resonating with one another, crisply echoing throughout the whole field.

A little different from the Thermal Dragon Knives I’ve seen before.

“The one who signed a contract with me, allow the opponent to witness your vision.” I don’t know if it was an illusion, but I felt that the resonating sound became even louder. A line of light appeared within the Red Robe’s hands, stretching out at the left and right. After he grabbed onto it, it turned into a silver bow with black totem lines.

So to say, that bow looked very familiar, have I seen it before somewhere?

“It’s here! The pair of boundary breaking weapons combination!” Lucia’s voice became very loud again, “Please do listen to the beautiful resonating sounds on the stage. These are very rare boundary breaking weapons that produce resonance. It is said that only twin illusionary weapons would produce such resonance.”

Twin weapons? Similar to the ones that Yado and Leido are using?

“It should be considered as almost similar, but there’re some slight differences.” On the side, senior briefly explained, “The ones they are using are a little different from twin weapons.”

Although he explained it, I still don’t understand. Anyway, it’s those whole set of combination, right?

“Not bad. It looks like Atlantis Academy’s backups are also very interesting.” Leinuola lightly clapped his hands, and then he curved up a kind of elusive smile, “But their on-site experiences are probably a little inadequate.”

The moment he spoke, two black shadows speedily went past like the wind, suddenly appearing behind Ryan and the Red Robe, “If it’s attacking, speed-type players are more popular!”

With a rather quick reaction, the Red Robe flipped his body up, nocked an arrow and drew his bow. With a “ding” sound, the black arrow was inserted into the white flooring, while he accurately dodged the opponent’s attack. The same moment the opponent dodged, where the floor was hit by the arrow, had black web-like cracks appearing on it. Then, the black arrow suddenly disappeared after half a second.

Quickly swinging his knife in front to allow the Red Robe, who was landing after his flip, to have a firm standing on the surface of the blade. Ryan threw his other knife, and the Purple Robe opponent, who was similarly doing a flip, dodged in a fluster, a corner of his Purple Robe was cut off, and then it silently landed on the ground.

Ryan and the Red Robe’s coordination were very good, as if all their movements were smoothly done in one breath.

Probably due to witnessing Geng’s Snake Eyes, the White Robe who was facing her was particularly cautious, maintaining a certain distance, not daring to act rashly.

“Nn… the distance wouldn’t matter.” Geng crossed her arms, and then she smiled, different from the usual smile we’ve seen before. It’s a kind of very evil smiling face, just like a snake eyeing its prey, slowly approaching it.

Her eyes turned completely green.

In just a few short seconds, the white robe who was stood a distance away, suddenly dropped his hands, his eyes seemingly empty.

He was already caught by the Snake Eyes!

I’m surprised the situation quickly turned into this. It hasn’t been long since the match started and they already got rid of a White Robe. Looks like people who are non-robe level aren’t necessarily weak…

Shocked voices could be heard from the audience seats.

“So to say, non-speed-type players would lose in this regard.” Don’t know when he’d moved, Black Robe Leinuola appeared in front of the Red Robe who had just landed on the ground, and suddenly grabbed the mask on his face, “As for the other person who uses boundary breaking weapons, I’m very interested in you.”

When Ryan, who originally had his back facing them, heard that voice, he was stunned for a moment. He then turned around and was about to throw the huge knife in his hand, but that Purple Robe didn’t give him the chance to do so. With swift movements he was already standing in front of him, grabbing onto his blade with his bare hands.

That Red Robe tried to resist, but Leinuola’s action was much faster than him.

Since Ryan didn’t have the chance to turn around to help his companion to rid him of his predicament, Leinuola’s hand was already firmly tightening. The entire ghost mask issued a strange sound, and then lines and lines of cracks appeared from the middle of the mask.

The mask cracked open, broke into several pieces and then fell onto the ground.

Everyone held their breath at the face behind the mask.

The Red Robe who slowly raised his head, black short hair scattered down, his eyes opened, revealing a rather gorgeous, strange purplish gold colour.

The second I saw that face, I was startled.

“Senior Gasai?”

The Red Robe’s face looked exactly the same as senior Gasai.

* * *

“Go and die.”

The Red Robe, who looked exactly the same as Gasai, looked extremely calm. Before I knew it, he had already nocked his arrow and was shooting at the Black Robe in that short distance.

Leinuola’s reaction was very quick, in less than half a second, he had already move back several steps away.

I suddenly knew who that Red Robe was. Thinking back, the first time I saw senior Gasai at the second year classroom, I felt that he looked rather familiar, so it’s actually because they looked…


Ryan shouted. Wearing a Red Robe, the person, who was currently not wearing a black-rimmed glasses, flipped backwards, nocking an arrow in midair and shooting it at Purple Robe who was keeping Ryan busy; and then on the spot causing everyone to move a certain distance away.

The resonating sound gradually stopped, the stage suddenly entered a strange silence.

I suddenly thought of something. Chifuyu and Gasai only had an age gap of one year… hereditary gene really is a very mysterious thing…

Wait a minute, wasn’t his eyes supposed to be black, why is it purplish gold now?

It can’t be that it’s similar to Leido and the others where the color would change when they become emotional!

Although I said that, senior Gasai’s eyes are purple… but his eyes wouldn’t change colours nor would it turn purplish gold, this really is a strange family hereditary.

“So Randall’s second backup member is him.” Senior crossed his arms and curved up a smile, although it’s called as a smile, but I felt like it was more of a ghastly smirk, “That’s true, it’s hard to find others who would be able to coordinate with Ryan as a partner.”

During our short conversation, on the stage, Ryan and Chifuyu were different from their passive status. Instead, they started to take the initiative to attack, “The sayings of the God of Lyrical Realm, number three five seven, breaking the boundaries one, four, nine’s placing!”

With his back to Ryan, Chifuyu fully pulled back his bow, the black arrow on the string gradually issued a faint light following the chanting of the incantation, “Disperse!”

The black arrow fired from the bow issued a loud whizzing sound as it shot up into the sky. In mid-air, it suddenly split into three beams of black light, and it suddenly exploded and scattered all around. The black dots drew out black lines of light and connected with one another, a huge black space was drawn out on the entire stage.

The surrounding quieted down, not even the sounds of the wind could be heard. It was so quiet, causing one to feel very strange.

“Endless black space.” Looking at the second space suddenly appearing on stage, on Leinuola’s face, other than admiration, it was filled with more admiration, “Nowadays, there’re only very few people who could use this so beautifully.”

“Thanks for your praise.” Chifuyu pleasantly and generously accepted it, “But you should also know what black space represents, so do you want to throw in the towel now? Or do you want to try and see if you could destroy this space.”

Leinuola was still smilling, and didn’t reply.

Dodging the black sky, Lucia moved nearer to the audience seat, as if she didn’t want to be dragged in, one could see the danger level is very high, “Currently on stage, what we can see is the boundary breaking illusionary weapon’s exclusive technique, black space. This is boundary breaking weapons’ characteristics, the ability to create a second space, and according to the user’s power it would determine the size, how long it will last, and its power. Because even until now, very few people could use this kind of weapon, so in the records there are also very little explanations about its characteristics. So dear audience, please do take this rare opportunity to have a look at it~.”

I feel like I’ve probably seen this technique before.

During the first time I met Ryan, I think I saw this already. Although it’s not exactly the same, it’s a general resemblance with minor differences.

But, in the end, what’s the use of the black sky on the stage?

Because the announcer doesn’t know about it so she didn’t explain, and so I was also at a loss while looking at it.

“Boundary breaking weapons, black space. It has been said to be a kind of natural space martial skill. In this space, all attacks from spells would be absorbed, unable to hurt the user, and also would be countered by the user. It is considered as one kind of absolute power.” Senior glanced at me, opened his mouth, and continued explaining, “In the records, there aren’t many people who are able to harness boundary breaking weapons. In your generation, there’s probably only a handful such as Ryan, Chifuyu, and one or two people whom you don’t know.”

…Senior, you should also be someone in our generation, right?

Speaking as if you’re someone from an older generation, but in fact, you’re only one year older than me. If there’s no need, then you don’t need to pretend that you’re old, right?

With a “bang,” senior smacked me behind my head, causing me to almost fall flat on the ground, “You’re so long-winded!”

The people on stage completely stopped moving.

With a “thud,” the White Robe in front of Geng fell onto the ground, totally done in.

“If I allow you guys to experience Snake Eyes one by one, your chance of winning wouldn’t be that high.” Crossing her arms, Geng kicked the White Robe out of the stage, while curving up a beautiful smile.

“I’ll tell you this first, your so-called Snake Eyes doesn’t affect me. Within the Black Robes’ tutorials, there are ways to break these illusions. But if you want to use it on my companion, then there’s nothing I can do about it.” Leinuola graciously replied, “But even if we can’t use any powers in the black space, I guess according to our speed, we would still have enough ways, relying on just our physical attacks to get rid of you. Both sides probably wouldn’t be able to get away without any injuries.”

Ryan and Chifuyu exchanged glances, “I can bet that you wouldn’t be able to win against us.” The one who spoke was Chifuyu, he kept his bow, but the black sky was still there.

“What are you trying to say?” Leinuola was obviously very interested in this topic.

“Because I’m someone of the Red Robe intelligence gathering team.” Chifuyu said with an extremely confident tone.

What does being in the intelligence team have to do with winning in a fight?

After a few seconds of silence, Leinuola curved up a smile, “I understand, but some things still had to be tried out before we know!”

On the white stage, a small wind immediately blew by, and suddenly appearing behind Ryan was Leinuola who was still talking one second ago. He aimed a kick towards the back of Ryan’s head. Not showing any gaps, Ryan dodged to the side, and both of them took one step back.

Not giving him more time to take a breather, one hand supporting on Ryan’s shoulder, Chifuyu flipped up and then heavily lowered his heel towards the top of his opponent’s head. Unexpectedly, Chifuyu was also very good at martial arts, and he immediately and hugely reversed his image of a nerd from my mind.

So he was actually a kind of person who kept his powers hidden.

I suddenly felt it was fortunate I’ve never angered him in the past. Looking at it now, when he was quarreling and fighting with the five-coloured rooster head, he was hiding his own skills?

Such great effort, dear classmate.

Without blinking his eyes, Leinuola suddenly held up his hand to grab onto Chifuyu’s ankle. That huge force caused him to take one small step back, and before he had the time to fling off the person he was holding onto, Ryan was one step faster, slammed his palms on his chest.

In that moment, Leinuola, who lost his balance, leaned backwards, barely managing to get a firm stand. Lifting his head, Chifuyu was already standing on Ryan’s shoulder with one leg, remaining calm and composed as he waited.

I guess, the words “being more than equal to a task” were definitely describing their current situation.

* * *

With a “thud,” the last Purple Robe opponent was kicked off the stage by Geng.

Just by herself, she silently dealt with two robe levels? NO WAY!

“I’ve already said this before, don’t look down on Geng.” Senior was smiling yet not smiling as he glanced at me, “Sometimes, the person who doesn’t stand out, is the most formidable opponent, since you would fall into his trap without even knowing it.”

Cough cough… I understand.

That feeling was like a Devil King who underestimated his enemies too much, and would always be killed by a pawn who was passing-by, kind of meaning.

“Ryan, Chifuyu, I’ve already cleared the stage. I’ll leave the rest to you guys.” Geng patted her hands, dusted her clothes clean, and actually so blatantly left the stage!

Maybe senior Geng is actually also someone who looks gentle on the outside but is actually very arrogant and rebellious. Ever since I came to this school, I often met with this kind of people.

“You guys really have a lot of confidence.” Seeing this, Leinuola wasn’t angered instead he smiled.

“Of course.” Chifuyu dexterously turned over and landed on the ground, his face filled with an indifferent expression, “In fact, since a long time ago, Ryan’s strength is already above a Purple Robe’s, it’s just that his spell-based skills are lousy and he wasn’t able to move to the next level. In real combat, he most definitely wouldn’t simply lose to trash-like opponents.” He said while brushing off the pieces of rocks.

Dear student, even if your partner fail in his spell-based skills, you don’t need to publicize it so loudly, right? It can’t be that you don’t know that sounds would be broadcasted to the entire stage!? You aren’t afraid that one day your partner would be plotted against?

“This can be understood just by looking at him using his illusionary weapons. But the one I’m more interested in, is you from Yukino Clan. Red Robe wouldn’t be able to represent one’s strength, it only represents one’s team.” Looking at Chifuyu in front, Leinuola revealed a very interested smile, “Compared to Ryan, I’m even more curious about your true strength.”

Chifuyu lifted his forefinger and held it on his lips, and then he revealed a smile, “This is a secret.”

I suddenly remembered, compared to Miao Miao, Ryan, Gasai, and the others, within the people whom I know, other than senior, the only one I’ve yet to seen revealing his strength, would be Chifuyu.

When we were at the Ghost King tomb, of all the people there, he was the only one who reacted. But why would senior trust him to be in charge of us. So it turns out that he was also a robe level.

In fact, after watching the competition till now, I found out that among the people I know, the most mysterious person probably isn’t the five-coloured rooster head, but Chifuyu. The amount of things he doesn’t allow others to know is really too much.

The people around me have become really amazing, White Robe, Blue Robe, and Red Robe. In the end, it’s only me that is still the same as the beginning, not catching up with the others.

With a “bang,” the back of my head was being smacked, and for a whole two seconds, my mind was completely blank.

“It’s because of your this-kind-of-thinking that they weren’t willing to show off their robe level in front of you.” Senior snorted coldly, red eyes glaring at me for a long while, and then it shifted back on to the match, “Not everyone started out being so strong, everyone also started without any knowledge about this and slowly walked over to this side. You just had a later start.”

“Nn.” I took a deep breath, and nodded.

The outcome of the match on the stage seemed to have been determined.

Leinuola smiled as he lifted both his hands, indicating that he’s surrendering, “Alright then, Clear Wind Academy’s second representative team voluntarily throw in the towel.”

Another racket was ringing out throughout the stage.

There were too many people giving up in the matches today. So many that it caused people to think that they had this planned before hand and deliberately did this.

“There’re too many accidents happening in this match, I believe that our school didn’t fully show our own power. If you don’t mind, I hope that next time we would still have the chance to have a friendly match against Atlantis Academy.” Leinuola was extremely graceful as he extended a hand of friendship.

Ryan and Geng exchanged glances, and then he also held out his hand and shook, “This is our honor.”

Just as Lucia announced the results, the black sky turned into numerous bright fragments; it scattered and then disappeared, just as though it has never been there, “The last match is won by Atlantis Academy’s first representative team.”

Lucia flew up high in the air, her voice resounding as she announced, “I would like to announce the first competition’s results. The teams that are qualified to move on to the next round are: Atlantis Academy first and second representative teams, Clear Wind Academy’s first representative team, Alis Academy representative team, and also Seven Hills Academy representative team. A total of five teams. The second round of the finals would be held two days from now on the huge general assembly. Thank you very much to our friends that came from all around the worlds…”

I didn’t carefully listen to what was said after that, anyway, it’s definitely just a bunch of long closing remarks and the like.

My attention was held by Ryan and the others on stage.

The two of them got together, but I don’t know what they were talking about. After a while, Chifuyu suddenly turned towards our resting area and held out a victory sign.

I know, they had always been very respectful towards senior, it’s impossible for them to fool around this way.

“Let’s go.” At one side, senior turned around, intending to leave the resting area.

“Ah? Don’t we need to finish listening?” Some things are still being said on stage.

“Nope, anyway, they would inform us of the important things later.” Senior walked towards the door and turned around, curving up a cold smile, “We’re going to the first congratulation celebration, are you coming?”

To be honest, for me, this really had a great attraction, extremely great!

“Of course I’m coming!” I immediately chased after Senior.

The moment I left the resting area, I thought of something that I’ve forgotten.

That strange pressure, I don’t know when, but it had completely disappeared.

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