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Flying in the Sky

That night when Sicily and I officially became a couple, everyone went back to their individual rooms in the end.

The first kiss was postponed.

“Good morning, Shin-kun.”

“Good morning, Sicily.”

The next morning, I met up with Sicily in the dining room, and she greeted me with a smile different from all the ones she gave before.

That smile alone gives me an overflowing feeling of.

“Hey, until when will you guys stare at each other? If you don’t hurry up and eat, breakfast will turn cold.”

Until Gus gave that repartee, I had been staring at Sicily since we came across each other.

Oops, this won’t do, the reason we came here is to improve our magic. I cannot be too occupied with a love affair.

“Alright, let’s go, Sicily.”

“Yes, Shin-kun.”

Because it had been decided that we have to report to Cecil-san and Irene-san, it was necessary for us to eat breakfast at once.

We must go before Cecil-san leaves the house because there is a possibility that he will be busy with work.

Since that’s the case, I opened Gate at the usual place and connected it to the Claude mansion at the Royal Capital.

When I knocked on the door from inside, an employee of the Claude mansion opened the door.

“Oh, my? Walford-san? Young mistress Sicily as well. Did something happen?”

“Nothing, just a little…”

“There’s something I’d like to talk to father and mother about. Is father still at home?”

“Yes, however, I believe he will be leaving for work soon.”

“Thank you.”

After she said that, Sicily left and walked towards the dining room.

Although they are people whom I am already acquainted with, because I’ll be reporting our relationship status, I prepared myself. The tension I am experiencing is phenomenal.

“Shin-kun, are you feeling alright?”

“Ye-yeah. But for some reason, I’m feeling nervous…”

When I said that, Sicily walked back to me and held my hand.

“It’s going to be alright. Because both father and mother really like Shin-kun as well. I’m sure they will be pleased.”

“I hope that’s really the case…”

Because there’s a difference between being friends and being a couple… In addition, Sicily is the youngest child, and she’s super cute…

Like this, we reached the dining room. We let go of our clasp hands and entered the dining room.

“Good morning, father, mother.”

“Go-good morning! Cecil-san, Irene-san.”

Because of my nervousness, my voice trembled…

“Oh? Good morning, the both of you. Weren’t you guys supposed to be in the training camp?”

“Oh my, good morning Sicily, Shin-kun. What’s wrong?”

With bewildered expressions, the both of them turned towards us.

Urgh! It can’t be helped if I’m nervous! Let’s just go for it with and be prepared to get hit!

“A-actually, there’s something I’d like to talk about with the both of you.”

“Something to talk about?”

“Oh my, I wonder what it is?”

Cecil-san still has a bewildered expression on his face, while Irene-san seems to have noticed something.

After I took a deep breath, I reported my relationship with Sicily to the two.

“I have been given the privilege to go out with Sicily-san. I am visiting today because I wanted to report it and get your approval.”

When they heard it, Cecil-san’s face turned stiff, while Irene-san who had already guessed it, had a smile on her face.

Because Cecil-san’s face was still stiff, no one said a single word, and the sounds of the hands of the clock echoed in the silence.


Cecil-san who finally digested what was said called out my name, and I stood up.


While Cecil-san was approaching me, I thought that he was going to hit me, so I prepared myself…


He suddenly grabbed me and embraced me.

“Thank you! Thank you very much, Shin-kun! Thank you for choosing Sicily!”

Far from being hit, he embraced me and gave me his thanks.

“Oh my, seriously, dear. That aside, congratulations Sicily, your wish has finally been fulfilled, hasn’t it?”

“Th-thank you, mother… And also, please don’t say that kind of thing in front of Shin-kun!”

Irene-san also gave her blessing. Even the employees were applauding, I am really glad to receive everyone’s blessing. Although Cecil-san continued to embrace me.

“Ah, today is such a wonderful day! Although the day has just started, I’ve already received such splendid news!”

Cecil-san finally separated from me.

“This is that, right! This is not the time to head to work, right!?”

As I thought, it will turn out like that.


Irene-san’s tone of voice is scary.

“N-no… On such a happy day, it won’t do if there isn’t a celebration…”

“About that, we will take care of it. As for you, hurry up and head to work.”

“No… But…”

“Hurry up and go!”


Irene-san is super scary.

And that Irene-san suddenly looked here.



I inadvertently straightened up my upper body.

And then Irene-san’s scary face turned into a smile and said.

“Oh my, I’m sorry about that. It’s because a person suddenly said something stupid, that’s why.”

“N-no! It’s okay!”

“Is that so? That aside, there’s something I need to talk to Shin-kun about, will that be okay?”

“Yes, what is it?”

With a serious expression, Irene-san began to talk.

“Our House holds the title of a Viscount. Although she’s the third daughter, if you go out with Sicily, you must be prepared for what’s to come in the future.”

“When you speak of what’s ahead, it means…”

“I mean marriage.”

“Ma! Ma-ma-ma-marriage!”

“I’m not saying that it has to happen immediately. However, Sicily is a daughter of a noble. I cannot allow her to go out with someone without getting engaged.”

Although Sicily is panicking, this was something I expected.

This Kingdom has a monogamy system, this applies to the nobles and the royal family.

In order for their bloodline not to die out, it is necessary for them to produce has many children as possible.

The nobles of this Kingdom have relatively accepted the freedom to love, so there aren’t many parents who decide a marriage partner for their children, and they won’t forcefully separate their children if they choose to go out with a commoner.

Nevertheless, nobles will not allow a girl to be in a relationship with someone who is not prepared for marriage.

That being the case, yesterday when Gus said, ‘that’s what it means to go out with a daughter of an aristocrat,’ I have already prepared myself for it.

Gus is also useful from time to time.

“…It looks like you’ve already made a resolution?”



“I also want to include that in the report. Because I’m a commoner… I thought that you might not accept it…”

That’s right, it’s because of that that I felt anxious.

Even though the nobles have accepted the freedom to love, it still depended on the nobles, and it seems like there are still those who opposed to having a relationship with a commoner.

Even in my previous life in Japan, even though there are no aristocrats, there were still those with really good parentage. Even more so in this world where aristocrats exist.

When I voiced my concern… For some reason, Irene-san, Cecil-san, and even the employees began to laugh.

“Shin-kun, are you seriously saying that?”


“It looks like you really are serious.”

“I see, I guess when it comes to your own situation, you don’t understand it at all? Listen here, Shin-kun, your grandparents are legendary heroes of this country.”

“It seems that’s the case.”

“The people in this country… No, the people from around the world respects your grandparents. That said, you are the person who is said to have surpassed the both them, enough to have already received the honors as a new hero.”


“If it wasn’t for the words that His Majesty had said during the honors bestowal, you would have probably received an overflowing amount of marriage proposals from aristocrats all over the Kingdom, you know?”


The royal family… I thought that they’re nothing but troublesome people… It looks like I really have to thank Uncle Dis.

“…It looks like you really don’t know much about it… Truthfully, it should have been us who would have lower our heads and ask you to accept our proposal… And to have someone like that want to have a relationship with our child, what reasons are there for us to object?”

The people in the surroundings were nodding in agreement.

“Even if we exclude all of those things, not just to Sicily, but Shin-kun is a gentle child who also worries about us. I was really hoping for you to become Sicily’s partner.”

“That’s right, that’s right, the two of us often have that kind of conversation, you know?”

“Since that’s how it is, we both will give you our blessings.”

“Since it has already been decided, we need to prepare for a celebration!”

“Ah, it is because of that that we came early in the morning.”

“What do you mean?”

“To tell you the truth, the employees in Claude Town have already begun preparing. After today’s training session, they will be holding a celebration party. That’s why we thought to report it before Cecil-san heads off to work…”

“So that’s how it is, sorry for taking all the trouble to do so.”

“No, it’s all right. So after your work is over, I will come pick you up, is that okay with your schedule?”

“Of course! Even if His Majesty send an order, I will cancel it and come return!”

“Dear… it’s time for you to get going.”

“Eh? But…”



Cecil-san looked really depressed.

“It will be alright because, at that time, Uncle Dis will also be coming.”

“I-Is that so!?”

“Uncle Dis, you say…”

“It seems like Shin-kun has an uncle-nephew relationship with His Majesty. I was also really surprised when I saw their relationship at Shin-kun’s house. I have never seen His Majesty like that.”

“And to also associate with Prince Augusto without any hesitation… I wonder, was there really a need for you to worry?”

“No, this and that is a different story, or rather…”

“Well, it’s fine. Rather than that, I wonder if Shin-kun can send our employees to this residence to the fief?”

“Yes, it’s fine.”

“On the other hand, dear, what about work?”


Cecil-san turned stiff when he looked at the clock and yelled.

“Th-this is bad! I won’t make it in time!”

“Cecil-san, is your workplace in the royal castle?”

“Ye-ye-yeah, it is but…”

“If that’s the case, I’ll send you there.”

“Is that true! You saved me!”

I opened Gate and connected it to the usual place guarded by the Soldiers. Although it is an unplanned visit, I think it’ll be fine.

And then the two of us entered Gate.

* * *

“…This magic really is convenient…”

“Huh? Walford-kun? What are you doing at this time?”

Because I have been visiting these past several days, I’ve gotten acquainted with the guarding Soldiers and was called out to by one of them.

“Ah, good morning. No, I’m just sending off my girl-girlfriend’s father.”

“Your girlfriend’s father?”

“Oh, good morning.”

“Well, isn’t this Lord Claude! Good morning!”

“I’m sorry about this. Because I was going to be late, he decided to send me.”

“Is that so. And so… his girlfriend’s father means that…”

“No, you see, he and my daughter have started going out.”

“What did you say! Please accept my congratulations!”

“No, thank you very much. Then, Shin-kun, I’ll see you at night.”

“Ah, because I’ll be coming here again to receive a periodic report before dinner, so I’ll be picking you up as well?”

“I understand. Then, I’ll be off.”

“I’ll see you soon.”

When I saw off Cecil-san and thought of returning, I saw him talking to another guard.

“That is… probably him wanting to boast about it…”

Is it alright for him to spread it around? Won’t Irene-san get angry at him again?

While worrying about it, I returned to the Claude residence, and the employees have already finished preparing.

* * *

“Well then, Shin-kun, I ask this of you.”

“I understand.”

This time, I open Gate and connected it to the mansion in Claude Town.

And then Irene-san and the rest of the employees timidly entered Gate.

“It really is the mansion in Claude Town…”


An employee in the Claude Town mansion called out.

Because they thought that Irene-san and the others will be coming at night, they’re probably surp